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Bitter Love - S01 E20

Story 3 years ago

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“Doctor, how is he?”

“He’s stable now so he’ll be moved to a ward where he’ll be under observation for the next 24hrs,” said the fat female doctor assuringly.

“Must I be worried about a concussion cause I could see he had sustained some head injuries.”

“No, Ms. Alicia Zulu. The guy you identified as Logan Meleki will be perfectly fine. The only problem is that he broke his right leg so he’s going to need a crutch or maybe crutches but other than that, he’ll be fine. You can go see him now even though he’s sedated.”

“Thank you, doctor. I’m really grateful nothing serious happened to him.”

“As a doctor, it’s my duty to work hand in hand with God so that we can save lives. Now please cheer up and go home to get some rest if possible, you look exhausted and dehydrated. I think you really do need ample rest.”

“I’ll do exactly that, doctor. Thanks once ag-”

“Doctor Kalutwa,” a nurse came rushing towards the doctor. “We’ve got an emergency in the ER, you have to come check the woman up asap!”

The doctor flashed me a wry smile. “I gotta take care of this.”

I slowly opened the door to Logan’s ward and it didn’t squeak. I had taken Logan Meleki to a private hospital after getting a police report from my police station. Baison being on duty had really come in handy today cause all I had done was give him a call and the report was done by the time I arrived. I had then driven Logan to the nearest private hospital. I know I had only set my eyes on the Kenyan guy about once or twice but there was no way I was forgetting a person whom I had arrested and then bailed out using my own money.

Now the guy lay on a hospital bed looking frail and helpless. What baffled me the most was how and why he had materialized in front of me so suddenly whilst I was driving home. Oh God, was he trying to get himself killed?

I sat beside his sleeping form and watched the young man that lay unconscious before me. I could tell life had been tough on him. I slipped his hand into mine, “Hey, buddy. I’m quite drained so I have to go home. But I promise I’ll be back tomorrow morning to check on you. Sleep tight.”

I rose and left the hospital. I got into my car and started the ignition. It would be only me at home today cause I had given Monde a call as soon as Logan had been taken to the Operating Room and she had come to pick Faides.

“I am scared, mummy,” Faides had said, “Do you think that man will survive?”

“By God’s grace, yes he will. Now go with aunt Monde and make sure you do as she says. Be a good girl, okay?”

“Yes mummy.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to go home and freshen up? You can then come back later at least by then they’d be done operating on him,” said Monde, concerned.

“It’s alright, boi. I’ll go mad if I go home without knowing Logan’s state. Trust me I’ll be fine here.”

“If you say so. I pray he survives the operation though.”

“That’s exactly my prayer, Monde. I don’t think I would be able to deal with the fact that I’ve killed a man,” I sighed and covered my face with my palms, shuddering at the thought of being called a murderer. “Oh God, let him survive.”

“Amen,” said Monde before holding Faides by the hand and leaving.

I closed my eyes and then opened them, I was really drained but I just had to drive myself home and get some rest so that I’d be fresh enough to handle whatever drama or scene would come my way the following day because lately, my life seemed to be full of drama and ugly scenes.

As if to add to my exhaustion, Curtis just had to be waiting for me outside my yard. More drama!

“No, no, no! Tell me I’m dreaming,” I hit my steering wheel in frustration after parking my car behind Curtis’. “Is this guy for real? It’s almost midnight for Christ’s sake!”

“Are you coming out of the car or not?” Curtis curtly asked me, he was now standing outside my car, peering down at me.

I groaned and got out. “What do you want?”

“Didn’t Faides tell you I was coming to pick you guys at 4pm? Ali, you decided to take Faides and leave, put my line on blacklist and then you decide to come back home at quarter to midnight? What game are you playing, Alicia? Why do you treat me this unfairly? I’m honestly growing tired of this your attitude. You think the world revolves around you, don’t you?”

“Are you done? If that’s all you wanted to tell me then you can now take you leave, Curtis. As it is, I’ve really had a rough night so please spare me your rants.”

Curtis scowled. “I’m not leaving till I get an explanation cause you owe me one.”

The guts on this man! “Curtis, you are not my boyfriend neither are you my father so if my memory serves me right, I owe you nor no one an explanation so please get the hell out of here!”

Curtis abruptly caught my arms and pinned them behind me, he pushed me against my car. “I told you this and I’m telling you again, you owe me an explanation. I can’t wait for you for over seven hours and then just leave, I’d be insane to do that. So madam, start explaining cause I’m waiting.”

“You really want an explanation?” I glared into his eyes. “Then you’re getting one. Firstly, I’m not comfortable with you playing father figure to my daughter cause she’s got me and you ain’t her father so-”

“Jesus, Ali! Where’s all this insecurity coming from? I only brought Faides a chocolate and had a little chat with her. That doesn’t mean I’m trying to play father figure, does it?”

“Will you let me finish? As I was saying, I’m not for the idea of you playing the role of my daughter’s father nor you taking both of us out so I opted to leave the house before you arrived. Do you know where that landed me? Trouble, Curtis, trouble!” I was now yelling. “I ran over a man on my way here and now he’s in the hospital. As you can see Faides is not even with me as she’s sleeping at my friend’s place tonight. Right now, I’m really tired and all I wanna do is rest so please grant me that wish by evaporating off my premises!”

“Wow, Ali. I’m… I don’t know what to say. I didn’t know things are this serious. I’m really sorry about the man you ran over though. But look at things this way, had you not tried to play hide and seek all this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Yeah but it has happened,” I hissed. “Now let go of my arms cause I want to go into my house and have some rest.”

“I’m going in with you.”

“In your dreams,” I scoffed. “Just leave already, Curtis! Holy cow, stop acting like a parasite already.”

Curtis let go of my arms. “We aren’t done talking.”

I didn’t reply but just clicked my tongue and got into my car so I could reverse and give Curtis enough space to get his sorry self off my property.


“Logan, will you tell me why you were trying to get yourself killed last night?”

It was morning already and luckily Logan Meleki had regained consciousness. I had just fed him some light food I’d brought him when I decided to ask him why he had jumped right in front of my car the previous night.

“What gives you the idea I was trying to get myself killed?” Logan retorted.

“Oh please, don’t tell me you hadn’t seen my car before jumping right in front of the road. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you so please just come clean.”

“Okay,” said Logan defeatedly in a low tone. “You’re right, I was trying to get myself killed. My life sucks, officer.”

“Everyone’s life sucks at one point in time but if we all resort to suicide when that happens, wouldn’t the human race be extinct by now?”

“You have a point there, officer. But I believe your life doesn’t s--k as much as mine does. Anyway, you won’t understand.”

“Then make me understand.”

“Maybe later, I’m not in the mood.”

I sighed. “Okay. Then can you kindly give me one of your relatives’ or guardians’ line so that I can inform them you’re in hospital?”

Logan ruefully shook his head. “I have no one you can call. I’m literally alone in the world. I have no father, no mother, no relatives, no friends, I’m literally alone.”

I felt my eyes sting with tears. This was so touching.

I patted his hand. “It’s alright. One step at a time, things will change for the better. I pray they do.”

Logan just closed his eyes and dozed off.


“What’s with the outfit?” I irritably asked Curtis whom I had found waiting for me outside my yard, again.

It had been two days since I had run over Logan and he was still in hospital. Today, Baison had driven me home from work as my Spacio had developed yet another fault thus I had taken it for servicing. If things went on like this, I would sell it and buy a new car even though I knew I had to use my savings in order to achieve that.

So Curtis was here and he was clad in blue jeans and a white shirt which had the words ‘I’m sorry’ written all over it.

I rolled my eyes at him as Baison stood beside me. “Yeah buddy,” said Baison. “What’s with that shirt and that bottle of champagne in your hands?”

Curtis cleared his throat. “I’m trying to apologize to this lovely lady for annoying her the other day. Ali, I hadn’t meant to get on your nerves, I’m sorry.”

Before I could reply, Curtis scooped me into his free hand and crashed his lips against mine. The kiss was quite brief as he ended it just when I was about to start enjoying it.

“What was that for?” I asked Curtis after he’d broken the kiss.

“I just felt the urge to kiss you.”

“Well you are one lucky dude, Curtis,” Baison teasingly said. “Had I been the one to steal a kiss from Alicia, my front teeth would be on the ground as we speak.”

Curtis burst out laughing and I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. What was Baison insinuating by making such a comment?

Baison’s phone rang.

“It’s Dee,” he said. “I gotta pick this. In fact, I’m leaving cause I’m beginning to feel like an intruder. I’m wishing you tough luck with Ali, Curtis. Bye.”

Once Baison had driven off, Curtis said, “I’m still waiting for an answer, I’m I forgiven?”

I grabbed the bottle of champagne from his grip and ran into the yard. “I’ll think about it,” I loudly said, locking all the gates.

“Oh not again,” I heard Curtis groan and all I could do was giggle.

What a lovely way to start my evening, I thought. Faides and Mulenga were in the house so I knew I would share my champagne with Mule who had come back from Mufulira this morning.

Even as I stepped over the threshold, all I could think about was Curtis. His smile, voice, his chuckle, scent, everything about him mesmerized me.

“Oh geez,” I thought out loud. “I hope I don’t fall in love with him cause that’s the last thing I need in my life right now. And I honestly don’t think I can handle the heartache and drama that love brings with it..”

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