Destiny Revealed - S01 E14

1 year ago

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Three days after nurse titi visit,I was still debating if u should discuss it with aunty Stella or not, I was so scared to face her,cus she have turned me to her punching bag,she is always beating me at any available interval, I was confused and scared to tell her, but I really want to apply for this nursing school, I can’t remain like this,I really have to act fast and the form will soon close….I later made up my mind to discuss it with her when she get home that evening… I quickly did all the necessary house chores so as to avoid trouble…

She got home around 6pm day, I welcomed her as usual and asked her if she was ready to eat,she said no that she will call me when she needs me,I turned my back was about going when I summoned the courage to talk to her about it….

Me:aunty Stella,I want to discuss something with you ma.

Aunty Stella:ehn ehn,what’s that?

Me:hmmm…..nurse titi came here the other day ma…..

Aunty Stella:cuts in….and so?

Me:hmmm,she came to inform me about the nursing form..

Aunty stella:what has that got to do with me?

Me:I just want to beg you to pls assist me in getting the form ma..

She flew up from the chair…I trembled…

Aunty Stella:are you crazy?… Which stupid form ehn.

Me:I was scared,but ma u promise to help me gain admission to a nursing school ma,so the form is out…looking down…

She came closer and gave me a very hot slap…gbosaa…

Aunty Stella:am not giving you any d--n money okay,…you are not going to any nursing school… And as for that stupid nurse titi I will deal with her for poisoning your mind, because you are not getting any education from me,am feeding you,given you cloth and shelter, what else do you want ehn..

Me:seriously crying…am sorry ma.

She picked up her phone angrily and dialled nurse titi’s number and put it on loudspeaker…

Nurse titi:good afternoon ma.

Aunty Stella: idiot!! Keep your silly greetings…

Nurse titi:stammering… Wh–at ha–ppen ma.

Aunty Stella: so it is you that told keji to come and ask me for money for one silly nursing form ehn,what’s your own,are you are family ehn..

Nurse titi:am sorry ma,but ma I did the right thing, that girl has a dream,and I think we should assist her…

Aunty stella:assist who?ehn,see let this be the last time you call my number, and don’t ever step your stinky feet in my house again,idiot…

She hanged the call…..

I just stood there looking like a fool,crying seriously, I knew all my dreams have been drained, I felt bad…

She suddenly pushed me and I fell…

Aunty Stella:listen and listen good,you are not schooling, not in my house!! Your parent her dead so is your education, and I know what to do to you,now run to your room,idiot!!

I stood up in tears and walked to my room,I felt like commiting suicide, could this be real,my parent death has killed my dreams, oh God this cant be…I cried and cried till I fell asleep…….

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