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* *

I was lying on the bed when I felt Malama Aisha straddle my back. She began massaging me. ‘Ahhhhh, Aiiiisssshaaa, that feeeeels soooo swwweeeet’, I saying between moans. ‘You liiiike it?’, she asked.

‘Ahhhhhhhh, ah loooovvve it, you are so sweet’, I responded.

She continued by massaging my a$s and my balls. She asked me to lay down on my back, and I did, now facing her. She was still straddling me. I noticed she was still in clothes and I was surprised. ‘Why are you still in your clothes? Take them off!!’, I commanded.

She got up slowly and was trying to take off her clothes. She was putting on an ankara skirt and blouse and veil covering her head and shoulders. She took off the veil and was about taking off her scarf when my phone began ringing.

It rang the first time. I ignored the phone but continued watching her trying to take off the scarf. She just stopped with her hands on her scarf like a movie that was paused. I was expecting her to continue taking off the scarf but she didn’t.

My phone started ringing a second time and I still ignored it. I sat up on the bed watching her. She still had not changed her position. My phone stopped ringing.

I was starting to wonder what had happened to her. Was she electrocuted??? Was she having a seizure??? But if she’s having a seizure, she should be jerking……

I was still having those thoughts when my phone began to ring a third time. Suddenly she turned towards me with bloodshot eyes, and like a movie that was suddenly ‘played’, she screamed, ‘Pick up your fuuuuckkking phone!!!’

:o Huh??? WTF!!!

I jumped up from my bed and realized that I had been dreaming. Shiiit, my phone was really ringing. I checked the caller and realized it was Malama Aisha……

Me: Hello…

MA: Ah an, Dioxidane ina kake??? (Where are you?)

I looked at my wristwatch and saw that it was already 3:30pm, ‘Shiiiiit!!!’.

Me: Dan Allah ya kuri, ina zua yanzu yanzu (Please I’m sorry, I coming right now)…

She: Tor, dan allah ka sawuri… (Please be fast)…

Me: Tor…

I quickly got up and was about putting on some clothes when I realized I was sweating. I went to the bathroom and had a shower before I left for her place.

On my way there, I realized that the weather was beginning to get cloudy. ‘D--n, I hope this rain doesn’t plan on falling today o’, I thought.

I got there and she was already waiting for me outside. She gave me the keys to the car and we began our journey to Kano….

On our way to Kano, I noticed she wasn’t talking to me. I was wondering if it was because I was late. Or maybe something happened at home? I tried asking her if all was well and she told me she was fine.

I tried involving her in a conversation and she told me to concentrate on driving.

Na wa o, I no fit talk and drive again???

I had a feeling something was wrong, but I couldn’t just place it.

We got to the airport at about some minutes past 6pm. It was still raining heavily there and everywhere was cold. We made inquiries concerning the flight and we were informed that the flight was for 6am the next day.

:o WTF!!!

She called her cousin, and she confirmed it. This was becoming a dilemma. We couldn’t possibly go back to Katsina that night and come back the next morning.

She decided that we lodge in a hotel close by. We got to the reception and she paid for two rooms. We went to the restaurant to have dinner and I noticed she was still not her normal cheerful self.

Wetin dey do this woman sef :-\

I again tried asking her what was wrong again, but she said she was fine. After dinner, I told her I was going to my room and that if she needed anything she should call me……

It was already past 10pm. I was chatting with some friends and browsing when I got a whatsapp message from Malama Aisha…

MA: Dioxidane…

Me: Ma…

MA: What are you doing?

Me: I’m browsing and chatting…

MA: Chatting with your girlfriends?

Me: Lolzz… Just friends ma…

MA: You mean to tell me you don’t have a girlfriend?

Me: I have… Hope you are feeling better now…

MA: I’m fine, it’s just that…

Me: That what?

MA: Nothing…

Me: I’m not privileged to know, right?

MA: It’s not that…

Me: Then what?

MA: I’m not sure I can say it. In fact I’m not supposed to even be thinking about it.

Me: Thinking about what?

No Response

Me: You there?

MA: Ok, let me just say it.

MA: I think I have feelings for you…

Me: Ukandu!

MA: What’s that?

Me: It’s just an expression of surprise..

MA: I know it’s surprising, but most times, I always think about you passionately…

Me: What about your husband?

MA: You know he’s not usually around and I’m a woman…

Me: I really don’t know what to say…

MA: Dioxidane I’m cold…

Me: So sorry… Use the blanket na…

MA: Dioxidane, please can you do me a favor?

Me: What is it ma?

MA: Dioxidane stop calling me ma, you are making me feel very old…

Me: Oh, sorry ma…

Me: I meant sorry… So what’s the favor you wanted?

MA: Can you come to my room?

:o Chisos!!

Me: It’s late already, and I’m feeling sleepy…

MA: Dioxidane, please…

I stopped replying her. So many thoughts were running through my head. I knew if I go to her room, I would definitely straff her. No negotiation. Do I go ahead and straff her? Do I chill in my room? This is critical situation. I began hearing the voices of my partners in ‘crime’…

Micheal: Dude, trust me, this is going to be super cool. Old wine tastes better, you know

Prince: Nna mehn, you dey dull o. Make I come help you run the matta? If na me, if I no straff am, make I suspend for air…

Usman: Walahi, Dioxidane, dis kind women dey sabi straff o…

I was still hearing those voices when I heard a knock on the door…….


There was a knock on the door a second time. Suddenly, I heard my mother’s voice in my head…

Mum: Dioxidane my son, please don’t do this… I know you’ve never known any woman… I know you are still a virgin… Please don’t start your life like this… Remember all I told you before you went for service…

In my mind, ‘mumsy, iffa hear… E be like say you no know me again o… Me wey don spoil tay tay…’

Suddenly my phone began to ring and the knocking continued. I checked the caller and realized it was MA. I didn’t bother picking the call, I just went straight to the door, opened it. She walked in and I shut the door…

Jeez!! :o I was stunned!! You know what they say that if you want to see the real beauty of a woman, you take her swimming? Well, I feel the basic principle there is the fact that all ‘make-ups’ or ‘make-downs’ get washed off and you get to see the real person without artificial enhancements.

Obviously MA just had her bath ‘cos she was looking and smelling so clean and fresh. Right then and then my previous lust for her resurfaced. I just felt like licking her whole body. Her lips were looking so soft, supple and irresistible…

:'( Chai, Father, this temptation is too much for me to bear o… It’s like I would fall just once more o… :'(

Unknown to me, I had been starring at her for some seconds. She had been talking to talking to me and I had not responded.

MA: Snaps a finger in front of my face Dioxidane, are ok?

Me: :o Huh?? Oh, I’m so sorry, it’s just that you look absolutely lovely ma…

She had a slight smile on her face…

MA: Thank you Dioxidane. But why do you like calling me ma. Call me Aisha… Besides, I’ve been knocking, you didn’t open…

Me: I’m sorry, maybe I didn’t hear the knock…

She said she was bored in her room and cold that she just needed us to talk.

So na only talk sef :-\

She sat down on one side of the bed, crossing one leg over the other, causing her dress to ride higher on her thighs and giving me a nice view of her wonderful legs while I sat beside her.

I was so taken in by her smashing beauty. We just sat there talking about everything and nothing.

I still don’t know what she said, or what I said, but I know that she suddenly tilted her face up to look me in the eyes and smiled.

Without thinking about what I was doing, I brought my lips down to hers and kissed her passionately. The intensity in which she kissed me back took my breath away.

Both of her hands held my head, as mine drifted lower until they were filled with the smooth feel of her waistline.

Our kiss seemed to go on forever before she gently broke away and sat up. Her eyes held mine and I could see an almost pleading look in them.

Without saying a word, she got up, standing at the foot of the bed and then turned towards me. She gazed steadily at me as her hands untied the straps of her dress, then with one hand she lowered the zip on the side that went from the armhole to her hip.

The dress slowly slid down her body and lay in a heap at her feet. My jaw dropped open. With the dress on the floor, she was standing in front of me wearing a black strapless bra that unhooked in the front.

Her dark rock-hard ni*pples were clearly visible through the gauze-like material of the bra. Her panties were of the same material with her bra, revealing her slender hips and a neatly V-shaped trimmed bush at her punana.

I was still sitting on the bed, so amazed at her pristine shape. I was so crazily turned on that I was fumbling with the buttons of my shirt, trying to undo them.

She suddenly pushed me inward and I lay on my back on the bed. I was still fumbling with my buttons when she slapped off my fumbling fingers away and carefully finished undoing the buttons.

I tried raising myself up, my arms on her hips, and she pushed the shirt off me. She got off me a little bit and pulled off my trouser…..

:o Chisos!!

My mamba was already on full swing mode. It was so hard and smoking hot and it was trying to burst through my boxer short. She was straddling me and she began kissing me. She was trying to take control of the situation. I was not used to that. I was usually in control of the straffing, except of course in bizarre situations.

We were still kissing when I gently pushed her and laid her on her back, with me wedged between her knees. I was back in control.

Her hands ran through my hair as I kissed my way down her neck until I was kissing the top of her boobs while my hand found the clasp of her bra and unhooked it.

Leaning back slightly, I watched as the two halves separated and her boobs spilled free with just a slight sag to them. Her ni*pples protruded out and she let out a whimper when my lips made contact with them.

Jeez, her nipples were so freaking hard. My thumbs danced lightly over her nipples before lifting her left leg up enough for me to run kisses from her ankle to her knee. I repeated this with the right leg but continued kissing up the insides of both her thighs until I reached the junction of her punana.

When she felt me reach for the waistband of her panties she raised her hips and legs enough for me to pull them off. With my head between her thighs, I grabbed each of her ankles and placed her feet to my shoulders.

Her knees parted wide, giving me a full view of her neatly trimmed p---y. Her outer lips were lightly covered with hair and her inner labia was prominent, her c--t larger than most.


Slowly I began to run the tip of my finger along the crease between her thighs and pu*ssy, working my way down to the crack of her ass, then back up over her m---d.

I gradually worked my fingers over her hair covered outer lips, until I finally slid it between the folds and into her slit.

I stretched my left hand over her boobs and slightly pinching her ni*pples. Two of my fingers were now bleeping her furiously while my other hand was still smooching her boobs. Multitasking at it’s peak.

I finger bleeped her for all I was worth.

‘Waiyoooo, waiyoooo, warshhhhh’, she wailed, as her body began to spasm and she clamped her legs against my hand……..

My mamba felt like steel. I raised myself enough that I could look at her in the face.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’, I asked, to avoid stories that touch.

‘Dioxidane, please make me whole again’, she murmured.

‘Be careful what you wish for’, I whispered.

I quickly went to my jean and brought out the condomizing agent from my wallet and condomized my mamba.

I went back and knelt between her legs. Our eyes locked as she reached out and guided my mamba to her punana, her feet on my as$ pushing me gently forward.

:o Chisos!!!

My mamba was suddenly engulfed in a heat like never before as it buried itself into her tight channel.

I could not move as her legs held me pressed into her with surprising strength while my balls rested firmly on her upturned a$s.

Her mouth was open but no sounds came out as we watched each other. She loosened her leg’s grip and I was able to move again.

I pulled almost all the way out before slowly sliding all the way back in, repeating this for several minutes.

‘Waaaiiyooo, waiyoooo, waiyoooo…’, were just wails I was hearing and that made me increase my tempo. I smashed my mamba faster and faster as she t----t up to meet me heading toward the ultimate bliss. After several minutes of smashing, pounding and grinding, she reached hers first.

‘Waaaiiyooo.. Waaaiiyooo… Don’t stop… Don’t stop… Don’t stop…’, she repeated over and over.

I was still smashing her as I watched her head roll from side to side; her wide opened eyes had a wild look in them as her mouth s----d in great gulps of air.

The pressure from her feet on my a$s increased and forced me to smash into her harder and harder.

‘Waiiyooooo… Waiiyoooo…. Waiiyoooo… Waiiyoooo… Warrrshhhhh,’ she screamed.

Her legs tightened around me, pushing my mamba in as far as it would go and her punana clamped around it like a plier.

I could no more hold myself. Jet after jet of my juice erupted forcefully from the head of my mamba into the CD.

I was fuuu*cking spent! My arms could no longer support me and I collapsed on her gently.

We stayed in this position for some time, her legs loosely wrapped around me with my slowly deflating mamba still buried in her.

After some minutes, I grudgingly went to the bathroom to clean myself up and dispose of the used CD.

I sat on the bed next to her still reclining body and stared down at her. Her feet were on the floor and half of her ass was off the edge of the bed, but somehow she looked completely relaxed.

I looked deep into her eyes, expecting to see signs of regret, but only saw happiness in them as she stared back at me. Stretching out on my side facing her, my legs dangling off the bed, I lightly drew small circles on her skin starting at her navel, and working steadily up to her chest, careful to avoid touching her over sensitive ni*pples…

‘You are a badt boy, so this is what those girls have been enjoying’, she muttered shaking her head.

She turned on her side to face me and began running her fingers lightly through my hair.

‘I told you to be careful what you wished for’, I said.

She drew me closer and began kissing me again. Before long, mamba was activated once again…


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