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Diana - S02 E05

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 5




I was taken to the police station like a market criminal. The worst of it all was that if I asked them “what did I do wrong?” their usuall and annoying reply is always “man, shut up for whatever you say or do will be use against you in the court of law.


We arrived at the police station and a young sergeant walked up to me, he wasn’t smiling.

Sergeant: I suppose you are Mr Idris?

Me: yes sir.

Sergeant: good, the inspector of police will like to see you.

Me: ahh, inspector? What did I do wrong again na?

I said closed to tears.

Sergeant: better shut up and follow me.



I entered inside the office with a sad look on my face. The office was designed nicely with a huge enlargement photos of the president, governor of river state, and chief of police staff all hanging proudly on the wall.

Me: good morning sir!

Inspector: good morning.

Please take a seat.

I took a sit before him and he ordered the sergeant to call a Detective.

Inspector: please go and call detective Musa to my office with immediate effect.

The sergeant left and came back with the detective. After their normall and annoying salutation, he took a seat and the detective began.

Inspector: clears throat so young man, what is your full name and where do you come from.

Me: sighed my name is Idris Mustapha and I am from……….

The detective quickly wrote it down.

Inspector: do you know anyone called Diana by name.

Me: yes sir.

Inspector: how is she related to you?

Na wow o, which kind useless useless questions be this for God sake?

Me: erm, she is my girlfriend.

Detective was busy writing everything that comes out of my mouth with a great haste as if there is no tomorrow.

Inspector: why I am asking you all these is because, Diana’s late Dad is my closest friend and now that he his dead, it is my sole duty to make sure that is daughter is fully protected. About a week ago, we heard that she has been missing by a concern citizen. We started our investigations which lasted for days but all our effort in finding her was futile. However, we were able to get little and useful information, we found out that she has been living with you before her parents got killed and she was still staying with you before her disappearance. further investigation also revealed that you were the last person that she was with before her disappearance is that true?

I was visibly shaking as I knew where he was heading to..

Me: sir, I am not responsible for her disappearance, please sir I am not responsible.

Inspector: I earlier asked you a question. I asked that were you the last person with her before she disappeared.

Me: y,ye,yes sir.

I stammered in truth. Truth is, they have gotten a lot of information about the case and lying to them is gonna complicate my matter.

Inspector: detective Musa.

Detective: sir..

Inspector: take him to the interrogation room for more questioning.

Detective: yes sir.

He said and led me to the interrogation room. I thought the interrogation room is a room where they will ask me questions and I will answer but my thoughts where proved wrong when another detective came out from nowhere with torturing equipments in his hands.

What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of DIANA.

brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.



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