Tales By The Brothel - S01 E44

4 weeks ago

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Rita called me two days later in the evening around 7pm and informed me that she was infront of my apartment.

“Ok give me some minutes,” I replied and dropped the call.

Within 10minutes, I drove down to my apartment and saw her standing infront of my door.

“Wow welcome dear,” I greeted on getting close.

“Thank you,” she replied.

I unlocked the door and we both went in.

There wasn’t time for any introduction or long talk as I gently grabbed her shoulders and spun her round.

Then the kiss began and she didn’t resist.

We kissed and kissed and kissed drinking uncontrollably from the fountain of eachother’s saliva yet we didn’t stop.

Our clothes were soon lying on the floor and my d!ck stood firm and strong.

The urge was too strong for me to endure and I drove into her pu$$y raw and direct without c0nd0m.

The softness of her vag!na wrapped round my d!ck gave me endless pleasure as I plunged in and out with reckless abandon.

Before I knew what was happening, the sensation rose to the zenith of unattainable pleasure and I released.


Rita slept in my apartment that night and left very early the next morning.

We fkd all through the night, sweet and raw, feeling eachother skin to skin without any barrier to our pleasure.

By 5am she woke up and went into the bathroom to have her bath.

By the time I woke up around 5.45am, she was dressed and ready to leave.

I gave her N30,000 and she was happy and excited.

“Thank u so much my love,” she greeted hugging me.

“You’re welcome dear,” I replied. “See you someother day,” I added.

She gave me a very long kiss after which she bade me goodbye and left.

The time was 6.00am when she left…

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