Destiny Revealed - S01 E13

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What!! Nurse titi!!

I was so happy I ran to the door opened it and jumped on her,she hugged me tight and kissed me on my forehead…

Me:have missed you so much,you just abandoned me.

Nurse titi:taking a close look at me…keji what happen to your face and body.

Me:hmmm…started crying, it is a long story.

Nurse titi:what do you mean by long story…looking confused…

Me:forced a smile…..come and sit first nah.

Nurse titi sat on the chair still confused…

Me:what should I offer you?

Nurse titi:am ok…..keji what happened to you?

Me:in tears….is aunty Stella o..

Nurse titi:what about her.

Me:she has been maltreating Me….I took time to explain all my ordeals with aunty Stella in tears….

Nurse titi:surprised…I can’t believe aunty Stella could be so mean…but why?

Me:I still don’t understand, but it is obvious she has been hiding her real self.

Nurse titi:hmmm…she touched my cheek…dear you have to endure,you have to fight it,don’t relent ok.

Me:thank you ma. ….so what should I offer you?

Nurse titi:am ok joor…seriously.

Me:ok o if u say so.

Nurse titi:I have a good news for you,which is the main reason am here.

Me:really…what’s this good news o.

Nurse titi: the nursing form is out. …and you have to act fast cus it will close in two weeks time…

Me:haa….I don’t think that would be possible oo….looking down.

Nurse titi:she carried my face up and looked into my eyes…

dear all things are possible with God…its just 5k you can do it..

Me:aunty Stella won’t…. And after the 5k won’t I pay school fees….

Nurse titi:of course you will..just tell her first ok.

Me:I will tell her,I hope she agrees………

Kokoko kokoko…

Nurse titi:it seems someone is at the door.

Me:really,I didn’t hear oo.

I stood up ran to the door,I didn’t bother to ask who it was cus I know it would be aunty Stella,I opened the door saw her standing at the entrance,she entered and looked at me with a bad eyes but I looked away and close the door….

Nurse titi:welcome ma..

Aunty Stella didn’t reply her greetings,she only hissed and walked into her room…

Me:you see what am saying..

Am very sure she won’t pay for this form..believe me.

Nurse titi:just inform her first,and if she does not,I will.

I was relieved with what nurse titi said I stood up and hugged her,thanked her seriously.

Nurse titi:I should leave now.

Me:so soon.

Nurse titi:yes dear,I have a special patient to attend to.

Me:ok bye

She hugged me and left….

After her departure I was happy but at the same time sad when I remembered I didn’t ask for her contact or house address….

Oh God not again? could I forget to?……….

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