Tales By The Brothel - S01 E40

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The medicine man laughed long and hard after I explained what happened to him.

“I thought as much,” he said still laughing. “We shall solve the problem once and for all today,” he declared.

“Thank you baba,” I greeted in advance.

The baba smiled.

He went to the backyard and came back with an egg bigger than the normal chicken egg I used to see everywhere.

“This is the egg of an ostrich,” he said. “Call her name three times,” he directed.

“Her name?” I asked a bit confused.

“Yes now,” the man replied. “Call her name three times right now,” he directed again. “I’m waiting,” he added.

“Ijeoma!” I began. “Ijeoma!! Ijeoma!!!”

To my greatest shock and surprise, Ijeoma’s spirit appeared immediately.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I never knew such was possible till that day.

“Taaa!!!” The medicine man shouted and broke the egg before Ijeoma’s spirit.

The spirit vanished and never reappeared again.

That ended my sleepless and restless nights of terror.

I drove back to my state of assignment after the medicine man had silenced Ijeoma’s spirit feeling a great deal of relief and happiness.

I was finally free from the torment and disturbance of the stubborn spirit.

I got to my division late in the afternoon and sneaked into my duty post without detection.

I had begged a junior colleague to cover for me so my absence wasn’t noticed.

Around 7pm in the evening I drove down to my apartment feeling very tired and exhausted.

I had barely parked my vehicle and was walking towards my apartment when my phone began to ring.

I put my hand into my pocket and brought out the phone to see who the caller was.

Behold it was the senator’s wife calling…

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