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I was still staring at the pics when I saw two bodyguards urshering someone in….I quickly stood up cus I was sure it would be chief Mrs ….wow she was actually the one,she was so beautiful.. Infact her skin was radiating money.. She wore a very expensive lace,and her necklace was pure gold…wow this my new boss is money itself….immediately she got down from the stairs and to the sitting room the bodyguards cleared the way for her……she sat down on the big sofa..and I quickly greeted her to avoid any disrespect cus even her presence alone was making me shiver,I could not even look into her eyes….

Me:good afternoon ma.

Chief Mrs:afternoon…taking a good look at me from head to toe…her you the girl from Stella?

Me:still looking down….yes ma.

Chief Mrs:and are you sure u can work?,cus u look too fragile to me.

Me:I can work ma.

Chief Mrs: hmmm…ok.

She pointed to the bodyguard beside her.

Chief Mrs:Charles.

Charles:yes ma’am.

Chief Mrs:summon all the workers we have a new recruit.

Charles:yes ma’am….. And he made his way outside…

Chief Mrs:what do you say your name is again, and pls stop Bowing your face ,I dont tolerate shyness look up and talk to me like you are really ready to work…. I could sense a bit if harshness in her tone…I quickly adjust my head and looked straight into her eyes….

Me:my name is keji ma.

After some while all the workers where all present including Ahmed the driver and mama Femi the maid…all the workers were close to 30….

Chief Mrs:good afternoon everyone…

All:afternoon ma’am.

Chief Mrs:keji introduce your self to the workers

Me:I was a bit shy but I took the courage…. Good afternoon everyone, my name is keji,will be working as a maid here..

After I introduced myself the workers took turn in introducing themselves…even though I can’t remember most of them name…

Chief Mrs:as u can all see,she is going to be our new maid,she will help in assisting mama femi,nkechi and joke….so you guys should all treat her well,if she offend any of you pls report her to the disciplinary officer…

Nawa o,so disciplinary officer dey again, issokay..I said in my mind…..

All:yes ma’am.

Chief Mrs:you call all dismiss… But mama stay behind….

All:yes ma…..they all marched out except mama Femi who was asked to stay behind….I just stood there like Mumu waiting for the next action…

Chief Mrs:keji this mama Femi she is the chief maid in this house,so she will show you to your room,and teach you all the necessary procedures,, understood??

Me:yes ma’am.

Chief Mrs:mama Femi give her the uniform..

Mama Femi: ok ma’am.

Ahh nawa o,so nah uniform I go dey wear all the days of my life,hmm..instead of a lab coat and gonna put on a maid uniform… It is well…

Chief Mrs:that reminds me ,keji is your hair natural hair?

Me:yes ma.

Chief Mrs:you are not allowed to pack your hair here, it has to be plaited,, so mama Femi help her plait the hair to what ever style… I don’t want it that way…

Mama Femi:yes ma.

Chief Mrs stood up and she was escorted by the body guards to her room…..

Mama Femi:smiling …come let me take you to the room..

I stood up and followed her…we got to the entrance of the room…she opened the door…the room was very neat and clean… It look like an hostel room, there are 4 bunk beds there,a small plasma and DVD player.

Mama Femi:have your seat dear..

Me:thank you ma….I sat down on one of the beds..

Mama Femi:she have a very beautiful eyes.

Me:huh..smiled back thanks.

Mama Femi:you are welcome dear..have you ever worked as a maid before?

Me:not really,…even tho I was not officially a maid At aunty Stella’s house I was still like one…I said in my mind.

Mama Femi:hmm ok…let me make your hair…and you have to tell me about you if u don’t mind…she smiled……..

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