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The Slay Mamas girls started arguing with Ashley over her decision, Ashley sensing what next might happen, she quickly bundled Angela and threw her out of the room, then pack her clothes and threw it outside for her, then she whispered to Angela ear

“If you love your body, don’t sleep in your dormintory tonight they will surely come to get you by all means”

SCORPION BABE: What did you do? Are you crazy or what, see pikin wey just balm yesterday don de claim as if she be the capon

LADY P: Dah, na big f--k up be this, you don break the rule for Black Scorpion Cult, and you how e de be all f--k up must be treated

MAMA G: Just pack your things and leave this room, you are no longer one of us, and I promise you we will hunt you down when the time reach.

Ashley refused to leave the room, so they had no other option than to beat her up and threw her load outside, Ashley picked her box and walked to Angela dormintory, beside tomorrow was her last paper, she anything she need to do she must do it this night before day break.

When she got to the Lucky girls dormintory she knocked at the door, all the junior girls turned and look at the door, as they were all deliberating who should open the door, finally Endurance stood up and unhook the door, when she saw senior Ashley she was speechless as she thought she was ben sent by the Slay mamas clique to bring Angela, she pushed Endurance out of her way and entered the room.

All the girls were surprised to see her with her box, including Angela whom seem to be confused.

ASHLEY: Don’t be scared girls am not here to hurt any of you am only here to protect you guys from danger that is coming

GLORIA: Senior and which danger are you talking about

ASHLEY: Angela you have to do as I said if you want to be save this night, the black scorpions girls (She paused and recall that she just leaked the name of their cult group to the junior girls)

QUEEN: Did I just hear you said the black scorpion girls, I think I have to find another room to lay my heads tonight, I can’t be witness of the impending doom that will befall on Angela tonight

ASHLEY: Sorry for the slip of tongue, as you can see your friend is not save in this dormintory just as I, they will come to hunt me and Angela down tonight, so you girls have to cooperate with me including you queen

ENDURANCE: If I may ask who is coming for the both of you, and I could recall that you are part of the Slay Mamas clique, so what are you saying

ASHLEY: Am not part of them anymore, and I can’t tell you what happened, just do as I said

ANGELA: (In tears) And what could that be

ASHLEY: Don’t cry sweetie I promise to protect you, they won’t get to you until they pass through me, they will come tonight by 1am, don’t ask who they are because if care I not taken some life will be taken tonight, and beside where is your best friend Cecilia

ANGELA: It’s a long story ma!!

ASHLEY: Ok, The Slay Mamas Clique are not just normal students, we belong to the Black Scorpion Cult group, I know this might be new to you, but it’s really happening in the school, as most female corpers are also members of the cult, and so it’s not a new thing even though it has been kept hidden from the ears of junior student.

All the Junior students started panicking,

ANGELA: Senior please I don’t want to die, let me find another room to sleep. #Isloveacrime

ASHLEY: That will be a big mistake, what you guys don’t know that there is an informant in all rooms apart from the lucky girl’s hostel, which is your room, this is the only safe place, so any of you venture to leave this room and is caught by any of Black scorpion members you might be forced to join the cult if you do not provide the person they are looking, that’s why I am asking of your best friend

ENDURANCE: You don’t mean it so what do will do

ASHLEY: Don’t open the door for anyone that knock from now till tomorrow morning especially Cecilia as she might be the bait they will use to get to us, do any of you have a mobile device.

GLORIA: Yes ma, but am really scared o

ASHLEY: Don’t be scared it’s just for the night, I could have love you to dial the D.p.o number when the time reach, but that won’t be necessary because I will also be thrown into bars so what should we do

ANGELA: Endurance if am not mistaken you are the only girl in your family

ENDURANCE: Yes, and what does that have to do with this

ANGELA: Everything, when the time call you call your dad telling him to come and help you that some hoodlums are trying to break into your room, there is no way he will leave his only girl child to be attacked by the hoodlums.

ASHLEY: I don’t get what will her Dad do by that time.

ANGELA: Her Dad is an Army General so he can do anything at any time to protect his only daughter, beside the Army barracks is not far from our school

ASHLEY: Wow, that’s a brilliant idea I hoped it worked

They are sat down and planned on what to do when the time reach.

It’s 1:00 am in the Morning the Slay Mamas Girls walked to their meeting ground which was at the back of the dining hall, they supposed to be celebrating due to the fact that some of them are writing their final exam the next day, but due to the issues on ground they had to suspend their jubilations and planned on what to do to Angela and Ashley, as they all planned in their meeting ground, they got an information that one of the girls from Lucky Girls Dormintory is sleeping in another room.

This news brightens their heart as they quickly walked to fetch the girl out, while the other girls spread out in the girls dormintory in case of any of the Junior tried to escape.

Cecilia who was busy sleeping in her friend room never had in mind that there is an impending danger coming from her

ROSY BEAUTY: (She tapped Cecilia) Hey, sweet heart wakes up we need to talk

Cecilia opened her eyes and saw her, fear gripped her instantly as she became speechless.

LADY P: Don’t worry don’t be scared just do as I said, we need to enter your dormintory to get your friend Angela, if you cooperate with us you Live, if you fail to then you die

Fear gripped Cecilia but she refused to help them, so Mama G dragged her out of the dormintory she was sleeping, when she came out of the room she saw different girls putting on Black clothes, she became scared she had no other option than to cooperate with them as she walked to her dormintory.

When she got to the door post she knocked at the door and all the girls in the room quickly looked at the door.

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