Tales By The Brothel - S01 E37

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“Blessed Jesus!” I gasped as soon as I saw her. “You’re dead!” I shouted pointing at her with terror in my eyes as my legs trembled.

Ijeoma turned and laughed at me.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

It was my Ijeoma; nothing different.

My dead Ijeoma.

My Ijeoma that died in a ghastly motor accident whom I saw her corpse lying in the mortuary very clearly was sitting in my sitting room by 2am midnight.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and my legs grew weak; too heavy and too stunned to run.

“What did I do to you?” She asked frightening me the more with her question. “Why did you kill me?”

The question hit me like the atomic bomb U.S dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki all in Japan.

“I didn’t kill you,” I gasped trembling. “I didn’t, please I didn’t,” I continued. “Please you’re dead! Go back to the spirit world please, go back to the land of the dead please ” I begged still trembling.

“Was that why you killed me?” Ijeoma asked again nearly causing me a heart attack.

The whole scene and apparition was too much for me to bear so I ran out of the apartment and towards the gate wearing only my boxers.

A soldier returning at that time saw me and slowed down.

“Colonel Onose what’s the problem?” He asked on recognising me.

“Ghost!” I replied hurrying past him.

“Colonel Onose wait!” He commanded and I stopped immediately. He was my superior and deserved maximum respect ghost or no ghost.

For no reason whatsoever were you to disobey a superior. Those who dared in the past faced unbearable punishments too painful to endure and had learnt their lesson the hard way.

“What did you say is pursuing you?” He asked again to be sure he heard me well.

“Ghost sir,” I replied still panting.

“Where?” He asked.

“My apartment sir,” I replied.

The man kept silent for some time deep in thought. It was obvious that he was wondering whether I was going crazy or not or whether I was under the influence of marijuana or the likes.

“Ok enter my vehicle let’s go and check it out,” he suggested.

I hesitated momentarily before entering the vehicle. We got to my apartment and both of us entered with him leading the way.

My room was empty with nobody inside and my spartacus movie played unperturbed.

An erotic scene was showing on the screen and the Brigadier general muffled a smile.

“Where is the ghost?” He asked facing me.

“She has gone,” I replied trembling.

“Hmm, a she?” He asked looking surprised.

“Yes sir, a she” I replied.

“I guess you were only hallucinating,” he concluded walking towards the door. “There are no ghosts here,” he affirmed.

“Please sir can I pass the night in your apartment?” I asked shivering.

“Don’t be stupid!” The man barked aggressively. “You’re military for God’s sake! Stop behaving like an idiot!!” He fumed and stormed out of my room.

I stood rooted to the spot utterly confused of what to do.

“Was that why you killed me?” I heard Ijeoma’s voice asking from inside my bathroom.

I fled my room instantly and ran to a friend’s room who was also a colonel…

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