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All of a sudden, SS 3 boys dashed into the prep hall and separated the fight, as they walked them back to their dormintory for punishment, Angela was still standing watching at them when the Slay Mamas girls burst into the prep hall. They were instant silence amongst the girls as Angela became scared.

MAMA G: I thought we warned you never to step on our toes but you never adhere to our warnings

ANGELA: (Stammering) Yes….. Ma

LADY P: It’s quite unfortunate that you have woken the sleeping Lion, when you are done report yourself our dormintory, and don’t forget that tomorrow is our last paper, so anything is permitted to happen.

They all walked out of the prep hall leaving Angela behind who was terribly shaking

After prep Angela walked straight to the Slay mamas hostel, she wanted to knock on the door but she heard some funny noise inside the room, she quickly placed her ears on the door to confirm if the noise was directly coming from the room.

The slay Mamas girls were moaning, “Could it be that thy are having sex, no let me go back to my dormintory and come back to check on them, so has not to become a victim of rape” she wanted to return back to her hostel but another thought struck her mind, so summoned courage and knock on the dormintory door.

Immediately she knocked there was silence in the room, the whole atmosphere became calm, she knocked on the door again

ASHLEY: Who goes you

ANGELA: It’s I Angela

She could hear arguments inside the room after she replied senior Ashley, after some while, the door was open for her and she walked into the dormintory, when she entered the room she saw the senior girls standing stark naked, she quickly covered her eyes, as she could see some sex toys all over the room, instantly she concluded that they were lesbians.

Ashley quickly went and lock the door to prevent anyone from entering the room.

MAMA G: Sweet heart we wanted to deal with you mercilessly but you are lucky that your stars brought you here during our fun time.

SCORPION BABE: Why are you covering your eyes for, common open your eyes naughty girl

LADY P: Get your clothes off and come and join us, we cannot be naked while you are still putting on your dress

ANGELA: Please, senior I can’t, am not one of you

ROSY BEAUTY: Are you crazy or what, how dare you refuse to obey us, or is it the first time you are seeing a lesbian in the girls dormintory

ASHLEY: Dear drop that stupid act of yours, there are lots of lesbians in the girls dormintory and amongst your mate, it might shock you that your friend is one of them

They forced Angela and off her clothes, as they started to examined her body

ROSY BEAUTY: I can’t believe this, it seems you have never been touched by anyone before, Are you for real

SCORPION BABE: You did a nice job dear, I have been waiting my whole life to meet with someone of your kind, wow today am blessed.

They started caressing Angela body, she started pleading with them and shedding tears hoping that it will touch their hearts, luckily for her tears struck Ashley hearts.

ASHLEY: Little girl, put on your clothes and run back to your dormintory, don’t tell anyone what you saw here

All the Slay mamas clique turned and looked at Ashley

MAMA G: You don’t mean it, Ashley what’s are you saying

ASHLEY: Leave this innocent to go, she is not one of us, beside we have suffered her a lot for no just cause, pretending as if we don’t know that classic is not dating her, even if we beat the hell of the girl we should not tamper with her body, imagine keeping herself pure till this time and we destroy everything within a blink of an eye, no I can’t let it happen, Angela what are you waiting for will you hurry back to your dormintory.

The Slay Mamas girls started arguing with Ashley over her decision, Ashley sensing what next might happen, she quickly bundled Angela and threw her out of the room, then pack her clothes and threw it outside for her, then she whispered to Angela ear

“If you love your body, don’t sleep in your dormintory tonight they will surely come to get you by all means”

SCORPION BABE: What did you do? Are you crazy or what, see pikin wey just balm yesterday don de claim as if she be the capon

LADY P: Dah, na big f--k up be this, you don break the rule for Black scorpion Cult, and you how e de be all f--k up must be treated

MAMA G: Just pack your things and leave this room, you are no longer one of us, and I promise you we will hunt you down when the time reach.

Ashley refused to leave the room, so they had no other option than to beat her up and threw her load outside, Ashley picked her box and walked to Angela dormintory, beside tomorrow was her last paper, she anything she need to do she must do it this night before day break.

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