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Almost Perfect - S01 E14

Story 3 years ago

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In my spare time i borrow Mabel’s car and drive around the Estate, it afforded me the opportunity to get conversant with the neighborhood and also get my mind off certain things. One of which was the shame i feel creaping up my cheeks each time i came across Mabel’s friends who were also our neighbors. The episode at the club had left me feeling this way,although Mabel had reassured me when i came to that it was normal for me to pass out the way i did as a newbie after taking just a single tequila shot. I don’t know why i desperately longed to belong to Mabel’s circle, I was even comtemplating changing my wardrobe to match theirs and reading my bible at night was increasingly becoming a tug of war. I drove into the Estate and parked in front of our block.

Serwa had gone to school so the house was silent or was supposed to be silent but a low muffled sound was coming out of the sitting room and i wondered briefly what it was. I pushed the door aside and entered the air conditioned living room. Mabel was on the couch, her eyes were closed and she had her ears stuffed with an ear piece which was connected to the phone beside her. Her hands was buried inside her shorts,whatever it was she was doing she seemed to be deriving a great pleasure from it. I made to leave just as her eyes flew open and she snatched her hands away from her shorts. My face heated up in embarrassment and i thought of what to say.

” You peeping Tom! ” she shouted, sitting up.

” I…..I am sorry….it wasn’t ….”

She laughed, ” It’s okay, when did you get back from your drive?”

” Few minutes ago.” I said, ” I apologize for barging in on you, i thought you would be upstairs”

” Don’t mind me pa, i got carried away. Tade has been acting up and complaining too much of late so i am cutting off my nose to spite myself. That means no sex for the both of us”

” Oh ” I said, not sure how to respond. She was someone who spoke whatever was on her mind while i was a bit reserved about sharing personal problems.

” By the way, how do you cope without your boyfriend? ” she said, “sit down ”

“I don’t have a boyfriend ” i replied, sitting down

” Wow, you really are a different sort of girl. But you pleasure yourself right?” She asked, ” I am sure you do,”

” Pleasure myself?” I asked, ” Yes, I hang out with my friend Dupe or i watch a home movie”

She looked at me in surprise before bursting out in laughter ” I mean, don’t you give yourself o----m? just like i was doing before you walked in?”

My eyes widened in surprise, ” You mean you were masturbating?, that’s a…… that’s a sin!”

” So is corruption, lying and cheating.” She said,” I don’t lie, I don’t cheat and neither am i a corrupt individual. So tell me you have never had an o----m before?”

” No. I want to marry as a virgin. Besides Masturbation is a sin in the bible”

” Who says you can’t give yourself some couple of o----m and still remain a virgin? You better leave the bible out of your feelings. Lay down now, i will show you how to.”

” No, Mabel” I said, although i was a bit curious.” I don’t want to”

” Just try it, there’s no harm in trying. You can stop if you still feel the same way about it.”

” OK,” I said in a small voice, laying down on the couch.

” Slip your panties to the side, ” she instructed.” Your skirt is very long so you don’t have to be shy that i will see your cu.nt”

I slipped my hand under my skirt, closing my eyes in shame and confusion. I could have put an end to the madness Mabel was trying to teach me but i wondered what it feels like to have an o----m.

” Slowly trace your middle finger, up and down your p---y” she said, ” do it gently until you feel your finger is damp and sticky. I can’t believe you don’t know how to do this, i learnt this at the age of sixteen!”

I did as instructed and i was stunned when i felt my finger become wet after some minutes.” It’s wet,” I whispered.

” Cool! slowly seek out your cl.it.” She said,” smear your juice on it and rub it gently until you feel a strange sensation in your abdomen when you do, stop.”

I did as instructed once again and I felt a sigh escape my lips as a sweet strange tingle traveveled down my abdomen and i snatched my hands away.

” I can see you are getting it now, some ladies use objects to give themselves more o----m and satisfaction but i don’t recommend it because you are a virgin and you want to remain one, besides it is not hygenic.” But with your hands you can give yourself pleasure and still remain a virgin. Now you are in control of your satisfaction, when you eventually get married you can show your husband how to please you.”

” It feels so good, is there any side effect?” I said dazedly

” None” She stated,” You can do it as often as you want but don’t make it an habit because therein lies the problem. Only do it when you feel ho.rny or neglected. It also helps you get more acquainted with your body”

” Thank you,” I said, slipping my hands back under my skirt. I wanted to experience that awesome feeling again, i wondered if i would get it right again. I rubbed on the pleasure spot until i felt like urinating, before i could take away my hands, i had flooded the couch with my urine. I got up in horror but was perplexed to see Mabel laughing hard.

” Incredible!” She said, clapping her hands.

” I…..am sorry. I didn’t realize that i wanted to urinate…..i will clean it up immediately”

” Silly girl! What planet are you from?” She asked, still laughing ” You just squirted! It is like a female c-m. I envy you sweetie, i have never squirted before.”

” It’s not Urine?” I asked, staring at the damp patch on the couch.

” You know what? I will lend you my laptop tonight, you can check out these things online. Now let’s clean up before Tade comes”

I walked towards the store room at the back yard to get a moping bucket but the sticky feeling in between my legs made it difficult walking. I closed the store door, lifted up my skirt, i slipped my hand into my panties once again. I wondered why it took me so long to discover something so simple and yet so pleasurable.



” I am outside your gate, ” He said into the mouth piece of his phone. “Please i want to see you, ”

I dropped the call, checked through my call log and realized i had missed several calls from Uche and Funmi. I kept my phone on silence because i didn’t want to talk to anyone. Uche, most especially after what his mother did to me. I had the feeling that his mother never liked me but i never knew she would take it to the height she did. I pulled on a top and jean and walked outside.

” Hi,” I said, entering the car.

” Hi dear,”

He pulled away from my gate and he drove in silence until he got to a public garden and parked.

” How are you?” He asked, tracing his finger along my cheek.

” Fine,” i mumbled.

” Your mom called me and she explained everything to me” he said

” She did? ” I asked in surprise, ” She must have lifted your number from my phone”

” I apologized to her and i also told her I want to come see your dad but she advised against it for now. Dupe, i am deeply sorry for what my mother did to you and your family.You don’t deserve to be treated that way. I am sorry”

” Why?” I asked, ” did I in any way offend her?”

He sighed deeply.” No. You are not the one she has a problem with, it is your tribe.My father was involved with another woman before his death. She was a Yoruba woman and he died in her arms on their way back from a party.”

” So she hates all Yorubas? why didn’t you tell me this?”

” I am sorry. She claims she is not against you based on what my father did to her but deep down i know that is the reason. I had a talk with her last week, she told me she was ready to accept you so i was suprised when i got that call from your mother. I want you to know that i love you and i want to marry you. I am my own man, i am not tied to my mother’s apron strings.There’s nothing she can do about us”

” She said you are married with kids”

He suddenly started laughing but stopped when he saw the tight expression on my face.

“How could you believe such a thing?”He asked,” I have never been married before!”

My ears heard what he said but my heart caught what he didn’t say.”Is there anything i should know Uche? what are you not telling me?”

He sighed.” Dupe, before you……”

” Yes,”

” Before you, there was another girl. Her name is Cecilia”

” What happened to her?”

” We dated for a while and we all lived together for some time”

” Who is ‘We?’ and how long did you live together?”

“That was two years ago.My family, i and her were under the same roof for a year” Uche said,” all these are in the past now”

” So what happened to her?”

He looked away briefly before responding.”She had my baby.”

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