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Call me names but I wasn’t willing to let go of my man without a fight. I mean, Bob and I had now known each other for at least 8 years and there was no way I was letting some slay queen from the gutter ruin my marriage and sit and watch as my life crumbles to shambles. I know there are mature women out there who aren’t for the idea of beating their husband’s side chick but I wasn’t one of those calm women. I was only 23 after all.

“Babe, I assure you hitting the gym will handsomely pay off,” I briskly said. Monde and I were in her car and she was driving us to the semi shanty where Angela rented a two roomed house. Sometimes we wondered why she couldn’t just go stay with either her father or Lubona cause they at least lived in decent houses. But the answer was plain and simple, Angie could fornicate better staying alone.

Monde was saying, “Alicia, I’m still not for the idea of going over to Angie’s and stooping down to her level.”

“What do you reckon we do to her then?”

“Talking seems mature. Trust me when I say Bob’s going to grow wings upon hearing you were out fighting his w---e. I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction if I were you.”

I was silent for a moment as her words sank in. She was kind of right.

“You have a point there, Monde.” I leaned back in my seat. “But do you think Lubona was telling the truth the other day when she said she had no idea what was going on?”

Monde spared me an uncertain glance. “To be honest, I don’t know. But I could hear a trace of honesty in what she was saying nonetheless.”

“Me too. I’m so sorry I have to confront her sister.”

“I’m sorry too,” said Monde who patted my hand and we changed the subject.

There was no gate at Angie’s so Monde just parked her car by the roadside. We got off and walked to the veranda. I was about to knock when I heard voices.

“…could you do this to me?” it was Lubona’s voice. She sounded more hurt than disappointed.

“Lulu, just get the hell out of my house if you’ve got nothing better to tell me. As you can see, I was about to go out so I don’t appreciate this your ranting lest it end up ruining my mood.” came Angie’s sharp voice.

Lubona said, “Don’t tell me you’re going out to see Bob?”

“And what if I tell you I am? What’s your problem with that? You wishing he’d picked you instead of me?”

“Are you even listening to yourself? I’d never ever dream of sleeping with a married man and I had never expected you to stoop so low. Mum’s probably rolling in her grave in fury and disappointment!”

“Don’t you-”

We had heard enough. All along Monde and I had been staring at each other wondering whether to go in or turn back but I impulsively pushed the door open thus cutting Angie short. Monde and I stepped into the living room. There was a new fancy glass table in the centre and there were new sofas. I knew they were new because I’d been to this house once or twice before.

Lubona and Angie were standing on a spot beside the table and pointing angry fingers in each other’s faces.

Angie was clad in a white tight bumshort, pink crop top, black wedges and her weave was on point and so was her make up which I was certain would weigh more than 3 KG if put on a scale.

Both Lubona and Angie diverted their attention towards Monde and I.

“What the hell are you two doing in my house? And who even gave you the right to come in without knocking?”

“Can you at least have the courtesy to offer us a seat?” asked Monde calmly.

“You wish,” scoffed Angie.

Lubona seemed dumbfounded so I just said, “Angela, Angie or whatever they call you, I come in peace. I suggest we all take our seats and discuss something.”

“As far as I can remember, I have nothing to discuss with you. Alicia’s your name right? Yeah. Alicia, I was on my way out so kindly get yours and your friend’s sorry ass out of my house.” she attempted to head for the door but Lubona held her hand and forced her to a sofa.

“You’ll sit there if you know what’s good for you,” warned Lubona menacingly. She had a deadly look in her eyes that I’d never seen before. She sat next to her sister and added, “Monde, Alicia, nice to see you here. Pardon my sisters ill manners and take your seats, please.”

Even as Monde and I sat, Angie clicked her tongue and then glanced at her wristwatch which I was dead certain my husband had bought for her. “As I said, I’m busy so you better say your piece ASAP. Some of us have errands to run unlike other people who slave away in the kitchen whole day. Mmmph!”

“Angie,” I began, ignoring her hurtful comment. “What wrong have I ever done to you?”

“And I’m supposed to answer that? Alicia, please cut to the chase, will you?”

“If you wish. Why are you going out with Bob when you know too well he’s my husband?”

She didn’t flinch. “I don’t know what you talking about.”

“Oh please just admit you’re a w---e,” snapped Lubona. “Monde, Alicia and I saw you being kissed by Bob at the mall so no one’s going to buy your lies here.”


“Is that all you’re going to say? Oh?” I was as calm as I could be.

Angie shrugged. “Yes, I’m going out with your husband. So what?”

“Are you even listening to yourself?” Monde spoke up. “Angie, that guy is way out of your league for crying out loud. Plus he’s very married and has a son so I think you have to be a shameless s--t to go out with him. Besides, he’s your elder sister’s best friend’s husband for goodness’s sake! Couldn’t you find a better man?”

Angie abruptly rose to her feet. “I think you people have overstayed your welcome. And Alicia, your husband’s the one who approached me so I don’t get why you here talking to me when you should be home sorting out your husband and keeping him within his leash. I honestly don’t know why he went out hunting for a side chick when he had a wife at home and honestly don’t care so get out of my house before I throw you out.”

I felt anger bubble up within me. How dare that Angie girl have the audacity to tell me to my face she was sleeping with my husband and then throw me out of her pathetic ramshackle for a house?

There was a snapping sound as skin hit skin. Lubona had risen to her feet too and had just given Angie a hot slap.

I don’t know if it was seeing the taken aback Angie hold her cheek in pain what got me enticed to beat the shit out of her or what but I found myself pushing Lubona out of the house and locking the door then later putting the keys in my bra.

“What are you doing?” Monde warily asked, standing between Angie and I. “I thought we talked this through on our way here, Alicia. Please try to calm down. Take deep breaths if need be but please just don’t-”

I pushed Monde out of my way so that she found herself slumped over the sofa where Lubona and Angie had sat minutes earlier.

Angie’s face registered shock as I charged, it was clear a beating was coming her way. She started taking steps back and raised her hands pleadingly. “Alicia, please don’t do this. Trust me you’ll regret it if you even dare laying a hand on me.”

She screamed when she tripped and fell onto a small sofa. I then held her by the weave and gave her blows that I never knew I’d ever give anyone, I made sure all my blows landed on her bleached face.

Of course Monde was now trying her best to pull me off Angie who was screaming like someone had just poured extremely hot cooking oil on her face. Lubona on the other hand was pleading with me to open the door as she crazily banged on it. But hell knows no wrath like a woman scorned so I literally beat Angie to a pulp before finally being satisfied.

“Serves you right,” I mocked as I admired the work of my hands. I’d really done a wonderful job on re-arranging her face. “The next time you spread your legs for Bob, remember this beating cause I won’t hesitate to even pour acid on your pathetic face if your dare me, trust me.”

Monde was asking Angie how she was feeling as I opened the door. Lubona brushed past me and rushed to her moaning sister. Tears formed in her eyes as she stared at me.

I felt an ounce of remorse. “Monde, shall we get going already?”

Monde shook her head and patted Lubona’s shoulder. “I’m sorry about this, Lubona. I really am.”


I had just had supper with my son as Bob was M.I.A once again and as usual, I didn’t bother giving him a call. I stepped into the shower and savoured the feel of the hot spray of water as it run down my body. When I was done showering, I grabbed a towel and stood in front of the mirror which showed the reflection of a light skinned heart-shaped face, pale brown eyes and small lips. I know I wasn’t extremely beautiful but I wasn’t ugly either. I liked to believe God has never created any ugly human being as we were all created in his loving image.

Tears welled in my eyes as I studied my face and body. I had quite a body so I didn’t get why Bob would go out in search of women to bang when I was readily available.

And is there such a thing as falling out of love? I wondered as I draped a towel round my body. No, Bob must be under a spell. We were so in love only three months ago, what changed? There’s something fishy here.

I stepped out of the bathroom and sat on my dressing cabinet to apply lotion. I was half way done when the bedroom door flew open and an angry Bob stormed in.

“You b---h!” he cussed and grabbed me by my braids. Before I knew it, he slapped me hard across the face and my towel later dropped to the floor.

“Bob,” I stammered, staring into his eyes and immensely dreading what I was seeing in them. “What’s the meaning of all this? What wrong have I done you this evening?”

“You’ll soon find out,” he chuckled and punched me in the stomach. I groaned. He later pushed me to the bed and grabbed some electric cable from the bedside drawer.

And then came the flogging. I screamed out in pain as the cable landed on almost every spot on my nude body. When he was done using the cable, Bob was hitting my face using his fists.

“Daddy!” it was Fred. He was trying to pull Bob off me and miraculously, he gave in.

“That’s for laying a finger on my Angie,” snarled Bob before storming out of the room.

Every ounce of my body hurt and all I could do was moan and shed tears. Fred grabbed a bed sheet from the wardrobe and covered my body with it. Tears formed in his eyes as he stared at my battered face.

He almost chocked on his voice, “Mummy, you’re bleeding. Almost all your body’s got bruises!”

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