Destiny Revealed - S01 E02

3 weeks ago

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I opened my eyes again, I knew I was injected with Diazepam injection,I felt my muscles ache,you will be surprised I knew the injection I was given,I was studying medicine before the terrible incident, I felt weak from inside and seriously hungry…..

Then I heard a female voice saying she is awake,I turned round and I saw the same doctor,this time around it wasn’t only the doctor he was also with a lady,I recognized the Lady immediately, it was aunty Stella,I was shocked and surprised, aunty Stella of all people, what’s she doing here,probably she heard about what happened that’s y she came over.Let me tell u a little about aunty Stella,she use to be mum’s friend back then,though mum is more older than her,she should be in her mid thirty, she has this model like shape,fair in complexion,very beautiful lady,you won’t even know she is a mother of two,I really don’t like aunty stella,though she does not know because I never showed it,I was always given her fake smile,have heard mum talk to her several times to stop her promiscuous life,Aunty Stella is a flirt, she is always defending herself that she has to do it because her husband is a traveller, but to me it is really bad,a married woman for that matter,I never for once prayed to live a life like that of Aunty Stella, it got to a stage I could sense mum was no longer free with her coming to our house especially when dad is around,mum is trying to secure her man I guess…Lol.

But seeing aunty Stella right beside me really suprised me,suddenly she interrupted my thoughts**********

Aunty Stella:keji dear you are finally awake,you have been on this sick bed for a month now.

Me:what!!! You mean have been here for a month?

Aunty stella:yea dear

I could not believe what she said,I can’t believe the fact that have been unconscious for a month now,God what’s happening to my life,so have been a month away from so many things,lost my family, education and even dream…..tears rolled down my cheek.

Aunty Stella: keji stop crying you need to stay strong my dear ehn….

She held my hand tight,the feeling of her hands wrapped around mine reminds me of my mum,mum use to pet me like that whenever am down,the feeling made me cry more cus I know I don’t have mum anymore,finally I opened my mouth…

Me:Aunty Stella, what has happened for the past 1 month since the death of my parent and brothers

Aunty Stella:my dear alot have happened after the accident, your dad’s family took care of the burial rite,the ad part of it is your dad family took over all his properties,leaving nothing for u.

Me:what!!! This can’t be, y should they do this to me,where they praying for father’s death.

Tears rolled down my eyes,at that moment I knew I was done for,no family, am now an orphan, with nobody, now the property that should have given me a bit of joy have been taken away, God where do I start from,I had dreams and ambition is this how it all going to die?I asked myself with tears flowing down my cheek, with tears in my eyes I looked straight at Aunty Stella who was looking at me with sympathy, at that moment I knew I had only her,but the question is,is she for real?,come to think of it,if my own relative could betray me,what of mum’s friend, God what if she do the worst I was filled with lot of thoughts, I thought of how my family have been my everything now I am an orphan,where do I start from… cleared is throat.

Doc:Mrs Stella,as u can see she is ok now,so she would be discharged by tomorrow.

Aunty Stella:no prob sir.

Doc:alright, excuse excise me please.

The doctor left….

Aunty Stella: Keji dear,don’t worry ok,am here for you ok.

I looked at her, is he for real?

Me:ok ma,thank you ma.

Aunty Stella: no prob,I have to go now ok,I will be back first thing tomorrow morning to pick you up.

Me:no prob ma,thanks.

She stood up kissed me on my fore head and and left.

Me:God is she for real?…..

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