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She was so relaxed as I worked on her boöbs and p---y. Then taking my mouth off her nipplës, I began to kiss my way lower towards her belle button. Her belle was round and firm with a little fat here and there. I licked it all over before switching my attention to her button.

Breaking the kiss, I took position kneeling in-between her legs. Maintaining eye contact, I slid my hands up her skirt caressing her thighs and pressing her swollen p---y lips through her panties. She kept holding my gaze when she lifted her as§ off the bed temporarily and began to tug down on her skirt. As she did this, I assisted her with the tugging, pulling it down and off her legs. Then starting from her toes, I began by s-----g them into my mouth making her giggle as she kept pulling them out of my mouth saying it was too ticklish. At that point, I knew it would take my tongue only a minutes if not seconds on her c--töris for her to begin to overflow because everything I did seemed to tickle her.

Everything i did was deliberate as i wanted to take my time as much as possible in making love to her. Was she impatient? At first no, because she showed no sign. But In her eyes I could see lust, desire and want. Done with her toes, I began to kiss my way up through her legs, her knees and finally back to her nicely shaped thighs again. I kissed all around both thighs, while also making sure she felt my hot breath against her panty clad p---y which sloped as a bulge through the fabric of the thong with a visible wet spot just around her p---y opening revealing the outline of her succulent p---y lips.

“Fury, won’t you do something else?” she finally asked impatiently. Its not that I didn’t want to proceed any further, thing is I was just relishing in what was about to happen. So rubbing the tip of my nose on her panty clad m---d, I inhaled her scent deeply, letting my brain work on it like a goat would. I just didn’t want to let her dictate my pace but didn’t also want to make her frustrated. So with the tip of my tongue, I tasted her juice through her soaked panties firstly, before taking a long lick with a greater part of my tongue.

I continued this for a few more seconds, stopping temporarily to s--k through the wet panties. Then grabbing the panties with my teeth, I began to tug down with her lifting her as§ off the bed briefly again to help me get her out of her last piece of clothing. Before I could return to her shaved p---y, I realized it had already oozed out more juices which soaked her thighs and the bed sheet. A lovely p---y it sure was as it glittered from her juices. Kissing the top of her p---y briefly, I then parted her swollen lips with two fingers as I began to exam the reddish sight before me wondering the first place I should begin licking.

“Doctor Fury, can you proceed please?” she called out reaching out for my head as she pulled me,sown towards her p---y.

“umm hmm” I sounded as I stuck out my tongue and licked hard from the opening of her p---y upward, terminating it by taking her c--töral hood in my mouth. Then in a slow pattern, I took one of her swollen p---y lips in my mouth and s----d for about 15 seconds before repeating the same action on the other p---y lip. When done with the lips, I held her thick c--töral hood with my thumb and index fingers, pulling upward, I revealed her c--töris which had somehow stayed concealed like a machete in its sheath. Taking it in my mouth, I s----d long and hard on it before giving it another long lick wetting it with my saliva.

Then moving a little downward, I guided the tip of my tongue inside her p---y in a slow and firm pattern as I began to tongue fvck her. Pushing my tongue as far as her p---y folds would allow, I drank her juice directly from the source, careful not to let any spill.

As all these went on, her hand naturally found my head, holding me in place at her p---y as she caressed my Italian punk hair cut . Along the line, her breathing did change as they had become raged, while she also squirmed on the bed grabbing and pulling on the sheet with her free hand. Without holding back or pretending, “hmm ugh oh ugh Mmm ahh yea, right there baby, right there.. Yea ahh, Fury” were some of the things she kept saying and moaning out. While this went on, fury was somehow rubbing against her foot, smearing and leaving a trail of pre c-m on it.

As I continued to tongue fvck her pushing my tongue only as far as her p---y would allow, I’ll withdraw it and slam back in just like fury would ordinarily do. Her p---y on its part, kept trying without success to grip my tongue and s--k it in deeper. After doing this for about 2 minutes, I returned my attention,back to her c--töris and s----d it back into my mouth. Then with my middle finger on my right hand, I pushed it into her p---y which so wet, hot and tight. As I licked the c--töris, she fvcked herself back into my finger. When I felt her p---y had adjusted properly to my middle finger, I introduced the index finger inside her p---y and at the same time, increased the pace of the fingers going in and out of her p---y. Deciding it was time I entered her with my d--k, I quickly curved my fingers upward and began to massage that spongy tissue located there (her gee spot). It didn’t take up to 20 seconds and the last thing I heard was her screaming “ahhhhhh…..” as she shut her legs so tight around my head pressing my ears between her thighs as she shuddered, gushing out her female essence which sprayed all over my lower face.

I tell you guys, that move we see in wrestling when one wrestler locks the head of his opponent around his thighs until the opponent taps out, is real. This was exactly the situation I was as Rose had locked her thighs around my head as she orgäsmed, shutting me out from the rest of the world. Like a vice, her grip on my head was so painful I had to tap the bed repeatedly in a bid to alert her of my predicament when I could not pull her legs apart. For about 40 seconds that felt like an hour, my head was locked in the most painful thigh grip ever. Not that this was the first time a girl had shut her legs around my head when climäxing during a head session, the thing is this was by far unexpected, coupled with the fact that she seemed to her been oblivious to my plight possible because of how intense her orgäsm was as reflected in the amount of juice that shot out into my face from p---y.

After about that 40 seconds, she then noticed my tapping on the bed and the asked dreamingly “what?”, having still not realized herb punishment on my head

From in front of her p---y and moving my hands in a bid to hold her knees apart again, I whispered “My head, you’re hurting me”.

“oh my god” she exclaimed as she quickly separated her legs, freeing my head in the process. For some medical reasons, I lost my balance temporarily as I quietly move up to her and lay by her side.

“Fury I’m so sorry” she kept whispering as she ran her hand all over my back as I tried to regain my vision. In my mind I was like “wetin Dem for tell my people?”

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