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Standing back up she turned to face me, asking “So what do i offer you?” Adjusting her shirt by pulling it down a little more, while revealing more cleavage she continued “There’s p---y, boöbs and fried rice in the kitchen!!”

How she was able to maintain the serious look on her face after saying that, i don’t know but i could barely hold back my laughter because i was just so shy she could say such. Even though I’m not a saint or novice to bedroom discussions, i had not met a girl that was so raw or creative with the use of words in the bedroom. This is the same girl that dropped the clichéd words for the female genitalia and called hers a “cockpit”. I tell you what, i was loving it and not knowing if i would ever meet a girl like her, i decided to continue the game.

“I guess I’ll take the first two dear, we can add the wine to go with them” I held up the wine to her while controlling my laughter. Thank goodness for the music playing, she could have heard my heart pounding. I was still shy as hell, but my erectiön was something else already in my jean.

Busting out laughing herself to my amazement (perhaps at her own boldness), her next statement was “god, fury i cant pretend again, I’m soaked” as she then fell on me and our lips met. In seconds, we were locked in a very hot kissing session as lips s-----g, tongue licking, mouth bitting, boöbs föndling, belt and buttons undoing, and clothing being thrown at different directions all went on simultaneously.

Without wasting any more time, my hands groped her boöbs again through her bra as i began to föndle them with everything i had, while at the same time her hands got busy stroking my d--k through my jeans as we kissed. I had left her skirt and panties on.

Now while i was just turned on from the little play she had just put up and her outfit, she was obviously turned on right from when (ever) she conceived the idea. And like i later got to find out, she’s been hörny right from the last time we fvcked.

Standing up, i struggled to get myself out of my tight jeans untill I was finally left in my boxers. But while i tried to get out of the jean, she picked up the wine which was still cold, popped it open and took a sip directly from the bottle. Then just as i went back down to resume kissing her, she took another sip but this time around, held it in her mouth while pouting her lips indicating i should kiss her.

Kneeling in front of her while she sat on the bed, as soon as our lips met she let the wine in her mouth run into mine which i drank willingly until there was no more wine left in her mouth. Then I began licking her lips and s-----g her tongue which both still tasted like the wine.

When i had enough, i decided to do what was on my mind when I got the wine. I picked up the bottle and poured some quantity of the wine on her boöbs which were still clad in her bra, wetting her bra and watching the wine flow through the middle down to her belly button and into her skirt.

She moaned out and shivered as soon as the cold wine hit her boöbs and i wasted no time as i started licking her cleavage and nipplës through the material of the bra. Pulling the bra under the boöbs, she held my mouth in place as i alternated between the nipplës while i licked, bit and rolled them with my tongue. At a point the bra had seemed to be an obstruction and she moved forward, pressing her boöbs into my face and unclasped it.

When i had enough with the nipplës, i started to lick down. Starting by lifting and licking under the boöbs, i made my way down to her her bellybutton. Now the wine had already dried up, but the taste and scent of it was still on her skin. While my tongue was on her belly, i moved my hands under her skirt as i began to caress her thighs. Going up a little further, i pressed and massaged her swollen p---y lips through her panties which was already soaked.

Finally i held the panties and began to pull with her lifting up her as§ for me temporarily as i removed the panties. It was soaked at the crotch area by her juices while the top was soaked and stained by the wine. I also noticed she had shaved the few hairs that were sprouting as at the last time i came calling. It was now bald, same with her skin colour and shinning, just the way i liked it.

Pushing the skirt up her tummy, i spread her legs apart as i began to lap her p---y from bottom to top ending just right over her clitoral hood. While i did this, i saw her reach for the wine bottle, took some gulps and swallowed before pouring some quantity from her mouth just right over her p---y. Again l licked up everything before finally parting the swollen lips apart and drove my tongue into her opening to get a taste of her musky p---y juice.

I was lost as her p---y scent mixed with that of the wine, filled my nose which was just rubbing over her c--töris as i wiggled my mouth in her p---y. Holding her as§ cheeks, i began to tongue fvck her and she in turn fvcked my face back as she moan. Then i felt her hand reach for the back of my head as she began to caress me, while also holding my mouth in place. Lost in the mixed scent, my eyes were shut when i felt her pour more wine unto her p---y again. Again, not opening my eyes, i drank the quantity i could mixed together with her juice, before going up and licking her c--töris real good.

Then removing my mouth from her p---y, i replaced it with my right index and middle fingers and began to finger fvck her with them. With every t----t, I curved them upwards, in a bid to make sure they rubbed against her geespot.

Going back down, I licked and kissed her c--töris with my tongue and lips while my free left hand went up and grabbed her brëast. As i finger fvcked her, my tongue worked on her c--töris while my other hand ran through her boöbs, föndling, massaging and tweaking her nipplës.

The pleasure and pressure on three of her top erogenous points namely her geespot, c--töris and nipplës all at once was driving her overboard as could be noticed in her breathing which was now ragged and the way she moaned and thrashed on the bed.

Bring out my middle finger from her p---y, I slowed down the finger fvcking and decided to try something i hadn’t done before. Coating my middle finger with her slick juice, i moved it over to her rosebud, swirled and coated it with her p---y juice before I gently slid the finger inside her butthole.

“Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm ahhhhh” was all i heard as she flooded my fingers with her female juice. Her butthole being intruded by my finger did the trick this time around. The grip her butthole had on my finger as her vagee wall contracted around my index finger was just unbelievable. At that moment, fury became envious of my middle finger.

Licking her up untill she was dry, i stood up and removed my boxers. Then returning into a Kneeling position next to her face on the bed, i held my d--k and rubbed it around her mouth, coating it with my pre c-m. All the while she rubbed her p---y and her c--töris.

Then picking up her head with my left hand, i pushed my d--k into her mouth. Her lips immediately parted as my d--k wet into her soft but warm mouth. I watched in pleasure as her lips surrounded my d--k like a vice while she bobbed her head, taking my d--k in and out as fast as she could. With closed eyes, she hungrily s----d on my d--k while also vigorously rubbing her c--töris.

As she s----d on my d--k, while also stroking her c--töris, she started moaning like she was crying with muffled sounds “Mmm Mmm Mmm”. Now because i had sex with Fay earlier in the morning, i wasn’t close to shooting. Though the grip i had on her head wasn’t all that strong, i still found it expedient to fvck her mouth untill i heard her gag and cough.

It was at this point she pulled my d--k out and breathed in and out fast. As she held my d--k, i moved my hand down rubbed her p---y, inserted two fingers inside before pulling out and s-----g on them. Then i asked her to turn around.

Moving and kneeling on one foot behind her, i lifted the skirt up on her waist, held her waist with one hand and placed the head of my d--k on her p---y. She in turn spread her legs and pushed her as§ back towards me while i rubbed my d--k head up and down her slit. After making sure i had coated my d--k head with her juice, i pushed in one fluid t----t in a slow and steady manner till i touched bottom.

“shït” i managed to say because her p---y was so tight like I’d never been there before. Or perhaps because my erectiön seemed bigger than usual. Then holding her waist with both hands, i began to t----t in and out as fast as i could. And again, she met all my thrusting halfway as my balls slapped on her p---y lips.

After about 3 or 4 minutes, i began to feel my orgäsm build, so i quickly withdrew to buy time and lay on my back asking her to come over me. Before she mounted me, she took my d--k in her mouth and s----d on it briefly.

Then with her back to me, she held my d--k and guided it into her descending p---y. It was now her turn to fvck me, and she fvcked me reverse cow girl with all the strength in her waist. As she did this, she pulled on her nipplës, licked them, föndled them all with her right hand while her left hand just ran through her hair.

It wasn’t long before i began to feel her p---y contracting around my d--k as she bounced up and down. It was at this point i too decided to t----t back into her from under her.

I could feel how close she was because besides her p---y contracting around my d--k, her muffled moaning had now become panting. So i held her waist and pumped back into her as i knew mine was just a few seconds away. But I finally lost out as I felt my balls tighten and my c-m began to travel out through my s---t. As had as i tried not to, i couldn’t help but give out some not too loud moans myself as i continued to ram into her hoping to shoot as deeply as possible. Feeling my hot c-m hit her was what must have triggered hers because almost immediately, her p---y contracted firmly around fury as she moaned a very long “Mmmmmmmmm”, with juice running out from the sides. I just stopped moving so i could enjoy the contractions going on around my d--k.

Though she had stopped moving, her vagee wouldn’t stop milking me. Then about a minute later, she surprised me by pulling off my d--k, moved her ass backwards untill her p---y was just right over my face. She immediately sat on my face and bent forward taking my partially limp d--k into her mouth. Now while Dolly and a few other girls have actually sat on my face, this was on a whole new level. I’d never done a 69 before talk less of eating out a p---y i just fvcked and came in.

I guess today is a lot of first’s for me then. I opened my mouth, brought out my tongue and began to lap out our mixed juices. While she hungrily or willingly licked my d--k and pubes clean from the spill that was there, i wasn’t enthusiastic about returning the favour, but i did it anyway.

After some two minutes that looked liked 2 hours, she sat up, wiggled her as§ on my face briefly before collapsing face down on the bed next to me.

“oh my god, (pants pants pants), Fury, (pants pants), that was great” she managed to say while running her hand through my chest and nipplës

“yea” i said with indifference while catching my breath.

She must have picked up my tone because immediately she lifted herself up by supporting her weight on her elbows and then looked at my face laughing “oh, poor Fury have just licked his own c-m” Licking my lips and making me smile in the process, she continued “Don’t worry, it wont kill you.. Besides haven’t you heard it contains lots of proteins”

“You’re not serious” i laughed pinching her nipplë

“ouch” she screamed “that hurts” she added hitting me a pillow.

We went on to have a little pillow fight, before collapsing back into the bed. Minutes later, i suggested we go take a shower and change the sheets. During showers, it was just me playing with her as§ cheeks and boöbs while she my d--k and balls. By the time we returned into the room, i looked at the clock, it was 10:50am.. In my head i was like “And she said it was till 4pm, i’m dead tired already”

I put on my boxers and sat on the bed while she just put on a night dress with nothing under. She picked up her clothe items littered all over the room and dumped them in her laundry basket. Bringing out a new sheet, i helped her made the bed.

We cuddles into the bed and resumed our play. Her skin was cold to touch as she snuggled into me pressing her boöbs into my side. It was a turn on feeling her akin,rubbing me and knowing she had nothing beneath the transparent nightie.

“I have something to tell you Fury” she said out of the blue

“I’m all ears babe” i replied, before adding “go ahead”

“Ella is not actually my friend but my lover” she blurted out one of the very last statement i had expected to hear.

“Are you for real?” i asked her looking into her face as she turned away from my chest

“Yea.. We’re both bi.. Or lets say untill you showed up” she said

I was honestly lost about all what she was saying, not because i despised dykes (as a matter of fact, i admire and wouldn’t mind one as a wife) but because i actually was lost. “I don’t get you Rose” i said hoping she would explain

“You see, i and Ella met during our registration during our Pre-NCE. I was still a virgin, but she wasn’t and already had a boyfriend that week we came to town. While I stayed at my aunt’s residence all through the pre-NCE period, she was living by herself.” she said and suddenly stopped halfway

“okkk” i dragged the word in a bid to say she hadn’t made sense yet

Then she went on. “During our final exams that would take us to year 1, i told my aunt i would like to move in with Ella so i could read without distractions and she agreed. So i moved in with Rose. I think about 3 or 4 nights later, it had rained heavily and there was no power supply and having not charged the rechargeable lamp earlier in the day, it went off.

Though we’d both seen each other nüde severally, i usually slept with in a short and shirt, likewise Ella. So that night as it rained, we lay in bed talking and she was telling me about her then boyfriend how he had fvcked her in his kitchen that morning. I was so turned on the in the dark i started rubbing my p---y.

Now Ella never knew i was still a virgin or the only virgin in our click then. They all felt i had no boyfriend because i stayed with my aunt. Well, that contributed in a way too.

So along the line i gave out what was supposed to be a low moan, not knowing,it was audible enough for Ella to pick in the dark. And without asking me anything, she just said “here, lemme help you” and then move her hand into my shorts. I wanted to protest, but was helpless as she started playing with my clït better than i had ever tried to.

Her fingers were something else and before i realized how far it was going, she had already pulled down my shorts in the dark. The next thing i felt was her mouth on my p---y as she licked all of my wetness dry. As she did this, her other hand massaged my boöbs and nipplës. When she tried to push her fingers inside me, it was then she realized i was still a virgin.

“good Lord, Rose you’re still a virgin?” she asked in the dark. I was to shy to reply and in my silence the next thing i felt was her lips on mine. She kissed me deep and held it, but i didn’t kiss her back, then she said “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you my love.

Now as most female friends do, we call each other my love casually and strictly based on the close friendship we shared, both we both knew at that moment, the love she meant wasn’t the type between non intimate friends.

Returning back to meet my lips again, for another kiss, i kissed her back this time around as we shared our first kiss, my first girl kiss. She finally finished me off with her mouth on my clït and we both slept in the nude thereafter.

The next day, i woke up to see her cuddle me like a little girl, even though as you know already we’re almost the same size. I felt shy all through that morning and she started acting like the male in the relationship. How i passed the exams i cant say, because all through the day and even in the exam hall, i git wet from the thought of how she’ll rid me off my panties and bring me to orgasmm with her tongue. The only thing i had done to her was kiss her back, s----d and föndle her boöbs. I became more withdrawn and could barely stay without her.

It was on my final night at her residence she decided to take things a further. I never knew she had a vibrator and a d---o.. I cant remember which, but i lost my cherry to one of those things and she fvcked me with both that night bringing me multiple orgasmms.. I don’t even remember feeling much pains.

The next morning we dis it again before i left for my aunts residence. Throughout the holiday we sexed chatted, sharing nüdes with each other and by the time i resumed for year 1, getting my own apartment was the first thing on my mind. My aunt had already gotten this place for me before i returned else my intention was to move in,completely with Ella at Calabar lane. But she also left her former compound to where she is now.

So while she kept having her boyfriends fvck, i got jealous not cos i wanted real dicks but i just didn’t want to share her with anyone. But she claimed so people wont suspect us or anything. I finally resigned my faith to watching boys and different men fvck her. But trust me when i say it’s just for the fun of it, not that she actually needs money, cos her family is well off.

So while she got laid and dominated by guys, she comes back and do same on me. Its not that i hate guys, but i just saw myself not interested in guys. At least no one could feed my aunt with stories.

So when i saw you that day at the cafe and the way you kept looking at my eyes, something in me just said i should fvck me. I told Ella about it, she said she also noticed how you starred at me and that we would come up with a plan.

So after that day i met you two at home and you left together for the hospital, made up my mind i couldn’t wait anymore. Yea, she told me what transpired, but we didn’t quarrel about it despite the fact that i disagreed with her on it. She was even remorseful.

As luck would have it, we were together that day when she spotted you sitting alone at the gossip center. But she was waiting for her boyfriend, the one who took her out in the car. So she asked me to come meet you….” i cut in at this point

“Wait, are you trying to tell me you staged the drunk scene and you lies about the ranch….” she cut in

“So when we got to my place, i had hoped you’d make a move cos i was already fantasizing what a real d--k would be like, but instead you were just impressed about the fact that i was self sufficient and full of praises for me and what i did. It was frustrating at first as i wondered when you’ll change the discussion to sex related. But you never did, and somehow it struck me that Ella has never really commended me before and there you were loving on me, instead trying to get into my pants.

So we later discussed what happened, but i kept the part that i had developed feelings for you apart. So the next plan was to pretend i was drunk to see if you’ll take advantage and when i throw myself at you. So while we were at the Ranch, we let Juliet in on the plan. We got back to town and began to plan.. But along the line I actually over drank and smoked and was now a little bit high real. But still you did not make any attempt.

And by the next day when you came and cooked for me and kept me company. That was it. I was in love with you. And we finally made out the next day. But trust us girls, Ella notices and wasn’t comfortable again. Dunno, but maybe she felt it was the end of me and her, and i was now stuck with you, she now became jealous and bragged about how she could have you back.”

I began “wow.. So this means I’m the first guy to..” she cuts in

“yes, you’re the first guy to fvck me literally. And I’m glad you are” she responded

I just moved over her and kissed her passionately. To say the least, i was turned on beyond reason. We ended up making love this around, not fvck. It was slow and filled with passion.

When we finished, we collapsed into the bed again before she stood up some 10 minutes later and enetered the kitchen.

A few minutes later, she exited the kitchen with a tray containing a plate of the fried rice she had prepaid that morning for both of us. We both sat on the floor by the side of the bed as we ate. Much of the wine was still left and it was at this point we drank it like normal humans would.

“your hostel is very quiet for a weekend. Is it usually like this?” i asked her

“Yes o, cant you see how cut-off it is from the main town. So most students leave by Friday evening for the weekend with their friends in town or those from Ikom and Ogoja just go home for the weekend to return Sunday evening or Monday morning” she replied

“So where do you normally go to?” i asked taking a sip of water

“A few times my aunts, but most times Ella’s. Just chose to stay since you were around. Besides, I had a wedding cake to make. Delivered it yesterday” Looking at the clock she added “and i should be going to present the cake by 1:pm or thereabout. They should be in church now”

“Is it the same wedding at RCM?” i asked curiously

“Yea.. Between ABC and XYZ.. There are two wedding today actually, theirs is the first one” putting food in her mouth, she continued “My aunt got the cake contract, but she passed it to me because she was busy, though it was baked and designed (iced) at her residence”

“wow, so your aunt bakes too?” i asked surprised

“I dey learn work for her side o.. Actually dunno who’s better between she and my late mom. But since she’s the one living, then it has to be her” she said calmly in a way that reminded me her mom was late.

Though she didn’t look sober, i just dropped the issue telling her “I am supposed to be at that wedding also. Frank’s peeps are all there, but i gave an excuse just to be with you. But I promised to attend the reception”

“Perfect.. Because i remember sending you a text saying till 4pm, only for my aunt to call me this morning to say i would be presenting the cake not her. Just told her i wont attend the mass but would meet them for the reception. I’ll just go there, do my bit and fvck off” she said

“So I’ll be going back next week.. Monday precisely.. My boss…” she didn’t let me finish

“And you’re just telling me now?” she asked with changed tone

“My boss just called me Thursday night saying the company just got a contract i would be spearheading and my presence is needed by Wednesday morning at the office” i held her face up to me. “I’m sorry this is coming now, but i promise to come back for Christmas or invite you over preferably”

I saw the smile when she said “Its ok. I understand”

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