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By the time Robert and Chris got to the house, Amanda had a thermometer stuck in her mouth and Dr. Ken was attending to her. Ella was outside the house . Without proper greetings Robert and Chris passed Ella and hurried straight to the room.

“Don’t touch her”. Dr. Ken shouted as Robert rushed to grab Amanda “her ailment is highly contagious, I’ll advice u join Ella outside to avoid casualties”

“Take care of her” Robert said as Chris dragged him out of the room “or you’re going to answer to me”

Ken didn’t even look at him. Instead he simply muttered “that’s my job, and I’m good at it”

Amanda looked up at doctor ken with her eyes filled with pain and fever “I just hope so, I’ve never felt so bad” she mumnured.

Twenty five minutes later, Ken came outside, his face haggard, his forehead creased with worries.

“Tell me she’s going to be alright ” Robert rose from his seat. Ken might look awful, but he felt worse, his looks means he had actually been doing something.

Robert and Chris had been quite all the while as Ella explained to them how Amanda had contacted diphtheria from a patient.

“Truth was Amanda was still struggling with her emotion problems while attending to a patient and carelessly somehow she did something or forgot to do something before or after treating the patient” Ella had explained to them.

Doctor Ken sat diwdown at the door post contemplating what to say to Robert, finally he said “I’ve never lied to you, Rob, and I don’t intend to start now” he stared at his gloved hands, seemingly unwilling to look at any of them “it’s a very bad case. I can’t guarantee anything, we lack the right medication for her ailment, actually she had used the last one to treat the patient she contracted it from, normally she was supposed to reseve a dosage in case she gets infected. without the drugs…. ” he let his words trail off.

Robert clenched his fists, not sure which was stronger, his fear or his anger. Amanda the woman he loved more than anything on planet earth was dying and he was powerless to help him “she risked her own life to save another person, how could she do a thing like that?”

This time Ken met his gaze “Amanda is a good doctor and a caring woman, I believe that’s one of the reason you love her”

“What can we do to help” Chris finally spoke “how do we get this drugs, or better still we can transport her to the city for a proper treatment ”

“Even if you want to fly her out, or go get the drugs from the city, the worst would be over before any of that arrives, am still baffled how the infection got to this bad stage at a very short time interval, it’s unusual” Ken sighed loudly “I’ll advice you all go into prayers, while I utilize every skill and energy I posses in trying to stabilize the situation, believe me prayers do work ”

Prayer? That sounded ridiculous to Robert, he can’t even remember the last time he heard that word ‘prayer’ and he sure can’t remember how to start it.

Robert had never felt this helpless and useless in his life. He was powerless even with all his money to determine whether the woman he loved lived or dies.

He paced his room in angony. There had to be something he could do, doctor ken said there was no time to go fetch the right drugs from anywhere. All Amanda needed was a miracle and she needed it now.

‘Believe me prayers do work’ Ken’s words repeated in his mind. Prayer. Robert stopped pacing and stared out the window as if the bright clouds held an answer, but all he saw was two birds flying around happily unaware of his worries.

Could prayer help Amanda???

Slowly he sank to his knees next to the bed, for a moment he was confused on what to say, then finally he muttered.

“I know am not worthy to ask you anything Lord” he spoke aloud “so I will like to make a bargain. All I want is for Amanda to be alive for me, am asking that you let her live, if you do it for me, in return I will make sure the clinic lacks no medication at all, I will use my resources to provide everything for free, so cases like this won’t have to arise in the future, and I will also extend a helping hand to all your creations around me”

There was no answer, but he had not expected one. God had never answered his prayers before, why would He start now. But he arose feeling a great deal of peace on the inside, perhaps the feeling of peace was because she was going to make it, perhaps it was a knowledge that she had passed on to a better world. Whichever it was, all Robert could think of was to go see her one more time.

When he reached her house, Doctor Ken was in the sitting room, staring into an empty glass in front of him, he was definitely hallucinating.

Though Robert’s heart plummeted, wrenched by the fact that ken was no longer at Amanda’s bedside trying to save her, Robert tried to tell himself there might be a good reason, this was not the right time for negative thoughts.

Ken turned to look at Robert, and his eyes, ringed with dark circles, showcasing his exhaustation, but gave no clue to Amanda’s condition.

“How is she?”

When Ken rose and clasped his hand on Robert’s shoulder, Robert was not sure whether it was to steady himself or to comfort Robert.

“I don’t know how to tell you this” Ken said “that grey membrane just filled her throat and she was barely breathing, I knew it was all coming to an end” Ken’s eyes were sober and Robert saw water spurs on Ken’s spectacles, a sign he must have been weeping “she stopped breathing, I didn’t want to believe it but she was gone” Ken shuddered, and Robert knew he was relieving Amanda’s death.

Though he heard the words, his heart refused to accept them. The pain will come soon, he knew that, but for the moment he needed to be strong.

Ken wiped his eyes “I don’t know how long I sat there, but when I finally sat up to pull the sheet over her, she started to breath again, only this time, the breathing was absolutely normal, I tell you Robert, I’ve never experienced anything like it all through my career journey, it was a miracle ”

The calm shuttered, Amanda was alive! He was swept by a surge of joy so powerful he felt he had been hit by an avalanche. Amanda was alive!

It was really a miracle

Could it be?

“The crisis, when did it happen?” Robert asked. Ken would never understand just how important the answer was to Robert.

“Give or take forty-five minutes ago”

Robert closed his eyes. Forty -five minutes ago, he had been on his knees praying or rather bargaining for Amanda’s life, and his prayer had been answered.

Thank you God.

Amanda’s recovery was slowerthan she had expected, the disease, coupled with her emotional state of mind had weakened her so much like never before. Ken had advised her not to think of her emotional trauma so as not to risk having high blood pressure. But it was easier said than done.

She was also worried about her patients, and that ken had also insisted that she not resume her practice for a month.

“What about my patients” Amanda demanded

“Believe it or not, Amanda, I can take care of them all” ken replied gently, his brown eyes sparkling behind his glasses “somehow I had managed to take care of them all, before I decided to hire you ”

Amanda rested her head on the pile of pillows that also served as her back rest. “I know that, Ken, but I also know you don’t like maternity cases, and Amara is due soon”

His reaction was stronger than she had expected. Ken flinched as if she had thrown a sharp object at him.

“I thought your chart states that she’d be due second week of next month ”

“That’s her official date, but she’s carrying twins, you know they are liable to come earlier”

“If they know what is good for them, they’ll wait for you ”

Amanda smiled, just then the sound of footsteps signalled the arrival of a visitor.

‘Robert’ Amanda had thought

But it was Chris who walked through the door.

Doctor ken looked from Amanda to Chris, then picked up his bag “I can tell when I’m not needed”

“Ken” Chris called and ken paused “I’ve not really had the chance to say this earlier, but am truly sorry for everything I said to you and Ella that night ”

Ken tapped him on his shoulder “I understand” and made his way out of the door.

There was an awkward silence as they both stared at each other for a couple of seconds, then Chris said

“Am not here to lie to you, by telling you that everything I said that night were lies, I just came to make things right ”

Amanda couldn’t blink so as not to miss a thing, she focused on his face reading every reaction on it.

“The actual problem we all had was Rob and I falling in love with you at the same time” he continued “the blames should be mine and mine alone, because I brought up the idea of the race, that was foolish of me I know, I was the first to win your friendship, sometimes I wished I never suggested it to Rob, I bet he wouldn’t have had interest in you, because he was seriously working on meeting a target with a client when I brought up the idea of a race, even then he’d not even set his eyes on you yet.” Chris paused obviously he was reminiscing his reaction, and Amanda was feeling a great deal of pity for him.

“Believe me, everything happened for a reason, Robert offered to pay me the ten million naira we wagered to back off, that was when I noticed he had fallen in love with you, but then I’ve also grown addicted too, so I rejected his money, well you’ve made your choice, your heart settled for Rob, I will always wish you a happy life. Robert McKenzie is a good man, stop suffering yourself and him because of my mistakes, I’ve already paid the price for my foolishness, so I want you to let it go please”

Amanda couldn’t utter a single word, she was just staring at him as tears poured down her cheek.


The End.


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