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As the bike began to move, I was lost in
thoughts as to how I would face mom or Fay
much later. “wow”, I thought to my self, she
really got me. Come to think of it, it was only
on Friday we made out without a condom
when she claimed she was safe… Or didn’t I
use a condom that Sunday morning when
Frank went to drop mom and dad in church?
How come I didn’t even think of the fact that
she could actually be pulling my legs? What’s
the possibility that she’s not trying to keep me
by saying mom is aware of our relationship?
All these thoughts kept running through my
head till I heard the sky roar in anger, after
which the bike man said “dis rain sef, e never
do am?”.. It was at that point I realized all the
time while I was inside the clinic with Favour,
the sky had become cloudy and dark. A heavy
downpour was imminent.
I got to Calabar lane, alighted just by the
entrance and decided to walk the distance to
Ella’s apartment. Immediately I settled the
bike man and he turned and left, I regretted
that decision because less than 1 minute
later, it began to rain. I had to run like
everyone else for cover, but in my case, I ran
the whole distance to Ella’s apartment.
“gbam gbam gbam gbam” I banged on her
door. My goodness, it was at this point I
realized I hadn’t called her to confirm if she
was at home, especially after telling her earlier
in the day that I’ll be in the clinic with Favour.
“What if she had left for school?” I asked
Soaked like a fowl caught under rain with
water dripping from my clothes, my anger
began to build up when again I realized my
laptop was inside my shuttle bag hanging on
my back. Bringing out my phone from my
back pocket, I heard a voice answer from
inside “who wan break my door?”

“Oh God, thank you” I said before answering
her “Ella its me, Fury”
“My God, Fury, what happened?” I heard her
run to the door as she began to open it.
“where are you coming from?” she asked
throwing the door open.
“Home my dear” I lied. Continuing I said
“thought I would beat the rain and I stupidly
asked the bike guy to stop me by the junction,
so I could walk the bad stretch of the road to
this place”
“Eyaaa, Baby, lemme help you with this” she
said reaching behind me for my bag which
was soaked partially and took it inside.

Looking at the bag, I knew the laptop would
still be dry because of the section of the bag I
placed it in. “But you said you weren’t coming
again, so what happened?” she demanded
returning and holding the door open for me.

“Wanted to surprise you babe” I said heading
into the bathroom with her locking the door
and tagging behind me.
“Nice of you, but you should have called when
you saw the cloud naw?” she said handing me
a towel after I took off my shirt and vest and
spread them on her towel railing.

“I though I would beat the rain babe” I
answered taking off my trouser. She collected
it, went back into the room and then opened
the door and stepped outside the room. From
the bathroom, I heard her shaking the trouser,
in a bid to get the sand that had gotten on it
while i was running. After which I heard her
brush the trouser with her hand as I stepped
into the room in just my boxers.
She spread the trouser on the line just by her
veranda and came back inside. Bringing out
my laptop from the bag, and every other
content including my condoms, notepad and
power pack, I handed the bag to her and she
went back out to spread it after cleaning it.
Looking on her bed I saw her phone with her
earplugs plugged to it giving out little tunes.
Obviously she was listening to music when I
was knocking on her door. I guess the loud
banging made her hear me. Well, I was still
gonna dial her number.
Coming back inside she locked the door
behind her and stood looking at me. “So what
about Frank’s sis? You made that up too?”
she asked as I turned on my laptop and
moved to plug the auxiliary cable of her home
theatre system.
“Nah, she’s sick for real, but its later in the
day that I and Frank would go there to pick
her. Mom already went there this morning and
dad and Frank just left for Ogoja so I told
them i have something doing at the café, the
reason I didn’t go with them so i could come
be with you like I promised” i said to her in a
bid to flatter her.
“Hmmmm, are you sure?” she asked looking at
me suspiciously.

“About what? Favour being sick or wanting to
be with you?” I asked looking back at her
“Everything” she replied folding her hands
across her chest like a 16 years old girl
Done plugging the auxiliary cable as i also
started to play my music playlist, i stood up
and walked to her. Opening her hand and
giving her a kiss which she didn’t respond to
saying “where I come from, you don’t play with
someone’s health or life by lying about the
person being sick or dead because it’s
seriously forbidden and secondly, i always
keep my promises. Since i promised you
yesterday that I’ll be with you today, that’s
why i defied the rain to be here”. After these
words, i made to kiss her again and she
responded before pushing me away saying
“lemme make tea for you, you body is cold”
I smiled to myself saying in my mind “o boy
ye, you sabi lie o. See sweet lie wey you talk
without planning. Sitting on the bed, i pick up
my phone to see 5 missed calls and a chat
message from Fay. Wondering when she
called, I then discovered my phone was on
The message read “I’m deeply sorry baby. I
don’t know why but i just wanted to see if you
really cared about me or just enjoying the free
sex you were getting. Please forgive me. Just
pick my call please, I’m feverish now. Where
are you baby. Don’t leave me please”

At that point, i asked myself if i wouldn’t have
gone ahead with my plans of taking
responsibility if she had been pregnant for
real. Besides, I think I actually did feel
something for her. But another fear now is, she
had told mom we were together. Or was she
kidding about that one too? But can I blame
her? There’s no girl actually who wouldn’t
want to know if she’s been used or not. I felt I
should tease her or pretend to be angry by not
replying her, but on a second thought, I
decided against it.
Typing a reply, Ella called out from the
kitchen “sugar or honey?” “None baby, abi you
no want make I perform again?” I replied her
laughing. “you’re not serious Fury” she shot

I sent Fay a text which read “that wasn’t
necessary at all. I actually do care about you
and not just the sex. But I’ve been holding
back cos I felt you were already gonna be with
someone else and no need to show you I had
feelings for you. Besides, I felt you were in
control of the situation we found ourselves. I’ll
come back after the rain, stop thinking about
anything. I understand how you feel”
A few minute later she sent another text
saying “thanks baby. Love you”
Minutes later, Ella came out with two cups of
tea. Opening her fridge, she brought out a half
loaf of sliced bread. Placing the bread down,
she handed me a cup while holding one for
herself and sitting next to me. It was at this
point she picked up her phone and turned off
the music playing.
The rain kept falling heavily, hitting the roof
like it was gonna rip through it. “This rain has
given me a reason not to attend my 12pm
lecture. Not like the lecturer would attend
though, but trust all those busy body students
to be in the lecture hall waiting” she said
helping herself with a slice of bread.

“What if he shows up?” I asked her taking a
sip from my cup and looking up to see the
time was 11:20am
“you don’t know who Dr XYZ is, left alone for
him let the rain fall all through the semester
so he won’t lecture but fail everyone so he can
be sorted in cash and kind” she replied folding
her legs on the bed.
I was tempted to ask her how does she sort
her courses, in cash or in kind when “Push it
Baby” a song by the musical group “Pretty
Ricky” ft Sean Paul started playing and she
stood up screaming. “Oh my God, I love this
song Fury. Where did you dig this out?” as
she placed her cup of tea on the floor and
stood up moving closer to the main woofer

Humming the tunes “I wanna see you girl
push it push it push it, now lemme see you
girl move it move it move it….” as she backed
me, she started moving her hips back and
forth with her hands in the air dancing to the
song. (If you know this song, then you should
have an idea of how a typical Nigerian girl
would dance to it)
My God, it was at this point that I became
conscious of what she was putting on. A black
pair of leggings, the type most girls use for
jogging and other sporting exercises and a
white vest top that revealed a blue bra strap.
With her hands up, the vest automatically
shot up and I could see clearly the outline of
her red panties. Guys you have to understand
that at this point in time, with the weather, the
panties (my fetish) and the waist and as§ that
were moving in front of me, it was only natural
for fury to rise. And it it rose up hard.
“Ella what do you think are you doing?” I
asked her picking up a pillow to conceal my

“Dancing to a song I like. This is my room
remember, so i can do whatever I want” she
answered not turning to look at me as she
resumed singing “push it push it…….”
“you can’t even dance that much”. I teased

Turning to face me, she saw me smiling and
the pillow in crotch covering what obviously
was an erectiön.
“what’s that smile on your face fury?” she
“Nothing, just that you are trying too hard to
impress me” I replied her
“huh, are you for real?” she asked slowing
down the hips movement as she spoke “like
you are not already impressed right now, if I’m
kidding remove the pillow from your lap fury”
I grinned my face before laughing saying “the
view was just awesome babe”
“the view huh?” she repeated after me as she
resumed swinging her hips before adding
“thanks for the compliment”.
“Can you twerk?” I asked repositioning myself
on the bed for a possible dance show.
“Is that a question? Can I twerk? She asked
me back
“Every girl can move and shake their asse§
thinking that’s twerking, so can you twerk, like
twerk for…..

I didn’t even finish the statement when the
next track began. “Rihanna – Pour It Up”
“Today is your lucky day Fury” she said as she
backed me and started clapping her hands
humming the song:
“Throw it up, throw it up
Watch it all fall out
Pour it up, pour it up
That’s how we ball out
Throw it up, throw it up
Watch it all fall out
Pour it up, pour it up
That’s how we ball out
Strip clubs and dollar bills
I still got my money
Patron shots can I get a refill?
I still got my money”
By the time the song got to the point where
Rihanna said “Strippers going up and down
that pole”, with her red panties visible to me,
she spread her legs apart whilst tilting to one
side, she made a twerk move that made me
smile while fury on its own part, nodded in
agreement that we’re both gonna enjoy the

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