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I went to hear what she had to say..

“Ali,i know you are mad at me right now,that’s why i called you here but not in your room where most of your friends could have rebuked me..Dearest,am so sorry for your lost.How i wish i saw her before she passed on,i would have thanked her for bringing into this world an Angel like you but when ”Death holds something,life cannot reclaim it”….My condolence to you my dearest Ali…

“Her words pierced my heart like arrows driven down the human heart.But how could she have left me to grieve alone all by myself,”C’est domage(it’s a pity)” …I mummered to myself but she heard me cleary and hugged me suddenly whispering to my ear…”Oooh Ali,sweetheart it wouldn’t happen again i promise.

That said,my outrageous anger came to a halt and i remembered what Simone had told me some weeks ago,”What women can do to men is unimaginable,they can turn a hardened heart to a softened one…that’s the power of a woman over a man who loves her to the birim…

I told her that i had forgiven her but she should keep to her promise as she had said.
She took a deep breath,took one step ahead and planted a deep kiss on my lips which made my head to wonder as if i was lost in the forest and i couldn’t find a new root back home.

Indeed,the power of a woman is so magical.It could blow a man into nuts,making the wisest King Solomon to be the most foolish King in the Bible.

That’s the beauty of a woman measured by inward and outward qualities.
She left me to attend to other matters in her dorm which i approved of before she left for her dormitory.

Indeed Bernice had a gift to entice and twist a man’s heart.My heart skipped three times before i came back to my senses.

“Did she really tell the truth about visiting her auntie for some stuffs.Did she go somewhere else only to convince and blow fake kisses to confuse me the more…
Trust No WomanSimone once said…

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