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Twins Adventure - S01 E63

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 63

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

By : Abraham Lincoln

Prince c : (laughs) which empire be that, just this small house where you manage build.

Mama c : You don build anything since you come out for this my belle.

Prince c : I never grow finish I still dey young.

Mama c : (laughs) You were the hairs for your anus don already rust finish never grow.

Prince c : Mama just tell who she be na,nor be all this one.

Mama c : How many times I go talk am, na my daughter, so na your step sister.

Prince c : But you black, she fair.

Mama c : Na now I know say, those weeds were you dey smoke nor good for your brain, so you nor know say if I know fair ,the papa fit be the one wey fair.

Prince c : OK, I understand, but why e be say na now she go just appear, where she Dey since?

Mama c : She Dey with her idiot papa, who e never too tey where e Lego go the other side of the world.

Prince c : Eyah ‘, he don die, I for like see am before.

Mama c : Wetin you won see am for

Prince c : I won confirm, this small super story wey you decide to tell me today.

Mama c : Anything you won believe, go believe, Wetin I know be say she be my daughter and she is off limits.

Prince c : I will get to the root of this(he walked closer to joy and kept staring at her, he lifted his hand and spread his palm as if to slap her. Mama c was about to say something, when his spread palm suddenly found its way on the weed on the table, he packed a handful of weed and ran off).

Mama c : (shouting at the direction he ran off) Bastardized son of a bastardized farther, nor come back this house again for straight one year or I go cut you, roast you and eat it like sugar.

Joy bend down and picked some of the weeds that fell on the ground, she further surprised Mama c a little when she started to help her fold the weeds into paper.

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