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It was one of the hardest things hr had ever done. Coming to Amanda’s engagement. D--n it! It should have been their party. He couldn’t understand why she had agreed to marry Robert, it made no sense at all. She had turned him down, and it was too inexplicable, and that made it even more difficult to accept.

“Give me another drink” Chris said to the stranger tending the bar. The only good thing he could say about the party was that the drinks were first-class.

“It’s a party Chris. Can’t you at least manage a smile?” Sam said as he appeared beside him.

Smiling was one thing Chris couldn’t do.

He had considered travelling to port Harcourt at least for the main time, but the thought of being branded a coward had been worst than seeing Amanda with Robert.

“Don’t ruin Amanda’s day” Sam’s voice echoed in his ears “if you can’t smile, go home” Sam’s voice was low but his words were more of a command than a suggestion.

Chris emptied his glass, then turned away without a word. He blinked thrice. Was that Ella dancing? And with Dr. Ken? The world had really turned upside down.

Chris made his way across the dance floor and tapped ken’s shoulder.

Ken seemed surprised to see Chris behind him “you’ve been drinking”

“It’s not a surprise that you noticed” as Ella flinched from his sarcasm. Chris continued “surely in your vast experience with alcohol, you can perceive the smell from a thousand miles” at the back of his mind, he knew he was just being cruel to Dr. Ken for no reason. But tonight, his pains was much, all he wanted to do was inflict it on someone else. It was not fair that everyone else was happy when he was miserable.

“Go home, Chris” Ella smiled, though it wasn’t a real smile “if you loved has like you claimed, you won’t wanna spoil her day”


How dare Ella talk to him about love!

“What do you know about love?” He demanded “you are nothing but a cook, all you know is how to add excess spices to food to confuse my customers, making them believe you are a good cook, if you know much about love, why don’t you have a boyfriend yet? Or you wanna be a dried-up spinster before you start thinking about marriage?”

Ella’s smile faltered, and tears filled her eyes, ready to spill onto her cheeks. Good! Chris felt happy that he had succeeded in hurting someone.

“Get out of here!” Ken commanded gripping his shoulder and propelled him out of the hall “go home and drink yourself to misery” ken ordered “but whatever you do, don’t show your ugly face here again”

Chris stood still and watched as ken walked back into the hall straight to Ella, to comfort her, he guessed.

“He didn’t mean that” Ken said “it was just the alcohol talking, let’s continue our dance”

The drinking and dancing continued like Chris never existed.

When all of a sudden the music stopped, and everyone’s attention turned to the sound of a metal hitting against a glass cup, a sign for ‘attention please’ and everyone was shocked to see Chris standing in front of the DJ with a glass cup in one hand and a wine opener in the other hand.

“I have an announcement to make” he proclaimed and everyone’s attention shifted to Robert who made a move to interrupt him but was stopped by Amanda.

Amanda was obviously interested in whatever Chris wanted to say.

“I can see everyone dancing and drinking, so I guess am not the only person who’s drunk tonight” he smiled to muster up courage to continue “the truth is, alcohol makes a man reveal his innermost secrets, so am just going to reveal one secret before I go home” he collected a glass of drink from the table behind him and emptied it into his mouth then continued “what on earth on earth will make a man to wait for one full year after engagement to get married to the woman he’s engaging tonight” he smiled ” the answer is simple, because this engagement party is just for fun, its not real” he paused then looked around to thousands of eyes staring at him

“I know you’re all wondering why I will say a thing like that, well here is my reason, Rob and I had a bet of ten million naira on who’s going to sleep with Amanda first” there was a loud murmuring inside the hall, till he cleared his throat and there was silence again “I had it all in control, I had opportunities to do it, but I couldn’t, I don’t know how it happened, but I fell in love with the prey so I couldn’t treat her like a bait, so I decided to get married to her instead so we can do it legally and I was aiming at achieving two things, the ten million naira wager and a pretty bride”

At this point tears rounded Amanda’s eyes. Chris smiled as he saw the tears, he obviously got her there “But obviously she was foolish and blind, she couldn’t see the truth, well it wasn’t her fault, ignorance is a disease, but never an excuse, so this whole engagement party and jibbrish bullshit is just a simple tactics for Rob to get in between those pretty legs” he turned to get another glass of drink.

And that was when Dr. Ken, Sam and Frank lifted him up and carried him out of the hall as his bottle and glass cup crashed against the tiled floor.

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