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♪★★★ ★★★♪

He was not going home. No siree, there was nothing in that empty house except unhappy memories and he sure as hell didn’t need those. His feet staggered without conscious direction, turning into Ajah street, his pace quickening as he approached the house. Blue and gold painting –Ajah Guest house –

The house keeper was surprised to see Chris visit him.

Chris could see the questions in his eyes. So what if he had never been there before? There was a first time for everything.

“You are welcomed sir” the inn keeper said smiling.

And Chris looked around the parlour. The place was far more tastefully decorated than he had expected. A man even as educated as himself would feel comfortable here.

“Its a pretty place you got here” he said

“Thank you sir, we’re not too busy this evening” the inn keeper said “is there any special girl you would like to keep you company?”

“I will just look around then make a choice” Chris replied.

The guest house was filled with pretty girls of all sizes, shapes and tribes. Chris walked straight to the one sitting close to the bar “what’s your name?” Chris asked the young lady who looked as miserable and sad as himself.

“Am not a w---e, young man, I just came to drink away my sadness” the lady replied

“I’m no w---e monger either, I also came to drink away my sadness too, makes us even, what’s the name?”

She kept her eyes on the floor “Stephanie” she said with a faltered smile

Stephanie. The name and the face was kind of familiar. Chris ordered more drinks for both of them.

Robert’s secretary. Chris looked at her again.

It was her. The girl who warmed Rob’s bed every night.

“I guess you don’t feel much like celebrating tonight, do you?”

She shook her head and sat quietly while Chris gulped down his drink and ordered another.

The front door opened and three men entered the parlour, from the ease with which they moved around the fancy furniture and made their way to the bar. Chris guessed they were frequent visitors.

“A round for me and my friends” the leader placed his elbows on the bar and smiled widely, he was a short man with plenty beards. Stephanie recognised him to be Ojukwu.

When he and his friends held their drinks in their hand.

Ojukwu turned and raised his glass

“A toast to Robert, our patriotic boss and friend and his lovely bride – to -be!”

Chris watched as the three men cheered and downed their drinks. He remained seated, his drink placed firmly on the table in front of him and Stephanie, while every other person in the bar stood up on joined the toast.

One of the men nudged Ojukwu and pointed at Chris.

“Hey man, what’s the matter with you and your girl? Why didn’t you toast with us?” Ojukwu glared at Chris.

For a moment Chris considered not answering. He owed no explanations, especially not to the uneducated millers, then he said in his condescending tone “its not compulsory for everyone to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials”

Ojukwu laughed and turned to his friends “did you hear those fancy barrister words? Nup… Nup… What was that word again ‘big time’ loser is what I heard”

“That’s your opinion” Chris replied

“I can’t just figure out what the lady doctor saw in you at first” Ojukwu sneered “Robert’s the real man”

Ojukwu thought he had delivered an insult, even though Chris was drunk, he controlled his anger.

“Feel free to impugn my manhood and ego” Chris said laughing “I assure you, you aren’t the first to do so”

Ojukwu’s friends Muttered something incomprehensible and he silenced them with a frown then said “maybe I’ll be the last” grabbing his glass, he approached Chris “Here!” He shoved the glass at him “Now drink a toast to Robert and Amanda”

Chris stood up, towering over Ojukwu “perhaps you have ear problems” he said “or is it that you are slow to comprehend? I said no!”

“And I said yes!”

Just then, no one was certain who threw the first blow, all they knew was that one minute the two men were standing; the next minute they were on the floor, punching each other and shouting.

“Stop it!” Stephanie had shouted. An instant later, the bar tenders had grabbed each man by the neck, separating them.

Attracted by the commotion, the inn keeper entered the bar “get out of here” he shouted at Ojukwu and his friends.

Ojukwu and his friends swaggered towards the door like a fist fight was an everyday something to them.

Chris could feel the blood oozing from a cut. Stephanie helped clean the cuts with her handkerchief soaked in whisky.

“Thanks” Chris had managed to say

“You shouldn’t have riled Ojukwu like that, the guy is a very mean bully, likes to use his fist”

“My face is a testimony to that particular fact”

Stephanie smiled “your fancy words didn’t help either, but it was funny watching Ojukwu try to figure out what you were saying” she smiled again “you should have drunk that toast, you know?”.

He looked at her, his eyes reflecting a pain that had nothing to do with the bruises he had sustained ” would you have drank it?”

She was silent for a moment, thinking “No, I wouldn’t, I guess we are in the same boat tonight”

Two lonely people suffering the loss of a dream

“Let’s help each other forget” Chris said as he signaled the inn keeper to come closer.

He paid for a room and slowly they climbed the stairs to access the small room furnished with a bed, a TV set a single couch.

Just like two hungry lovers, they munched on each other, and the next minute they were both naked with her on top of him moving up and down, fast, but rhythmical to her moaning.

He was a surprisingly gentle lover, caressing her skin, whispering fancy words in her ear, telling her she was beautiful.

It worked.

For a few minutes she felt beautiful.

For a few minutes they were able to forget why they had visited the guest house, why they drank more than they should have.

But when he reached his Release the fantasy shattered


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