Tales By The Brothel - S01 E42

4 weeks ago

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The saturday came and as early as 7pm, the senator’s wife parked infront of my apartment waiting impatiently for me to come back.

She had earlier called me to inform me that she was on her way and I picked and replied that I was in my apartment waiting for her.

Finding her way to my apartment wasn’t difficult as I gave her the details of how to get to my apartment once she got to our division.

She called me as soon as she arrived but I picked and told her that an emergency came up and I rushed out to attend to it and would be back within the hour.

So she waited for me patiently inside her car.

I came back an hour later and found her still seated in her car waiting for me.

“Baby you kept me waiting,” she complained as soon as I got back.

“Sorry dear,” I apologised. “I went to answer my superior,” I explained.

She gave me a warm hug and together we walked into my apartment.

We started kissing as soon as we got to the sitting room.

The passion, the lust, the urge and the desire was all in the kiss and we continued.

We undressed ourselves as we kissed and soon stood stark naked before eachother.

Her b00bs stood perfectly in its position though not as firm as it used to be due to age.

Her love triangle had sparse hair growing their and my fingers soon reached for the cleft inbetween the inner lips.

I soon found her vag!nal orifice and inserted one finger, then two, then three as she moaned with pleasure.

“Oh baby,” she gasped leaning her b00bs on my chest and grabbing me tight as I teased and tickled her cl!toris.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as I continued the teasing and tickling.

She grabbed my d!ck and stroked the entire length of the s---t from head to base.

I felt the tension rise in me as I carried her into my bedroom, lay her on my bed, parted her legs and plunged into her pu$$y with all the agility and expertise passion could muster.

The first round didn’t last long and within 3minutes I ejaculated my load into her pu$$y…


We lay side by side eachother after that and gradually recovered our breath.

“Baby where have you been?” She asked breathing heavily.

“At work,” I replied still panting.

We cuddled eachother afterwards and the passion soon returned and my d!ck started to rise again.

Without wasting time I entered her and the second round got going.

This round lasted for like 20minutes as I pounded her on and on till I ejaculated my c-m into her pu$$y and lay on top of her out of exhaustion…

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