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“Laura are you a virgin?” I asked fearing the
worst. But instead of answering me, she raised
her hands and covered her face and her

To say the least, I was shocked. Who would
have thought or believed Laura was a virgin?
All those sultry dresses, the rude talks, the
uncut tongue, the flirting she had with guys,
the “Mrs know it all” posture she exhibited
when it came to matters involving sex and all
that. How do one reconcile all the characters
she exhibited and the fact that she is still a
virgin? Or perhaps she was just insecure and
found solace in making others feel inferior to
her by acting like the baddest girl ever liveth?

I was still deep in thoughts with my d--k
beginning to shrink. She must have felt it
shrink when she finally wiggled her waist
under me saying “Just go ahead Fury”
“Where you ever gonna tell me?” I asked
disappointed that she kept that from me.

“There’s no way you would have believed me
and you know that Fury” she managed to say
with her palms still covering her face
sounding like a scared 16 years old girl. I’ve
never seen Laura this vulnerable before.

In truth she had a point, I wouldn’t have
believed her if she had told me. “So why did
you choose me?” I asked still not sure if I
should proceed
The question surprisingly made her raise her
voice pushing me off her body saying “god,
Fury lemme alone”. Then turning her back to
me as she faced the wall on her side of the
bed, she folded into a scared little girl. Then
with voice that suggested she was about
sobbing, she said “I wanted it to be with
someone I loved and who really loved me.
Everyone that came around me all seemed
interested in my body or money. But you never
as much gave me a second look. I never knew
it would be you, but somehow I had wished it
would be you when we became close and how
you treated me cos I was already tired being a
virgin. But right now Fury, you’re making me
feel not wanted with all your questions. More
like I made the wrong decision, I dunno”. As
she finished, it was now obvious she was
actually sobbing.

To say the least, I was touched by what she
just said. I was really in love with her, but my
problem at that point in time was
remembering my frist time experience with a
virgin. I was one myself and she had actually
lied to me she wasn’t so I was sure she’ll
guide me. Only to discover she was and didn’t
even know what to do like me. She had
continued pushing me back while moving in
pains and I couldn’t stand the sight of her in
pains and ended just cuddling as we both
slept off. We only finally succeeded on our
next trial after about a month, with her
insisting i just go right ahead. I wasn’t willing
to experience that again. But right now, I had
no option if I didn’t want her to be on the first
bus to Ph the next day.
“Laura” I began, moving closer to her and
holding her shoulder as I turned her to face
me. I could see the tears as I continued “I’m
very sorry if I’ve made you feel not wanted
with my questions, just that I feel so honoured
you chose me and don’t know how to express
my joy. I love you too, and I mean it” after
saying this I bent my face down and our lips
met in another passionate kiss.
Breaking the kiss, I smiled at her reassuringly,
but her next question was “So will you fvck me

Blushing, I responded “I’ll make love to you”
But she replied “fvck me” as she rose up and
pulled my face back down for another kissing
session. As we kissed, I föndled her boöbs
with one hand while my other hand went down
south as she spread her legs open for me.

Then she grabbed my d--k which was partially
lump and stroked it back to life.
When I could feel how hard I was with the way
she held my d--k like a vice, I move between
her legs, as she also spread them open for
me. Guiding my d--k at the entrance to her
now wet p---y entrance, she whispered “Just
go gently”. In my head I was like “Are you not
the one demanding to be fvcked a few minutes

“I don’t have any intention of going hard my
love” I said kissing her as I began to push into
her. When I finally got to the membrane, I
paused my push and gave her a kiss. And as
though she knew what would come next, she
closed her eyes tight as we kissed. It was at
this point I gave the final push and felt the
hymen give way as my d--k went halfway
inside her hot p---y. She actually did moan
out into my mouth as she fought hard not to
scream out loud. While she held unto my
back, I didn’t move and waited for her to get
used to the new feeling of having a d--k in her

Then about a minute later, I broke the kiss
and began to pull my d--k out. When the tip of
my d--k was left inside, I pushed back in
slowly. As I pushed back in, perhaps in a bid
to stifle her moaning, she bit my colar bone.

Initially I didn’t feel enough pain to bother
about dislodging her mouth and kept on
thrusting with only about 2/3rd of my length
going in before I pulled back out. As I did this,
she kept holding on to me with her hands
wrapped around my back and her teeth on my
colar bone. Not until the next day did I feel
the pains left by her teeth.
Not until she finally removed her mouth from
my colar bone and began to relax somewhat,
did I realized the sensation she felt was no
longer pains, but now released with pleasure.
Wrapping her arms around my neck, she
pulled me down for a kiss and I obliged her.

She began to lift her ass up to meet my t----t
halfway and I took that as the sign to begin to
fvck her like she had demanded initially.

Satisfied that she was now ready for pounding,
I lifted my body off hers, took both her legs
and placed them on my shoulders and began
to take longer and faster thrusts. Her p---y
though wet, still gripped my d--k so tight I
knew it’ll only be a matter of a few minutes
before I came.

As I kept pounding inside her, she would move
her hands as though she was trying to push
me back, but each time I attempted to slow
down, she would quickly move it to my ass
and pull me in. The way her boöbs formed a
heap on her chest moving up and down as I
t----t into her, added to my arousal, hence
bring me much closer.
Just like the lock and key model in an enzyme
catalyzed reaction, her p---y was obviously
designed with my d--k in mind because it
fitted in properly. But of course, enzyme
catalyzed reactions tends to lead to products
quickly, so despite wanting this to go on
forever, I felt my c-m begin to flow out as I
made one last push. Making sure I was buried
balls deep into her, I emptied my tank inside
her, shooting ropes of hot c-m as far as they
would go.

She was just full of smiles, as she experienced
the thrills of someone cümming in her for the
first time. She just kept on rubbing my ass. I
wasn’t ready to pull out of her just yet, so I
press her laps open and collapsed on her after
showering her with kisses. My d--k kept
shrinking in size until it finally pulled out on
its own with me rolling over to her side.

Wrapping my hands all over her as I cuddled
her, I whispered “I Love you Laura” into her

“I know baby”. She said back to me moving in
“Its been a long while love, there’s no way I’ll
last longer. Hope you’re not angry?” I asked
“You did just well mt love. Better than I
expected. Besides, we still have the whole
night and 4 days more” she said before
kissing me.

Thank goodness for the air conditioning
system in the room, I was sweating like no
mans business. I just couldn’t stop feeling the
body of this girl that I love so much. We
remained that way laughing and telling
ourselves all the sweet things we knew before
I fell asleep in her arms. The wait in the park,
the journey and the effort I just made a few
minutes ago finally took its toll on my body.

I later woke up much later in the night to see
us in a spooning position with my d--k erect
and trapped between her ass crack. Pulling
the sheets over us in a careful bid not to wake
her up, I went back to sleep.
Around 5am, the call to prayers from the
mosque around the area woke me up, but I
realized she was up already and looking into
her phone, while still in the spooning position
with me.
“Good morning beautiful” I said as I rose up
and gave her a peck.
“Good morning baby” she responded, while
adjusting her ass crack back to feel my erect

Cupping her boöbs briefly and giving them
light massages, I stood up and went into,the
bathroom to wash my mouth and empty my
bladder. Returning to the bed, we started with
a kiss, before I ended up cümming in her
again, only this time I lasted longer. She still
didn’t cüm.

We watched a movie on my laptop together.
Later ended up showering together and ended
up in bed again. I made use of my fingers and
took her while she was on all fours. I not only
lasted way longer, she experienced her first
penetrative orgäsm then.
We left the room around 10am after showering
again for Frank’s place. We had breakfast
there, and spent the remaining morning with
him gaming. His younger bro had already left
for Obudu earlier that morning and he told us,
our classmate (the girl he met during my time
in the hospital, lets call her Tracy) was on her
way to Calabar to visit him. Laura had looked
knowingly at me, because same girl was
smitten with her boyfriend in the same faculty
with us.
She arrived somewhat around 1pm, and Frank
had gone to pick her while we returned to our
hotel room agreeing to meet them for dinner
later in the evening.
As soon as we were behind and the door
safely locked, we began to rip each others
clothes off.

While Laura and I spent the remaining days at
the hotel, Frank and Tracy were together at
his place, with us meeting every other time
when we could and in the evening. Laura and
Tracy left for Ph together on Friday. Laura had
decided to extend her stay.
In all those times, we fvcked with or with
protection. I travelled back to Ph a week after
Laura left, we still fvcked like rabbits before I
travelled back to Lagos. I returned back to PH
for my project defense and once again, Laura
and I made up for the time we missed each

About two months later, Laura came to Lagos
for my elder brother’s wedding. Mom was
surprised to see her and gave me the knowing
look that she knew what was going on. And of
course, we made out when ever we could for
the 5 days she stayed.
Then a month later as we prepared to go for
NYSC, I was contacted from school that my
name wasn’t on the mobilization list. I quickly
travelled down to school, but had to put up
with friends as I tries to sort myself out. I
discovered I had a missing result from a 300
level IC borrowed course. Geez, how I hated
that department and all its lecturers. My result
wasn’t found and I was told I’ll have an extra
Laura was on hand to keep me company and
comfort me. But I also notices she wasn’t her
normal vibrant self. More like something was
bothering her. But each time I asked her if she
was ok, she say yes, she’s just worried about

On the last night before I left back for Lagos
after sorting myself out (which involved
spending some good money, thanks to Laura
who helped out), she put me in a hotel and
made love to me. Though I had sorted the
problem, I had already missed going for
service with my set. In the morning she gave
me a flight ticket scheduled to leave by 11am
and kissed me goodbye, leaving me in the
hotel room.

Though I called her to thank her for the
assistance and that I had arrives home safely,
that was the last time I heard or saw Laura
again. Her numbers stopped going through,
she had never been a fan of Facebook so her
account couldn’t provide much. Cindy kept
insisting she knew nothing until about three
months later when she opened up Laura had
traveled out of the country.
Not only was I hurt and broken, I also felt
resentment for her. “How could she do that to
me?” I kept asking myself. Months later, I
went for service and met Dolapo, who opened
up a new chapter in my life. Though I cares so
much about Dolapo, I was never gonna love
her the way I did Laura. I couldn’t give my all
anymore and get hurt again, and thank
goodness I didn’t cos about 6 months later,
she opened up about being in an arranged
political marriage to a guy of same faith with
her. Though I had pretended hurt and kept
away from her for a few days, so as no to give
her the impression I didn’t really care, she had
pleaded saying she loved me but I should

Then on my way to Obudu, I met Laura at the
airport looking all different. Legendary dreads
all gone, skin looking polished and all. But of
course how could I fail to recognize a girl I
claimed to have loved that much? I guess
since she had chosen to disappear from my
life without warning made it impossible for me
to expect her to just reappear. Besides, i never
thought she could do away with the

So yea, before you begin to wonder how I’ll
just meet a former classmate and fool around
with her in a plane, we both have a long
history together. And that’s the reason she
acted the way she did when she heard about

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