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I stayed a little longer in the living room untill
dad and mom came back before I entered the
room. During that time, i wondered why
Favour was angry to the extent of raising her
voice at me simply because i said i was gonna
be busy? I also had feelings she was already
looking at me as her boyfriend or fiancé of
some sort and only wanted to show off at the
wedding. But…. anyways.


The next morning before 7am Frank had left
the house while i was still on the bed.
According to him, his Saturday lectures were
usually from 7am to 6pm with lunch break in-
between. Not untill about 7:30am did i exit
the room first to do my morning hygiene in
the bathroom, before then stepping out into
the living room somewhat around 8am..

I noticed Favour was in the kitchen and I went
in to join her. Entering the kitchen, i saw her
by the sink doing the dishes of the previous
“Morning babe” i said standing just by the
entrance to the kitchen. She was putting on a
short blue jean skirt and a black top.

“Good morning” she said not turning back to
look at me. I knew she was still angry, or
perhaps was pretending to be.
“How was your night?” i asked trying to start
a discussion with her
“Fine, yours?” she responded
“Not ok”. I said leaning by the wall
“what happened” she asked still not turning
“Couldn’t sleep knowing you were angry with
me” i replied hoping she looked at me this
time around
But still not turning she replied “I’m not angry
with you Fury”
“Yes you are” i insisted forcing a smile
“I’m not” she repeated opening the seal of the
sink so the water she used in washing could
drain out. I stood and watched silently not
knowing what else to say or how to say it. I
knew if it was not a statement that I’ve
changed my mind, then it wouldn’t be of
interest to her.
Watching her seal the sink back and then turn
open the tap, i asked her “What about mom
and dad?”
Still without looking back at me, she replied
“mom left the house with Frank but would
stop over at the residence of the bride to
assist with cooking. Dad is….
We heard Dad’s voice call out her name from
the passageway simultaneously as their room
door was being shut “Favour”
“Sir” she answered turning off the tap, picked
up a hand towel and began to dry her hand as
she stepped out of the kitchen still without
looking at my face. She met with dad just by
the entrance to the living room and he told her
he was going to the barbers shop to shave so
she should please come help open and close
the gate for him. Perhaps he felt i was still
inside the room or something.
I just remained quiet as they both stepped
outside. Minutes later i heard the gate open
with him driving out and being closed
thereafter. I quickly went over to the sink,
turned the tap back open till there was
enough water inside the sink and then i began
to rinse the dishes. When I was done, i picked
them and made to move over to where dishes
were kept only to turn and saw her leaning by
the kitchen door staring at me with arms
folded across her chest. I said nothing but
just went back to the sink and drained it.
Picking up a another hand towel, i dried my
hand and walked toward her. “Look Fay” i
began, holding her by the waist. “My coworker
had scheduled an online meeting where we
could discuss about the task we both have in
hand. If i had been told earlier about this
wedding, then i would have insisted he waited
for me to come to the office since he doesn’t
have time on weekdays. I believe your not
telling me earlier was because you assumed i
would be free today, but the thing is he has
already communicated with the department
head that the discussion has been scheduled
for today”
“The college café and internet services are not
available during weekends” she said looking at
my face for the first time.
“I know, Frank and I had already been to the
café opposite St. Charles church sometime
last week when he wanted to meet up with
someone. So that’s where I’m going to” i
cooked up a fast lie
“Its ok” she said dropping her hands to her
side as she made to get away from my hold.
Not letting her move, i asked her to please
smile for me which she did more or less so i
could let her go. Something in her eyes told
me she didn’t believe me and wanted to leave
because i had won by lying. So I asked her
“what time is the wedding and venue?”

I saw her face lit up when she looked at me
saying, “10am, RCM parish, the reception is at
the civic center after the mass”
“Ok, you know what, I’ll miss the mass so I’ll
just meet with the guy briefly and plead with
him that something came up so i wouldn’t be
online with him for long then rush back home
to change up and meet you at the reception
venue, what do you think?”
“better” she said passing her hands around
my neck and pulling me down for a kiss. Our
lips met as we kissed briefly before i broke the
kiss saying “give or take African time, say by
12:pm you guys should be trooping out of the
church or into the civil center”
“Civic center” she corrected me as our lips met
again for another kissing session. Her lips
were tender and warm as usual but had a
taste of tea which obviously she had drank
earlier (it did rain in the night). Her lips
opened for my searching tongue and before
long we were kissing hard breathing deeply
unto each others face with lips pressed
together and tongues fighting inside.

Pulling her off her leaning position from the
wall, the kiss went on for about 2 minutes
before she started moaning back into my
mouth. Then grabbing my hands from her
waist, she placed them on her boöbs. I noticed
she had no bra on and just began föndle the
girls with rigor as her moaning increased the
more. Not having enough, i broke the kiss,
lifted up her shirt and began suckle the now
erëct nipplës one after the other with her
pressing them into my mouth while holding
the back of of my head.
Needles to say, but my d--k was as hard as an
iron rod and she could feel it rubbing her
thigh. Just then i felt her hand make its way
down my stomach and through my shorts and
boxers as she grabbed fury. Going down
unannounced, the nipplë in my mouth just
pulled as she grabbed my shorts and boxers
with her free hand pulled them down.

She wasted no time in taking me in her mouth
as she began to s--k as fast as she could. All
the while my head was bent backward with my
hand on the back if her head as i guided the
motion of her mouth. But when i looked down
to see how she was, my eyes caught sight of
her pink panties through her widely open short
jean skirt. It took every will power I had left in
me not to shoot my load that moment in her
mouth. I quickly pulled out of her mouth, lifted
her up and began to kiss her again, tasting
my pre c-m in her mouth.
Turning her around, i pushed her forward till
she was leaning on the freezer. All she kept
saying was “oh god, just stick fury in me babe,
stick it in me”.

I hitched up her skirt exposing the beautiful
panties she had on and needless to state that
the panties was already soaked as could be
seen by the juice licking down her thigh. Not
pulling the panties aside this time, i pulled it
down and left it halfway on her thigh as she in
turn spread her legs apart the more awaiting
Holding fury on my right hand, i placed my
left hand on her waist and pressed down as i
rubbed my d--k her around her slit before
easing myself inside her slick, wet but hot
channel. Guys, I had never wanted a p---y my
whole life than I wanted hers right then.

Favour, tight p---y as usual, i pushed until i
felt my balls get wet from touching her wet
p---y lips. I pulled back out a little watching
and loving the way her panties appeared while
folded less than half way down on her thighs, i
also viewed my d--k glistening from her
female essence, while feeling her p---y
contracting around my d--k head which was
still inside her p---y. “Fury just fvck me
please” she said snapping me out of my brief
reverie. With my hands on her hips, i began to
pull her back while simultaneously pushing
my hips forward sliding my entire length back

I began pump on all cylinders “taa taa taa
taa” the sound of my balls slapping her p---y
lips. Passing my hands under her shirt which
had rode back down from her neck, i cupped
her boöbs, föndled and massaged them while
also tweaking her nipplës. “ahhh ahhh ahhh”
she moan pushing back to meet my thrusts.
It didn’t take up to 5 minutes before i realized
i was moaning with her louder than i had ever
done. My vision became blurred, my toes
began to clench, my thrusting became faster
but uncoordinated and then I began to
explode inside her. She on her own part had
been breathing hard but feeling the first shot
of my hot c-m touch her cervix was all it took
for her to overflow as she climäxed with me..
I just collapsed on her back enjoying the thrill
of her p---y milking me as my hands still
found enough strength to still be squeezing
her boöbs.

Not untill about 2 minutes later when my
breathing had stabilized did she call out “Fury
get up lets clean up”. Just as i stood up and
pulled out, i saw a mixture of our juices flow
out through her thighs and some straight out
to the floor.

With her panties still halfway, she walked
toward the corner of the kitchen where a roll
of tissue was kept and helped her self with a
good amount. It was such a beautiful sight as
i watched her wipe her p---y off our mixed
juices. Then pulling her panties back up and
maintaining eye contact, she repeated what
she had done the other day in the clinic
bathroom by making sure her panties made
that elastic hitting the skin sound. My d--k
tried to twitch but no luck.
Not untill she rolled two different amount of
tissue in her hand, walked towards me and
handed one to me did i realize i had actually
just stood there like a baby boy who just
finished easing himself and was waiting for
his mom to come wipe him. Thanking her, i
collected the tissue and clean my d--k just as
i watched her clean the spill of our mixed
juices on the floor.

Reaching out to collect the used tissue from
me, she gave me a kiss and headed out of the
kitchen with the used tissue papers.

“Breakfast is on the table love” she called out.

Seconds later i heard her open our bathroom
door and thereafter, the WC being flushed.

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