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It’s been three days after their engagement party and Robert had not set his eyes on his bride-to-be.

She had acted like Chris’ story never bothered her, but that was because of the crowd. Robert knew clearly that deep down inside her heart, every single word Chris said that night was tearing her apart piece by piece.

He was the biggest fool of the century, he should have told her the truth about the race few days ago when she brought up the topic herself, now look at him drinking himself to a mess.

She wouldn’t want to see him again – never!

Chris’ statement struck his mind again “this engagement party is just for fun, it’s not real” he blinked away the tears circling his eyes as the speech kept running in his head “I had it all in control, I had the opportunities to do it, but I couldn’t, because, I don’t know how it happened but I fell in love with the prey”

The more he swallowed the alcohol, the more Chris’ voice continued to taunt him.

Amanda had refused to see him, how on earth was he going to explain things to her, who would believe him??

Definitely not Ella, Ella had walked him out six times in two days, who was he going to ask for help.

The answer was simple -nobody.

Nobody will believe him now, not even Dr. Ken.

His fate was plain, he was never going to marry Amanda. But he was sure going to make Chris pay for shattering his dreams.

He heard the words again “obviously she was foolish and blind, she couldn’t see the truth, well ignorance is a disease, but never an excuse, this whole engagement party and jibbrish bullshit is just a tactics for Rob to get in between those pretty legs”

“That’s not true!! ” Robert shouted as his slammed his glass of wine against the wine bar, shattering glasses and bottles of wines “I love Amanda, I can’t lose her”

Just then his room door was thrown open, he knew that smell very well, it was a very familiar perfume.

“Look, what you’re doing to yourself” she squatted in front of him, so he can have a clearer view of her breast, she deliberately wore that gown, knowing that Robert had always admired her breast especially in this gown.

Drinking straight from the bottle, Robert looked up to her face

“She wouldn’t talk to me, how do I explain to her that my intentions are genuine”

Stephanie put her hands on his head and moved closer “sweetheart” she said in her sweetest voice “you deserve better than that, you deserve a woman who really loves you, a woman who truly loves you will never doubt your intentions ”

Robert’s eyes narrowed as he considered her words.

“You’re d--n right, Stephanie, that’s what I deserve”

“Am right here for you, and I will always be” she said slipping her hand down his chest.

He shook his head slowly “can’t do that” though the words came out slowly his eyes focused clearly “it’s not right”

“You know what’s not right?” Without waiting for his answer, she continued “it wasn’t right for her to ignore you like this, leaving you to the cold hands of alcohol, as a doctor she ought to know the hazards alcohol can do to your body system, but here I am, making sure you’re fine, what’s up with that ego of hers, what does she have that I lack”

This time Robert had troubles meeting her gaze. He couldn’t tell if he was sympathizing with Stephanie or himself.

“You’re right, Stephanie, when did you get so wise”

She smiled, knowing she’d gotten his attention, then she pressed a kiss on his lips “you deserve to be treated like Robert McKenzie, you deserve to be treated like a mac-elephant, not like an unkempt roadside drunk” Collecting the bottle from his hand, she dragged him up from the couch “come here, let me treat you like you deserved to be treated.

Robert slowly followed her on staggering legs as she led him to the bed. The young lady can turn even a priest on.

“She can never be as romantic as I am” she said smiling. Robert was amazed, how did she figure out exactly what she was thinking.

She pushed him onto the bed and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, while he kept staring at her as she slipped out of her gown revealing that killer shape that had kept him company, long ago before Amanda came into the picture. Her body alone was a love charm, that no man, not even the Pope could say no to.

“Tell me you don’t like what you see?”

There again, she read his thoughts again, he couldn’t utter a word, but the burging in his trouser gave Stephanie a better response.

“That’s what am talking about” she said as she quickly removed his trouser and joined him on the bed.

It was not fully dawn when he awoke, Stephanie was awake too, she smiled as she saw him open his eyes.

“What are you….?” As his eyes focused. Robert shuddered “what the hell happened?” Brushing her head aside, he leaped out of bed, his face turning red as he looked down and recognised his nakedness.

The pounding of Stephanie’s heart echoed in her ears. This was not the way it had always been. Many were the nights she had slept in his bed, and he had always been appreciative. Not today, things were different now.

“Oh my God! What have I done? What am I going to tell her?”

The pain in his voice told Stephanie clearly than his words, that it was over, her dreams had shattered, Robert will never ask for her again.

“Nothing” she said “tell her nothing”

“What if she hears… ”

Before now, Robert’s fears had always been what people would say about him, if they finds out he was sleeping with his secretary, but today his only fear was about that woman, not his reputation. For a moment Stephanie considered her choices, she could flaunt Robert’s affairs with her, but what good would that do? It wouldn’t bring him back to her, it would only cause him pains.

Amanda was her problem, she need to devise another means to deal with her. But not by hurting Robert directly.

“I’ll deny it” she offered

The hope her words gave Robert brightened his face “thanks Stephanie” he said slowly.

“I actually came around yesterday to tell you about my plans of resigning ”

Robert needed not ask her reasons, it was in the air and even a blind fool could see her reasons

“So what are your plans, have you gotten another job?” He asked

“None for now”

“You’ll keep receiving your regular basic salary for the good job you did in the past for the mac-elephant group, you’re a good girl and I will always wish you well”

That wasn’t enough for Stephanie, salary and good names, what about her feelings, her emotions it was obvious Robert had no idea about that aspects.

Robert had a plan for the day. It was time to stand up like a real man and put things together. He had never had a real conversation with Chris ever since the controversy at the engagement party four days ago.

Chris had been avoiding him.

Truth was, Chris regrets every bit of his actions that night, it was a result of anger mixed with excess alcohol.

“You’re the last person I expected to walk through that door today” Chris said as Robert barges into his office, he wasn’t sure if it was the right words to say, but he had to say something. The expression on his face plain and predictable -fear and regrets

“Am not here to argue with you on why you did whatever you think you did that night, I only came so we can both fix up the mess you created” Robert replied plainly

“At least you need to sit down first” Chris sounded a bit relaxed this time “whatever happened that night, believe me I had no control over my emotions, I totally lost it, and am very sorry about it” Chris narrated the exact words he’d been rehearsing for days now.

“Like I said” Robert explained “am not here for your explanations nor your apologies, I only came… ”

“At least you need to calm your nerves” Chris snapped in.

“How can I be calm when the woman whom I just engaged, had refused to see my face for four crazy days” Robert faced the wall as he poured out his pains to Chris.

“The last thing I will ever do is to hurt you intentionally” Chris confessed

“But you just did!” Robert shouted as he faced Chris, his eyes red, swollen and circled with tears “you’ve hurt me really bad”

“Believe me, I can fix it” Just a simple statement, but it lifted a whole lot of pains instantly from the atmosphere “I can make things right” Chris continued “I will explain everything to her, I believe if I tell her about your offer two months ago to pay me out of the race, that’s going to settle it all”

Chris smiled.

But Robert couldn’t.

It was a wonderful idea indeed, and it seems like it was the only idea that can possibly calm the storms here, Robert looked a bit relaxed as gently sat down on the couch

“Am truly sorry for the pains I must have caused you” Chris said as he came over and sat at the opposite couch.

“Am not accepting that apology until everything is back to normal”

“At least you won’t also reject a drink from me” Chris stood up, took out a bottle of whisky from his cabin and two wine glasses, filled the glasses with the light brown liquid and handed one to Robert, once he was back on his seat he said “you know, it was crazy for the both of us to fall in love with the same woman at the same time”

“It was all your fault” Robert said as he swallowed his share of the alcohol. “If you hadn’t brought up this race idea, this wouldn’t have happened the way it did”

“If I hadn’t brought up the idea, you wouldn’t have met her”

“Then so be it”

“If you ask me, I will say I deserve Amanda”

“Why? Because you saw her first?” Robert seemed to be normal now

“Yea, I saw her first and I approached her first”

“But i allowed you to make your proposal, so she would make her choice, it’s not about who deserve her, she’s not a prize , she made her choice on who she wants to spend her entire lifetime with , and that is what marriage is all about ”

Robert was still lecturing Chris

On what marriage was all about when his phone rang and it was Ella caling.

“Amanda is sick “Ella anouced and it’s quite pretty bad ”

Robert ended the call, broke the bad news to Chris who joined him as they both ran out of the office like two men being chased by a drunk masquerade.

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