Regret - S02 E07

4 months ago

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Katarina POV

I woke up in a stage room,i had no idea how i got there,all i could remember that i was slept in my room,how did i get here…..

It been an hour and i havent seen anyone or heard any movement,i just hope that i’ve not been kidnapped…..

Some minutes later,a woman came in with a tray of food and water,i tried talking to her but she didnt respond,she dropped the food and left the room…..

I ate the food and i took my bath,i opened the wardrobe and i found different clothes of my size,i wore one and sat on the bed,i knew i have been abducted……

I knew roberto must have been looking for me by now,i dont know why they kidnapped me,i havent wronged anybody,my daughter got kidnapped last month and it me now…..i wonder who is doing all this..

Three Days Later.

It been three days now,am still in the room,i did not even know my abductor,the only person that always come to my room is the woman that always bring food for me….Apart from her,i havent seen anybody else since i was abducted and she keep assuring me that am in safe hands…..

The next day,i finally met my abductor,i was shocked and suprised

Daniel POV

My boys called me that they sucessfully kidnapped katarina,i told them to bring her over to my safe house,she was locked up in a room and i assign a maid to care for,i have not seen her since they brought her in,i have been busy supervising drug sale…

On the fourth day,i decided to see her,i opened the door to the room she was kept in,she was sleeping peacefully,i sat on the chair looking at her,i realised how much i’ve have missed her,i realised that with all what she did to me i still love her and am ready to spend the rest of my life with her….

I did not know when i slept off,i woke up to see her staring at me,she was shocked,scared and suprised when she saw that am the one sitting in front of her…

I cleared my throat and said

Me: i dont know where to start from but be assured,i wont hurt you and our daughter is safe….there is a lot u dont know,they decieved and lied to you….i knew i raped you but it wasnt my fault,i was decieved by my friends,i was drunk that night and they told me that you are a call-girl…..i had my way that night but when i got to know who you rely were,i felt guilty and decided to set thing right,i was at the church when he left you on the alter,i saved you from drowning,i disobeyed my granny and i married you,i gave up my inheritance all because of you……i went to prison because you did not let me explain…..i escape from prison to serk revenge but i find it hard to hurt you because i love you……You charge me for rape but you didnt do anything to the guy that keep molesting you every night…….

I promise not to hurt you because i love you,i have decided to let you go but think twice before going back to that monster….i said and left the room

I left her door open,few minutes later,she came to the sitting room

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