Destiny Revealed - S01 E15

2 years ago

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I woke up checked the time it was still 5am,I could not sleep,my mind kept reflecting on what has been going on in my life since the death of my family, I wept so hard,I remember aunty Stella’s statement that my parent death is the end of my dreams, I knew with the way she threatened nurse titi she won’t come for me again.

I thought of running away but I don’t have where to go,how I wish I know where nurse titi stays, I can’t even find my way to the hospital, so many things kept running on my mind, I later made up my mind to copy nurse titi’s number from aunty Stella phone and call her in a call centre, ah thank God I have #50 left with me,I was a bit happy and later fell asleep……

I woke up again around 5:30am ran to the sitting room to carryout my plan,luckily for me aunty Stella phone was on the centre table,I was so happy,I picked up the phone went to her contact list checked for nurse titi number but I didn’t find any name tga match,I was so scared and confused, I remembered she called nurse titi yesterday, I went to the call log it was then it occurred to me that she has deleted nurse titi number.. Wtf!! I was so disappointed and sad,i just sat down on the couch thinking of what to do now that my plan has failed, it was then I knew I was really spared to suffer…

I started my house chores as usual,as quick as possible I arranged the house,cooked breakfast, bath the kid and got then prepared for school,I was about taking the children to school when aunty Stella came our of her room.

Me:good morning ma..

Aunty Stella:morning

Me:I was about taking junior and Angela to school ma.

Aunty Stella:no prob,be quick about it cus am also going out….

Where this witch dey always see go self Mtcheew…I said in my mind.

Me:OK ma.

I came back 30mins later,aunty Stella was not in the sitting room,probably in her room cus her car is still in the compound….I went to the kitchen served myself the egg and bread I made and ate,I was about packing my plate when I saw aunty Stella coming out of her room,she wore a crazy Jean and a top,always looking pretty sha….

Aunty Stella:I want to meet my aunty at VI,I won’t be late ok.

Me:ok ma…

Few min later she drove out of the compound….

I was happy I knew I will have time to rest,cus whenever she is around she is always bringing unnecessary work…

I went to my room,took my bath,wore my cloth and went back to the sitting room,sat on the couch, still thinking of how to get to nurse titi,cus she is my only hope for now….

I remembered the name of the hospital, but I can’t just recall where it was located,God his could I be this daft,….I decided to ask musa maybe he will have an idea,I went to the compound and saw musa dancing to an hausa song…

musa Is really without worries….I cleared my throat and distracted his attention to my side,on seeing me he smiled and off the song…

Me:weldone o,because madam no dey abi.

Musa:walahi keji,you get am koo…he smiled revealing is Brown teeth as a result of goro..

Me:smiled back…musa abeg I wan ask u something oo

Musa:looking serious….wetin be that keji…

Me:musa abeg u know any hope hospital and the place wey he dey?

Musa:wallahi keji me I no know….

Me:with disappointment written on my face, no prob musa thanks.

Musa:but keji y I dey ask.

Me:musa don’t worry… I stood up and left before he kill me with questions…

I was so unhappy,I wanted to leave aunty Stella’s house,I was so desperate to,nurse titi is my only option,but I don’t know how to get her…

What do I do?

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