Destiny Revealed - S01 E11

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I tried to sleep but I could not,the previous scene kept displaying on my head,how could James be so heartless,so all this while the reason why he has been good to me is to get me on bed with him.

God!! How do I escape this now?,how do I defend myself?,aunty Stella won’t believe me,and I don’t have nurse titi number or know where she stays,or should I just run away?,no I can’t run away, I don’t have where to go,so many questions kept crossing my mind,I was in pain,I could not control my tears,what do I do now,I kept checking the time, I knew she would be back anytime soon….how do I face this?,…

James!!James!!..I hope u pay for this someday… I was still in thought when I heard aunty Stella drive in….

Me:yee!! God am dead… I could not control my tears at that moment, I knew I was finished cus she drove in roughly, I heard her open the door to the sitting room and banged it heavily… My heart skipped immediately… I knew I was finished…I heard her apologising to James…

Suddenly I heard my name…keji!!keji!…Chai I Don die…

I reluctantly stood up from my bed and walked like someone mourning to the sitting room…

Me:stammering y–es m–a.

I could see thunder itself in aunty Stella’s eyes,James was smiling devilishly I didn’t know James could be so heartless..

Aunty Stella:with an anger voice…keji how dare you?how could u seduce James for Christ sake,what came over you.

Me:with tears..aunty I swear, I didn’t do it.

James came close to me and gave me a very dirty slap…gbosaa!!..the slap sent me right on the floor .I could not believe James could lie against me and still have the gut to slap me…I held my cheek crying…

James:you are such a liar stupid prostitute.

Aunty Stella: I thought as much,right from the time u saw James d--k I knew u always wanted it ehn,you this b---h..

She came close to me and started beating me, I could not help it,I started shouting for help,but there was no one to save me,my mind flashed back to the very day I met this useless James, the day he saved my life,I never knew he could be the one to add more to my problem, I could see James smiling and encouraging Stella to beat me more, she kept throwing punches and slaps on me,i kept pleading and using my hands to guide my face,still she made sure her target was on my face, I started bleeding from my nose and mouth… She ran to her room while I lay down on the floor helplessly, she came back with her husband belt…wtf..I tried to stand up so I could run outside but James pushed me back on the floor, she rush down to where I was and used the belt to design my body,..

I kept shouting for help but no one could help me,she beat the living soul out of my body,I started begging weakly, I was about to worn out,I thought I was gonna die, then I heard a faint voice of musa begging from outside, he could not enter, cus he knows if he try to enter Aunty Stella will beat him join me…

I was so weak I could not even beg again,I was just rolling over the floor,the belt was just landing on my body non stop…

All of a sudden everything went black…….

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