Destiny Revealed - S01 E03

3 weeks ago

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The following day was a Friday I was already set,thanks to the nurses that dressed me up and got me ready,the nurses have been so nice to me,they liked me just between 3dayw I regained consciousness, they were always skilling at me,one of the nurse know as nurse titi was the one that got me dressed that morning….

Nurse titi:keji,am really gonna miss you.

Me:I will miss u too,I smiled.

Nurse titi:don’t worry ok,If am privileged to get madam Stella’s contact, I will always come and pay you a visit.

Me:had really appreciate that.

We both smiled and she left……

I sat on the sick bed waiting for aunty Stella,thought she said she would be here first thing tomorrow morning, how could she fail her promise, probably she is with of of her numerous sex partner,I thought… Then I heard the door open,it was aunty Stella,finally she is here….

Aunty Stella: sorry dear,I was stucked in traffic,hope you not offended.

Me:not at all ma,atleast am happy you are here.

Aunty Stella: let’s go now.

She helped me carry my bag, and when we got to the reception, she greeted the nurse titi and one other nurse at the counter….

Aunty Stella:nurse titi how much is the bill.

Nurse titi:150k ma.

She handed the money to her…

Nurse titi:thank you ma,please ma can I have your number?

Aunty Stella:with a confused face,but why?

Nurse titi:I just want to get close to keji,cus am really gonna miss her.

I looked at aunty Stella’s face she was reluctant at first but at last she agreed and gave her the number.

Nurse titi:with a smile,thank you ma.,I really appreciate.

Aunty Stella:no prob.

Aunty Stella held my hands and we walked out of the hospital, we got to where she parked her car,she opened the boot and kept my bags there,she told me to enter,I stood at the front of the door holding the handle,I took one more look at the hospital,shaked my head,and entered the car.she ignite the car and drove off,on our way to her house,I wasn’t myself,I could not imagine myself without my family,am not even used to staying with someone,cus mum and dad don’t want me out of their sight, but this is me now going to aunty stella’s house to stay,keji u re really in for it I said to myself…aunty Stella tapped me and shaked me off my thoughts.

Aunty Stella:with a confused look…are u ok?

Me:yes ma.

Aunty Stella:don’t tell me you are thinking again.

Me:no ma.

Aunty Stella: are you sure?

Me:yes ma.

Aunty Stella:don’t worry we are almost home.

She continued driving straight to Ikeja,Aunty Stella stays at Ikeja,have been to her house at many interval,she stays in a well finished 3 bedroom flat in ikeja,she drove straight and horned at a black magnificent gate,she horned again,the third time the gate was opened by her gateman popularly known as musa,i knew musa back then,a very funny Hausa man,whenever mum sends me to aunty Stella house,he always crack some not funny jokes for me,I will just encourage him by laughing… Lol..

Aunty Stella drove in,I knew when was angry because musa didn’t open the gate quick,i knew musa was in for it.

she parked the car,musa was running towards our side to welcome us I guess..aunty Stella got down from the car and welcomed musa with a very hot slap gbosaa!!!!… God even me felt the effect of the slap.

Aunty Stella: are you crazy?,are you deaf,dong u know have been horning for long.

Musa:holding his cheek,madam I no vec koo.

Aunty Stella:stupid cow,now f--k off.

Musa ran back to his post

At that moment I knew aunty Stella is not a gentle person, I started praying in my mind not to recieve that kind of slap ooo

Auntu stella:musa!musa!

Musa:yes madam,running as fast as he could to avoid another slap.

Aunty Stella: open that boot and bring keji’s bag inside.

Musa:yes madam.

He opened the boot and brought out the bag.

Aunty Stella: keji dear, let’s go inside.

Me:yes ma.

She held my hand and led me inside,and muaa was following us like a moron with the bag…..

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