Tales By The Brothel - S01 E38

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It became obvious that I needed to see a native doctor when Ijeoma’s torment continued and became unbearable to the point that it began to interfere with my job in the military.

Her allegation that I killed her was another mystery that I couldn’t understand or was it possible that spirits suffer psychiatric illness too?

I had no answers to the questions and it bothered me.

The only native doctor I knew was the one Waziri took me to for Odeshi and I wasn’t sure if I could remember my way back to the shrine.

Waziri was three states away from me and I didn’t want to bother him with my current predicament.

I decided to go to Benin alone and search out the native doctor myself.

The way to the shrine was fussy in my mind but I believed that in one way or the other I would be able to find my way.

I got to Benin early in the afternoon of the next day and after lots of trial and error and questioning of people I met on the way, I located the shrine.

One glance at the amulet round my neck and the medicine man recognised it immediately.

“You’ve been here before?” He asked smiling.

“Yes I have,” I replied smiling back. “I have another problem,” I revealed without wasting time.

“I know,” the man declared cutting short my untold story. “I knew you were going to come,” he continued marvelling me the more. “Your late girlfriend has been appearing and tormenting you of recent and you came to find out why.”

I was stunned by the oldman’s revelation of everything that had happened recently in my life even without telling him anything.

“Yes dibia, that’s why I came,” I replied. “And she’s accusing me of being the cause of her death,” I continued not hiding anything from the man.

The medicine man burst into laughter after I completed the last statement which terrified me more than it amused me.

I stared at him with fear and terror while he continued laughing unperturbed.

“Your late girlfriend is very angry with you,” he revealed after his long laugh had come to an end.

“Angry with me?” I asked looking confused. “For what?” I asked to clear my confusion.

“Your uncontrolled promiscuity is the main cause of her anger,” the medicine man replied sending my heart into cardiac tachycardia. “And most especially with married women,” he continued. “That’s the one she couldn’t endure and decided to torment your life till God knows when.”

My mouth was wide open with shock as the baba reeled out the revelation.

“Please what do I do now?” I asked with great concern.

“There’s one powder I’m going to give you,” the man replied. “When you get to your house and she appears, blow the powder on her and she will forever stop tormenting you.”

I stood up and thanked the medicine man profusely, dropped some cash into a bowl for the spirits and left immediately with the powder to embark on the return journey to my state of assignment…

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