Gift - S01 E33

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watched the two naked fools banging
from the window, they were doing doggystyle
and the supposed girl knelt on the high
bed and Gideon stood behind fu-cking
her hard and sweating like a dog. I hate
him, I wished I have potent charm to turn
his big kulikuli to impotent carrot, I jejely
waka go house in shame. After few days
I moved on, life too short to die for one
kulikuli when kulikuli full everywhere
as a fine girl like me. Gideon called several
times and came begging but I refused
to open door, Ezekiel became a domestic
pest in my life. Wahala everywhere, these
two guys were just terrorizing me everyday.

I nodey even come out again, one day
like that Gideon jam Ezekiel at my door.

I was watching movie then when I started
hearing loud shouts and curses.

Gideon’s voice: wetin you dey do for my girlfriend house?

Ezekiel’s voice: who be your girlfriend?

Gideon’s voice: na me you dey ask that kind question?

Ezekiel’s voice: yes, wetin you go do?

Gideon’s voice: fool, I go show you wetin I fit do.

started hearing bang sounds, I quickly
opened the door to see the two people
fighting themselves all because of my
sugar-pot, too much sugar dey there. Ezekiel
punched Gideon at his face and a cut
appeared on his lips, while Gideon lifted
him up and smacked him on the ground,
I just dey look them with arms akimbo.
Small time people gathered for their two,
and I quickly locked my door to avoid mumu
questions. After they were separated
somebody came to knock on my door
and I pretended that I didn’t hear, later
that Evening I went to buy something
from Klaus store when Abigail his first
daughter told me that Ezekiel’s mother
have been telling people that am a witch
that I have bewitched his only son, that
I should break the curse. I no blame the
woman sha. Gideon didn’t leave me alone
pestering my life with calls and even going
as far as sending people to beg me in
school, I just confuse oh. After our third
term examination I was returning from
school with Anne when some girls confronted
us on our way, they were three in number
and they looked like bad girls the way
they were chewing gums.

Girl1: Bella, na this ashewo dey drag your Gideon with you?

Girl2: na she oh!

Girl3: na small pikin na, make we re-design her face for her.

Me: abeg oh! I no drag any person boyfriend oh.

Anne: who be your boyfriend?

Girl2: Gideon, I no wan see you near am again. Or I go just break your small small legs.

was scared like hell, those girls weren’t
looking like joker at all, I called Gideon
to inform him. To tell his girlfriend to leave
me alone, he refused picking and I decided
to go to his house to tell him face to face.

I wore a gown when I went there, I met
him at home watching movie. He was
so happy to see me, he started begging
me again that he can’t live without me.

I told him to tell his girlfriend to leave
me alone, instead the idiot was telling
me he doesn’t have any girlfriend like
that. He locked the door and started smooching
me, I tried pushing him away but he inserted
two fingers in my pu-ssy, “oohh” I mo-aned
as he fi-ngered me so fast and licked
my earlobe. He quickly brought down my
pa-nt and raised my gown up, he turned
me and I backed him. He shoved his hard
kulikuli and started pressing my bre-asts,
oh gawd.. He started banging me, scattering
my sugar-pot, pressing my breasts in
my bra, knacking me. Devouring me like
lion, making me to mo-an out loud, I was
just shaking and enjoying his kulikuli.

He shot his spe-rm deep inside me and
collapsed on the bed, I was so angry with
myself that I wore my p-ant and left without
saying a word. Why can’t I resist se-x
move? When my dad heard of two guys
fought in front of our house because of
me, he took me to my aunt’s house in
another State. Our Elder say is only the
owl sounds that reminds people that darkness
is a friend of no one.

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