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* *

The next day, I went to see Malama Aisha at her office. After discussing normal CDG matters, we started talking about others stuffs.

Walahi, this woman na ‘gister’.

We were gisting like we had known each other for long. She told me her husband was a medical doctor and he worked at Yola. He usually came back about once or twice a month and sometimes she went to visit him. They had a kid who was with her in Katsina. She asked me about myself and I told her. We really talked at length.

After that day, I was beginning to lose my lust for her. I had never wanted to have anything to do with married women. I wasn’t going to start now.

She on the other hand, became increasingly fond of me. ‘Dioxidane, Dan Allah (please) come and help me to fix this…’ ‘Dioxidane, come and help me to get this…’ I was getting used to receiving those kind of calls from her.

In my mind, ‘ah an, this woman, I be your house boy ni???’. But since I was getting free foodstuff most times and I get to use her car when running those errands, I really didn’t mind. Besides I was in a ‘foreign’ land, and I needed all the allies I could get.

Meanwhile, Zainab and I had resolved our issues and continued our thursday rendezvous.

I was typing an article on my laptop one evening when my phone rang…

Me: Hello…

Caller: Dioxidane, it’s me Rejoice…

Me: :o Ohhh, how you doing? What happened to your phone?

Rejoice: Dioxidane please I’m outside your gate…

Me: :o Huh What happened??? Uhmm, don’t worry I’m coming…

I went to the gate and invited her in…

Rejoice and I usually talked whenever we met during CDS meetings. She had been at my place just once. I didn’t know if Sandra (her friend) told her about what happened between us. But I doubt if she did, ‘cos girls rarely ‘kiss-and-tell’.

She told me Sandra went to visit her boyfriend and there was no one in her lodge. She couldn’t stay alone and she didn’t have anywhere she could go that was why she came to my place.

In Osofia’s voice This is a case of giving a goat a tuber of yam to keep and expecting it not to eat it…

Truth is, I wasn’t really interested in straffing that night. I had a deadline to meet and I still had a lot to do.

I told her she was welcome to stay, but I could not keep her company because I was busy. She said she understood and that she just needed somewhere safe to stay for the night.

I transferred some movies to my tab and gave her to keep herself busy.

By default I have a folder where I save romantic movies (to watch when in the company of ladies). It was from that folder I unconsciously sent movies to my tab for her to watch.

I was busy banging away at my keyboard when I thought of asking her if she’s had dinner. As I looked towards her, I realized she was already looking at me. For how long? I don’t know.

She quickly took concentrated back on the movie she was watching.

Me: Sorry I forgot to ask you… What would you like for dinner?

She: What were you planning on eating?

Me: I wanted to drink garri :-\…

She: Laughs

Me: Seriously, what would you like? Would you boil rice? There’s stew…

She: Ok, lemme go and prepare it…

I was about going to show her where the stuffs were in the kitchen when I realized she had already gotten up and was almost at the kitchen. ‘Some girls really know their way around the kitchen’, I thought. As I saw her walking to the kitchen, I totally forgot the last line I was typing.

:o Chisos, see ukwu

I quickly reminded myself of my resolve not to straff that night.

You know what ladies do when they know you are attracted by something on them? Yeah, they fvcking flaunt it!

That was exactly what Rejoice was doing that night. Ah an, how many times you go enter kitchen na???

She was frequenting the kitchen several times, ‘cos she knew I would look at her when she went.

Mamba was already responding to brain signals. Chai, I get work to do o :'( …

It was already 9pm. I still hadn’t completed the article I was writing. I was beginning to have writer’s block. Ideas were flying off my head. Or was it because I was getting hungry???

Me: Come, is the food not ready???

She: Ah an, Dioxidane, see how you shouted at me?

Me: Huh??? Did I just shout now???

She: You did…

Me: No vex abeg…

She: Or is because you are hungry? Don’t worry, it’s almost ready…

Me: Ok…

She did something I didn’t like – telling me I was shouting at her. I didn’t shout at her. Or did I??? I was confused. I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore. I just placed my elbows on the table and placed my hands over my face…..

I was so lost in thought. I didn’t even know when she got up and stood behind the chair I was sitting.

She: Dioxidane, are you ok?

Me: Huh??? Uhmm, I’m fine..

She: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, I’m just kinda tired…

She: Then rest a bit…

Me: I have to complete this article tonight…

She: Wait lemme get this for you…

As she was saying that, she placed both her hands on my shoulders, massaging them and I began twitching my neck.

Jeez!!! It felt like divine relieve. I felt like I was in a massage parlor and that the feeling I was experiencing was going to extend to my back and you know… Clears throat

I was still having those thoughts and enjoying the feeling when suddenly…

She: Shiiit, the rice is burning…

Me: Quietly Fvck!!!

She swung her a$s to the kitchen and after a while came back with the meal. We were eating when I thanked her for the meal and told her I wouldn’t have had the strength to prepare anything to eat that night and she told me it was nothing.

Me: Wait o, did you study physio-therapy?

She: Laughs Why do you ask?

Me: The massage you gave my shoulders was awesome. I felt relieved almost instantly, thank you…

She: Smiles I used to work as masseuse…

Me: :o Really??

She: Yeah…

Me: No wonder, you did that so well…

She: Thanks…

Me: Licking my lower lips Ehmm, I kinda have some pain in my lower back o… Is there anything you can do to relieve it?

She: Why not? That’s my job. Or it used to be my job… Don’t worry, let’s finish eating…

Me: 8) 8)

The thought of a hot lady like Rejoice giving me a private massage (in my room) sent electric brain wave signals to my mamba and it was beginning to activate itself.

:o Wait o, I said no straffing this night na!!

I quickly ate up and told her I had to complete that article before the massage and she said it was fine by her…..

I left her still eating. Some girls dey chop sha, and e no dey show for their body I continued typing the article as ideas came rushing in. I guess I was positively motivated.

She continued her movie when she finished eating and I was still banging away the keyboard. After about an hour, I completed the article, and I placed both hands over my face as I feigned stress.

I noticed her coming behind me repeating the shoulder massage she did earlier. The awesome feeling came back. She asked if I wanted the back massage now and I just nodded my head.

She took my hands and I stood up. She took off the b-ball top I was putting on and asked me to take off my knickers.


I took it off and was left with just my boxer shorts. She asked me to lay on the bed and I dutifully complied. She asked if I had any body oil and I pointed to my cosmetics rack.

She got the oil and she began rubbing it into my shoulders and working her way down my back. She worked it in deep at my lower back and I moaned slightly. It felt so good.

I really had some pain in my lower back. Perhaps it was due to the weights I had been lifting.

Her hand began to edge just beneath my shorts and onto my a$s when she suddenly said, ‘shhhiiiit’. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn’t want to get oil on her clothing.

She asked if I could help take off her top as she had oil all over her hands. Understanding the situation, I agreed and rose to help remove her top.

I suddenly realized I would get to see her in her bra.

:o What’s this babe up to???

I slowly took off her top, not wanting to stain it with her hands. Her boobs were semi-covered, but large enough to be pushing up out of her bra.

I was trying not to stare but her boobs looked so pristine. She didn’t seem to notice, but asked if I really wouldn’t mind helping with her shorts as well. She was putting on a brown 3/4 shorts. I told her it wasn’t a problem.

:o Lie of the century!!

Of course it was a problem!!! I had already tried suppressing the urges of my mamba after ‘sight-feasting’ her bra covered boobs and now this??? Plus I didn’t plan on straffing that night???

This was indeed a major issue…..

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