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Mama femi look so nice to me,I felt like a daughter at that moment due to her warm treatment towards me…

It took her 20mins before she finished plaiting my hair….wooah I looked at myself in the standing mirror, with the six allback she made for me I was even more prettier than when my hair was packed….

Mama Femi:hmmm…you are so pretty..

Me:thank you ma.

Mama Femi:you welcome,now tell me about you.

Me:hmmm…it a long story…I took time in narrating everything to her,the accident, my ordeals at aunty Stella’s house,and how I finally to this big mansion….

I could see her sympathising with me….

Mama Femi:sorry dear,you really went tru alot…she held my hands tight…

Tears was flowing freely from my cheeck,she used her handkerchief to wipe the tears..

Mama Femi:you don’t need to cry dear,just endure and u will surely scape through…and I also promise to be there for you no matter what…

I looked into her eyes,she look so innocent I hugged her and thank her….

Me:but what about you ma,why are u here..don’t u have children?

Mama Femi:of course I do have …have been working here for 20yrs now…

Me:wooah 20yrs?…..surprised

Mama Femi:yes dear…she smiled

Me:hmmm…that means u enjoy it here..

Mama Femi:yes dear,my children are all abroad, so I see no reason leaving this job when I have no one around.

Me:hmmm…alright ma

Mama Femi:go and shower,put on your uniform…when u done meet me at the kitchen..

Me:yes ma

She pat me on my back and left the room….I went to the bathroom and shower, put on my uniform… It was exactly my size…as if they already measured me before sewing the uniform… I ran downstairs and met mama Femi,joke and nkechi in the kitchen…


Nkechi&joke: thanks dear.

Mama Femi:wooah u looking good on this your uniform oo…..

We all laughed at the joke…..

Mama Femi and nkechi took time to teach me so many things….. And also the basic rules and instruction guiding the kitchen ..and even me as a maid…

Mama femi:now that you have understand your work in this house…what you need now is endurance…


Nkechi: yes endurance…

Me:but why?

Nkechi: keji it is only those that have the ability to endure that can live here…

Mama Femi:keji,Nkechi is right…so you have to be a good girl so as to avoid trouble…

Not still satisfied with the answer,and still can’t fathom why everyone is talking about endurance, that was the same thing Ahmed said the other day….

Me:ok ma,thanks….

We discussed alot of things and I was surprised how they know most of the things going on in the house…..

Me:but how do you know that I was coming to this house?

They both laughed at my question…while I kept wondering if It was a joke I cracked or a question…

Mama Femi:see you,don’t you know whatever is been discussed in that sitting room is echoing here in the kitchen..don’t you know wall have ears too….

Me:wooah so you mean you guys can hear whatever they are saying in the sitting room in the kitchen?

Nkechi: yes oo,that’s how we do grab information…..

We all laughed….

I was so happy being with mama Femi and Nkechi…. They are just too fun to be with….at that moment I forgot my sorrows and felt good with mama Femi. .

I just hope it last ….I said to myself…

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