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Celine opened her eye she saw the food but she did not see Danny she ran into the kitchen he was nowhere to be found just then she heard another gun shot she was so scared she didn’t eat the food anymore rather she sat down on the floor with her legs folded and started crying she didnt even bother getting dressed

Celine cried out loud she was really scared that something might have happened to Danny the sound of her cry could wake an entire village as Celine heard the gun shots she cried more

Meanwhile Danny arrived at Mirandas house he walked straight into her room and dragged her out

” danny let go you are hurting me

Danny ignored her till the got outside beside the pool

Danny shouted at her

” what’s wrong with you

” what did I do I just fought for what’s mine that s--t got what she deserves

Danny raised his hands to slap Miranda but he slowly withdrew

” go ahead and hit me if that will remove this hatred in your eye

” Miranda leave me alone

” but I love

” but I don’t love you

” we shared a moment Danny

” it was just sex Miranda why are you acting like you were a virgin

” danny please look at me I can’t live without you

” better learn to do so because the little love I felt for you as a friend has dried up

” danny am sorry

” if you hit me maybe I would have forgiven you but you hit the wrong person Miranda you hurt the wrong person ..

” a maid, do you love that commoner

” yes I love her, I love her as a maid, i love her as a commoner, I love her anyway she is, as long shes not you

Miranda started crying as she knelt down

” stay away from me and most importantly stay away from CElINE if you hurt her I don’t know what i will do to you

” danny am sorry

” i regret the day I lay my hands on you .

He walked into his car and drove off Miranda fell to the floor crying her assistant ran to her

” madam are you okay

” I won’t back down without a fight its okay that I won’t have danny but celine won’t have him too am going to kill her I swear i will kill her

Danny walked into the penthouse just to find Celine crying on the floor Danny smilled

” hey cry baby

Celine looked at him and cried more and more

Danny felt like laughing he had not met a girl like this in his life

He rushed to where she sat and drew her up then he hugged her

” you were really crying that’s funny

Celine didn’t talk she just held him tight and kept crying

” celine stop crying am okay I just went to see a friend

CEline withdrew and took Danny’s hands she saw the blood and cried more and more

” no no its just a knife cut I was cooking thats it

Just then danny heard the gun shots he smiled

” oh now I know why you cried

He wiped her tears with both hands

” am okay

” are you sure ?”,She wiped her tears with both hands

” as long as am with you, am okay.

” what

” you were wondering why I hugged you right well i didn’t hug you out of pity or warmth I didnt hug you out of gratitude or because I see you as my fan, rather I hugged you celine because I love you and I missed u.


” yes, this almighty Danny Hoffman is in love with you celine I love you

Celine suddenly shed tears …

” am yours celine

” you are mine …

Danny kissed her lips and she closed her eye…Danny deepened the kiss and Celine wrapped her arms over his neck…..

Danny finally unlocked his lips and pecked her lips softly again.

” I love you.

Just then danny noticed the food on the table

He dragged her by the hand and they got to the dinner he placed the food in front of Celine he brought out he’s own food too and sat facing Celine as he watched her eat

” thank you celine

“for what?

” for letting Me find you and for letting Me love you

Celine smiled.

Soon they were done Danny took the plate into the kitchen

Danny kept the plates in the sink including everything he used to cook he put water and the soapy dish washer

Celine walked in and stood beside him she was still tying the white towel.

” danny I will help you

” no its ok

” no I must help you

Just then Danny looked at Celine from her hair to her chest were she tied the towel down to her hip where the towel stopped.

she was so attracting.. when celine noticed his stare she stylishly covered her chest and coughed

Danny smiled as he rinsed his hands and walked towards her.

Celine stepped back till she stopped at the big table

She leaned in the table sitting partly on it…she held her towel tight so it won’t fall off.

Danny placed both hands on the table trapping her in .

” Sir…. i mean honey..

” its just the two of us here celine.

He moved her hair from her shoulders.

” and ?”, Celine asked

Danny smiled and kissed her lips in such a delicious manner that Celine let go of her towel Danny held the towel to her chest.

He unlocked his lips and chuckled softly.

” Celine get dressed ,you are very attractive and am not a saint …..I might commit a sin..

CELINe smiled

He walked to his dishes Celine ran out and came out fully dressed she wore a white singlet hand night gown.

“can I help you now?


Soon they were done Danny carried her up into his arms. He took her into the bedroom.Celine smiled as she wrapped her arms around him.

Danny lay her on the bed and lay beside her.he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lips softly..

” good night

” I love you…

Celine turned to her side and backed him he switched off the lights and wrapped his arms round her chest…

Celine smiled as she gently pulled down his hands to her tummy..

Danny switched on the lights and turned her over he looked in her face.

” hey why did u move my hand?

” its a sin to touch my breast didn’t you know .

Danny laughed crazily.

” but I wasn’t touching I was just placing my hands.”, he said laughing.

Celine smiled shyly

” I just placed my hands like this”, he playfully raised his hands from her tummy up to her br**st…he noticed she was braless …. . He looked in her face and her eye was closed tight

Before Danny could talk Celine screamed her voice out.

Danny removed his hands and smiled.Celine hugged him tight

” we committed a sin we will rot in hell…

Danny laughed.this was the most amazing day of his life.

He wrapped his arms around her and she fell asleep in his arms.

“I wonder which bible points out all this sins “, danny said to himself .

The next morning Danny Drank his juice by the pool.

Celine walked out she wore pink gown and packed her hair up .

” you should learn to take morning coffee sugar Is much in your system

she sat beside Danny

“yes mum

“am waiting for christinas call won’t your mum look for you today ?

” I don’t care I wish we can stay here forever just me and you, if we go back home now everything will feel different

Celine smiled

” there is this stuff on your face “, danny said


” come closer

Celine moved closer and Danny kissed her

” morning kiss

Celine smiled

” you are full of tricks

” am I

“yes , wow the weather is hot

“I know right ?

Danny stood up from the chair and dropped his juice on the table he took off his singlet and scratched his hair as he smiled

” what are you doing?

Omg what’s he’s plan Celine said to herself

Just then danny jumped into the water

Celine hieved a sigh of relieve

” hey Commoner better come down

” no I won’t

” come down

” no no i feel cold

” you said you felt hot

She smiled as she winked at danny with her tongue out

Danny flipped his wet hair back in frustration

” please

” no

” please

CELINe laughed at how childish Danny’s face looked

” nooooo

” fine

He started swimming soon danny started coughing,

“are you okay ?

Danny acted as though the water choked him Celine thought it was serious so she jumped into the water and held Danny

” are you okay?

Danny smilled and kissed her

“I got you…

CELINe hit Danny and pushed him into the water

Danny laughed as he removed her hair from her eye And kissed her lips.

Celine opened up and let his saliver come in she deepened the kiss and they both didn’t plan on disengaging from that kiss….

As Danny kissed her lips deliciously she felt his fingers come down her back to her butt..

She smiled against his lips and deepened the kiss As he brushed his fingers on her butt…..

She enjoyed herself as she felt the water all over her body making her feel more sweet..

Just then she felt Danny’s fingers below her thighs…

He unlocked from her lips and kissed her neck then up to her ear…

HE gently lifted the red gown up as he was about lifting it above her hip he kissed her ear lobe and whispered.

” can I ?..

He expected to hear “that’s a sin” but surprisingly celine raised both hands up and Danny removed the gown fully.

Exposing her purple pant and bra.he looked down and saw the waist Chain it was pretty.he ran his fingers down to her pant line and lifted the chain up ..

” it’s pretty.

Celine smiled as Danny carried her up into his arms she wrapped her legs around him.

Danny climbed the stairs and placed her on the white pavement that separated the water.

She sat down but she still felt water on her pant.

And her butt then her hip.

He pavement stored little quantity of water….it was very white and beautiful….

Celine loved the water she felt.dannys kiss on her lips brought her back to present.

He climbed the pavement and wrapped his arms around her waist…..

He moved her hair and feathered his lips around her neck.Celine felt beautiful.

He kissed her down to her cleavage …

Celine moaned gently ….Just then she felt his hands behind her.

He brushed his fingers on her back as he pressed his lips into hers…then he unhooked her bra…

Celine withdrew from the kiss she looked down innocently.she wasnt ready yet.

Danny noticed the difference in Celines face countenance he smiled and hooked the bra back.

” is that a sin too?,

Celine nodded quietly.

Danny smiled and placed both hands on her waist he tried carrying her down the pavement but Celine didn’t agree to jump down..

Danny looked at her face

” it’s ok , that sin.

She moved herself backward into the pavement and lay back.as she lay she dragged Danny down to her.

She felt the water on her back and her hair….she felt beautiful.

Danny kissed her from her pant line up to her chest….he ran his lips down her neck to her cleavage which he kissed deliciously ….he gently pulled her up into his arms and unhooked the bra then he ran his bare fingers all through her bare back.

Just when he wanted to remove the bra totally Celines phone rang out loud, celine slowly withdrew her lip which locked to his

” sir

” mm

” it must be miss Christina

Danny smiled

” she has a bad timing

Celine laughed

Danny kissed her lips and carried her down from the stair and Celine ran towards her phone.

She carefully hooked her bra and picked the call.

Ahh Mrs Christina needs to be flogged he said to himself

As he walked out of the pool he took his towel and dried his hair as he sat down and placed his head on Celines lap Celine ran her hands through his hair as she called Christina back

“put it on speaker

” of course

” hello

” am done but I can’t send my assistant down she busy so just come to the air port

“ok “,She dropped the call

” do you know where that is ?

” not really where is the airport?”

” just stay here I will go get it

” really?

” just stay here

” ok

Danny kissed her and ran into the room he walked out few minutes later all dressed up and kissed her again as he entered his car and took off



celine stood up and faced the mirror behind her

She tucked her hair behind her ear as she looked at herself in a different manner ..

She touched every sensitive part of her body danny had touched ealier.

she stared at herself in the mirror while remembering the moment in the pool she smiled

” mom I want to commit this sin , its the only sin I will commit I promise..I won’t ever steal or do others.

I can’t wear your chain again I almost defiled it today if not for Christinas call.

i will remove it now so I won’t forget that am wearing it when I finally do it with Danny….

She tried unhooking the chain for the first time in her life since her mother placed it there but it was tight… She carefully remembered her mother’s words

” celine you are 15 so am placing this chain here my mother gave this to me, raise your hands up

Mrs eze placed it well

” from this place down is beyond limits for any kind of play with any boy or girl you are a woman

Celine smiled on this thought as she picked her towel

” to me as your mother this is a symbol of your chastity if I don’t see it that means you slept with a man , which is not wrong but shouldn’t be done wrongly ..your wedding bed shouldn’t be defiled.

” yes mother

” you must pass this chain to your daughter undefiled , it brings good luck and happiness …but if u Defile it it would bring you sadness so you can never have sex with any man while wearing this chain , not even your husband.

” mama trust me i promise you, you will always see this chain on my waist till I get married , i will surely get married a virgin.

” I know and I trust you already.

Celine smiled and stopped trying to remove the chain.

As Celine moved from the mirror

Miranda walked in

Celine turned and looked at Miranda in surprise

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