Tales By The Brothel - S01 E41

4 weeks ago
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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 41

I didn’t know whether to pick the call or ignore it.

Since that last escapade which General Obianodo got to know about, I haven’t set my eyes on the senator’s wife talkmore of calling her on phone.

I had maintained my distance all these while perfectly and without bias.

She hadn’t called me too so I believed she had taken note of the situation and adjusted accordingly.

Why all of a sudden she was calling me was what I couldn’t understand.

I was very much aware that picking the call could put my job on the line and spell endless doom for me but I still wanted adventure.

I still wanted mature pu$$y and some millions in the form of cash.

So I decided to pick.

“Hello,” I replied on picking.

“Yes baby,” the senator’s wife replied. “I’ve missed you so much baby. Baby please where have you been?” She asked like she didn’t know of everything that transpired.

“I’ve been at work,” I replied with a matter-of-fact tone.

“What about this saturday baby?” She asked sending my mind thinking anew.

“What’s happening this saturday?” I asked pretending like I didn’t know what she was driving at.

“3million baby,” she replied. “Just for the night,” she added.

The amount struck my medulla again like it always did and I succumbed.

“Do you have any hotel in mind?” I asked squinting my eyes.

“Yea I was thinking of Barcellos hotel,” she replied. “What do you think baby?” She asked.

“I think my apartment will do,” I replied not willing to risk any other mishap.

“Wow that would be nice and cheap,” she commented. “And because of that your cash is now 3.5million,” she added.

I smiled when I heard 3.5million.

There was one jeep I had in mind to buy and the 3.5million was more than enough to buy me the jeep.

“Saturday then,” I concluded.

“Ok baby,” she replied and hung the call…

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