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Holding her hips with both hands, i began pulling her as§ towards with every t----t which made her breath as if my d--k entering her p---y was what was giving her the oxygen. This went on for about 3 minutes before she finally recovered or found her strength. Raising her face off the pillow, she placed one hand on the wall and began to push back into me matching my every t----t. Reaching between her legs with the free hand, she began rubbing her c--töris as she pushed her as§ back to meet my d--k

At this point she had stopped moaning out loud and was just breathing fast and hard as i banged away. Despite the cold weather and the fan we left on, i had began to sweat profusely on my face and neck. Now with the condom on, i wasn’t near climaxing and was feeling a little tied already. Slowing down my thrusting must have been a cue to her that i was tired and was only buying time because she pulled away from my d--k saying “lie down”

I laid down as she turned around and mounted me as she grabbed my d--k. Licking her hand, she then spread her p---y open with the other hand and began to lower herself down easing my d--k into her moist and slick opening. By the time she had all of me in her, she wasted no time as she began to hump me with rigor. What a relief it was because, I just laid there letting her do all the work while i caught my breath.

The only other noise in the room besides the rain hitting the roof and music playing, was the slurping sounds coming from the near frictionless movements of our genitals against each other. The movements of her boöbs can only be seen in Hentai (Japanese comic pörn) clips. I just moved my hands and held her waist in a bid to guide her movements. She on her own part now held both twins in her hands tweaking her nipplës as she licked her tongue with eyes shut. But it wasn’t too long before i began to feel pains from her rigorous humping. This was as a result of the down curve nature of my d--k when erëct.

But in a manner that seemed she was reading my mind, she paused and without breaking contact between our genitals, she twisted around at 180® and was now mounting me reverse cowgirl style. I was now comfortable with her new position just as i knew my d--k would now be rubbing against her geespot. All the while she had her panties on, and this only helped hasten the build up of my own release because of how erötic it looked. Supporting herself by holding my knees, she just banged my d--k into her.

Not too long after, I began to feel that familiar contractions of her vaginal walls around my d--k and i knew she wasn’t far off. At this point she reduced the humping and instead stuck to grinding her p---y against my d--k. If this was meant to be a delay tactics in prolonging her climäx, i wouldn’t know but it was at this point i decided to t----t into her. About 5 strokes of my d--k thrusting into her was all it took for her to moan out “oh god.. Fvcccck” as she climaxxed, with her juice flowing like a fountain on my thighs as she relaxed on me.

Her vaginal walls now held my d--k tighter than before and i felt this was the best time to climäx on my part. So as she sat on me motionless with her p---y milking me with its contractions, i sat up until my stomach was resting on her back. Leaning in further, i pressed her trying hard not to break the contact our genitals had. With her switching to a kneeling position, i pushed further untill she was now on her stomach, her waist down to her legs were on the bed, while the upper part of her body was on the floor. But in the course of our turning, my d--k somehow slipped out of her. So closing her legs together, i made sure he p---y lips were very much visible to me. Spreading my thighs in a way that had her as§ on the bed in between, i held my d--k with one hand and pressed the head back into her p---y from behind.

In this new position, i could only get about 2/3 of my length inside her as i made slow and steady thrusts into her while supporting my weight on my hands by her sides. Looking at the panties, i then supported my weight on one hand as i pulled the panties with the other hand tightly in such a way that most of its material just formed a single line through her as§ crack. With every t----t, she just moaned “hmmm hmmm hmmm”. Seconds later, my own orgasmm peaked and feeling my c-m running out through my d--k, i quickly pulled out of her, pulled the condom off my d--k and began to stroke my d--k shooting throb after throb of c-m all over her as§ cheeks, panties and waist.

When i finished cümmìng, i just fell on the bed by her side rolling onto my back and looking up to the ceiling. After a few seconds, i saw her move her hand, adjusted her panties in a way that it covered my c-m on her as§ cheeks. Then smearing the one on her waist all over, she said “you know you’ll have to wash my panties right?

“if that would make me fvck you again, no problem” i said chuckling.

Turning to face me, she adjusted back and lay next to me as we stared into each other eyes. It was just like i wasn’t satisfied because i just felt i should fvck her again right then.

Running her arms around my stomach and up to my chest, she kept staring into my eyes prompting me to ask her “what’s wrong? Seems there’s something in your mind?”

Moving closer to me, she snuggled into my side, her hand running around my chest as she placed her head on my shoulder and intertwined her leg around mine saying ” Its nothing Fury”.

Although i knew she definitely wanted to say something but i chose not to press her any further. Seconds later she continued “I’m not happy about you and Rose”

I was about to say something which she just put a finger on my mouth saying “shhhh, don’t deny it, i know you’re fvcking her too. But i just want you to stop. You have me here”

I was short of words to say as i just stared into the ceiling. The only audible sound either of us made was from our breathing. Seconds later she was asleep as i noticed her eyes were now closed likewise her breathing stable. It was at this point i pulled her the more into me, waking her in the process as i cuddled her body. And she in turn held onto me firmly with both her leg and hand and drifted off back to sleep. When i slept i didn’t know, but we both must have slept for nothing less than 1hr 30minutes.

My phone ringing was what woke me up. A call from my mom asking how things were going. Though i knew she was now awake, she just held me and began to run her hands around my chest while i spoke with my mom on the phone.

“Hi” she said when i ended the call.

“Hey” i replied her as she got up from the bed. “we slept of off.. You hungry? Wanna make lunch”

I looked at the time on my phone, 2:15pm “what do you wanna prepare?” i asked her as she stood staring back down at me.

“Got stew, I’ll just boil rice” she said and turned entering the kitchen. I tell you guys, having a girl walk around the house in just her panties can sometimes be more fulfilling than actually having penetrative sex. Its a beautiful sight to behold. The rain had subsided but light showers could still be heard.


I finally left her place by 4pm after we had eaten and fvcked again. I went back home, quickly changed into a fresh outfit and left for the clinic to meet Favour.

To Be Continued..

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