Twins Adventure - S01 E64

3 weeks ago

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Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

By : Confucius

Later in the day after they both had their bath, mama c provided Joy with a jean trouser and a black polo. After that she took joy out into the land of Canaan.

It was now in the day that Joy was able to full understand that this place is really a big ghetto with nothing nice to say about it.

Joy : I never thought such a place exists in this city.

Mama c : Don’t always look down on this place. Don’t worry you will get used to it.

Joy : I don’t think I will.

Mama c : why you talk like that?

Joy : Remember I said I will leave here after a week.

Mama c : Then where will you go, your village?

Joy : If everything goes well, I will go to another town, that nobody knows me.

Mama c : Well I nor get anything to tell you than say na your life anyhow you one use am, u Dey free.

(As they were still walking all of a sudden they heard two gunshots from a not too distant area from where they are..

It came as a surprise to joy when nobody reacted to the sounds of the gunshots, as if it was a normal banger that just sounded. )

Joy : wasn’t that a gun shot?

Mama c : Yes.

Joy : Then why is everybody so relaxed.

Mama c : oh in Canaan, everyday at least two or three gunshot Is usually heard, if there is no gunshot a day, that means you might have accidentally entered another place, and you are no longer in Canaan.

Joy : So they just shoot guns upward whenever they like.

Mama c : (laughs) Anything they want to shoot they can

Joy : even a person .

Mama c : If you have deep grudge with the person.

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