Destiny Revealed - S01 E10

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I was happy and relieved cus i know I will have time for myself at least before she gets back, I quickly took my bath,put on a short mini skirt and a singlet top…I was so weak and tired so I decided to sleep….was sleeping when I heard a knock at the door… Who could this be nah ehn,just disturbing someone sleep, abi aunty Stella is back ni,I thought she said she would be back later in the evening, I reluctantly stood up from the bed and head to the sittingroom…the person was still knocking when I got to the sitting room..

Ko ko ko…ko ko ko..

Me:who is that?

Person: it is me James.

James!!! Wetin James dey find by this time nah,i looked at the wall clock it was just 12pm,haha did he want to say he did not know Aunty Stella will be coming late, why is he here so early….

Person:are u there?,open the door.

Me:am coming.

I opened the door and saw him smiling at me from the entrance…who dey follow this one smile now..Mtcheew..

Me:good afternoon.

James:still smiling.. How are you keji.

Me:am fine,didn’t aunty Stella told you she will be coming late?

James:yes she did,just felt I should come over and wait for her.

Mumu as u no get work nah.. Smh ..I said to myself.

Me:ehn ehn,come in.

James:thank you..

He sat on the chair and was staring at me in a flirtatious way, at first I thought I was gonna fall….

Me:what should I offer you?

James:anything cold.

Me:okay be right back.

I went to the kitchen brought out a glass cup and a 5alive drink from the fridge…went back to the sitting room,placed a stool at his front and poured the drink for him,as I was pouring the drink,I could sense his eyes moving all over my body, he was stating at my boobs,then I remembered I was wearing a singlet top and it was exposing the upper part of my boobs,I quickly adjust myself….

Me:I want to go and sleep,incase if u need anything u can call me,just call my name I will answer u.

James:common keji,don’t tell me you want to abandon me here till Stella’s arrival, common keep my company atleast.

Which kind stupid company be that,I resemble Stella ni….I thought in my mind..

Me:I really can’t, am so weak and I need to rest an sorry….

I turned back and was about leaving,then I felt a hand grab my ass tight…

Me:what!!!! James what’s the meaning of all this…I was so angry and I didn’t even know when I gave him a very dirty slap…gbosaa!!

Me:still angry… How dare you?

James:keji did you just slap me?

Me:yes and I will do it over and over again…

James: really…then watch and see..

I was like what am I watching and seeing,to my greatest surprise,James brought out his phone from his pocket and dialled Stella’s number and put the phone on loudspeaker….. God am finished my heart jumped immediately I heard the phone ringing, I didn’t know what to do I started begging James to cut the call but he refused…after ringing for sometime aunty Stella picked up the call..

Aunty Stella:hello baby boo.

James:don’t baby boo me.

Aunty Stella:what’s wrong.

James:everything is wrong,could you believe that stupid sister of yours tried to seduce me..

What!! Jesus I could not believe what I heard… James lied against me right in my presence,I could not hold back my tears,I was so bitter,I tried defending myself but I could not…..

Aunty stella:wtf…James are you serious?

James:do I sound like am joking ehn..

Aunty Stella:am on my way and she hanged the call…

I felt like the whole world collapsed on me,I felt like strangling James to death….

Me:James how dare you lie against me…how could you…in tears…

James:with a wicked smile.. That serves you right and he sipped his drink…

I was just dumb,I could not take it anymore,I ran to my room,I knew aunty Stella will finish me that night, but I don’t have where to go..

God what do I do????

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