Tales By The Brothel - S01 E39

4 weeks ago

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I got to my state of assignment late in the evening of that same day and headed directly for my apartment.

I wanted to get everything over with Ijeoma and her tormenting spirit so I didn’t waste time.

I felt my pocket for the powder which was wrapped inside a white handkerchief and confirmed that it was there.

Then I parked my vehicle, locked the doors and walked into my apartment.

I had the solution to my problem in my pocket so I was ready to meet the problem and solve it.

My sitting room was well arranged when I got inside and this was strange as I didn’t arrange it when I left in the morning.

No other person had the key to my apartment so I couldn’t turn my suspicion to anyone.

Then the thought of Ijeoma filtered into my mind.

Was it possible that she was the one that arranged my sitting room for me? I couldn’t tell.

I went into my bedroom and undressed down to my boxers in preparation for my night bath.

I took my towel from the rack on which I hanged it the previous night and tapered towards the bathroom.

I swung the bathroom door open and marvelled at what I saw.

Ijeoma’s spirit was calmly taking her bath inside my bathroom regardless of my presence.

She didn’t even move or shake as would be expected of someone barged into while bathing.

I gently closed the door and ran back to my room to get the powder wrapped inside the white handkerchief.

Before I got back to the bathroom, the spirit had disappeared and there was no spirit to blow the powder on.

I stood at the door of the bathroom perplexed.

As I turned to go and return the powder in my room, I saw the spirit again.

This time it was walking into my bedroom.

I hurriedly untied the handkerchief and went after the spirit but by the time I got to the bedroom, it had disappeared.

I stood for some time in anticipation that the spirit would reappear but it did not.

Tired and disappointed, I turned to go back to the bathroom and have my bath but saw the spirit walk into the bathroom in front of me.

With speed I dashed towards the spirit but the spirit disappeared before I got close.

I knew at once that the powder wouldn’t work with the way the spirit was disappearing and reappearing.

The spirit had to stay long enough and have the powder blown on it which was quite impossible with Ijeoma’s spirit that was disappearing and reappearing like it had prior knowledge of what I was about to do.

I spent the night in my friend’s apartment out of fear and waited impatiently for daybreak to embark on a return journey to Benin and explain to the medicine man the difficulties I encountered in trying to use his powder…

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