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Although I’m really not a fan of noddles, I ate with her in silence. Perhaps realizing I wasn’t talking anymore, she broke the silence asking “so tell me bout yourself, I’ve been talking since”

“I’m at my best talking when I’m not chewing” I said to her with a straight face just as she gave me this “my friend, will you answer me” look

“so what do you wanna know?” I asked her.

“Everything about Fury” she said to which I laughed saying “why not ask specific questions, so I answer directly.? There’s alot about Fury”

We went on to talk about my schooling, work, family and my relationship with Frank’s family and my meeting Ella. At a point when we were done eating, she cleared the plates and returned to join me on the bed.

When I asked her about her plans for the next day, if she would take me out or hang out with I and Jude, she replied saying “And want about Ella? Besides, I’ll be leaving for my aunts place this evening to return Sunday”

“what about Ella?” I repeated her question. Before asking her “what’s going down at your aunts place?”

“why not hang out with her?” she replied before adding “my aunt is married to an obudu man, so just going to assist her attend to their visitors. They invited a few family friends over for the new yam celebration”

“I guess I enjoy your company that’s why I’m asking for your company” before adding “anyways, I hope I’ll see you on Sunday then?”

“till then I can’t say, because I and my friends are planning a trip to the ranch that day. So don’t know when I’ll return”

“Monday then?” I asked

“Better” she replied.

Time check, 11:10 am, i began shutting down my laptop and returning it into my shuttle bag, l told her I had to go back inside the college to meet someone. And she said okay, not even asking me who the person was as she stood up and began to adjust her dress.

Standing up from the bed and telling myself I owe her an explanation, I told her I was going to XYZ department to meet Frank’s elder sister who was to drive me home, and she said I should be there earlier than 12pm because it was a half working day.

“His sister works there?” she asked surprised to which I answered “yea, mum, dad and big sis”. She said ok and we stepped out of her room and began to walk towards the college. We chatted about nothing in particular and when we got to the gate, we said our good byes, me thanking her for the meal and she, giving me a hug and thanking me for stopping by and keeping her company.

As I walked inside the school, I noticed it had far lesser people than when i and Rose had left for her hostel. When I got to Favour’s office building, she called me on the phone and I told her I was just by the entrance to her office.

I met her inside the office alone as she was getting her stuffs ready. Walking over to me, she gave me a kiss and asked where I had been because she went to the café and she didn’t see me.

“why didn’t you call me you were coming to the café, would have told you where I was. Left the place when my battery went off and the school power generating set wouldn’t come on” I said taking a seat, wondering what the kiss was for. Does she think we’re now in a relationship or something?

“I had gone to the building to deliver a message for my boss. So I just decided to check on you upstairs” she said as she went about closing the office windows before asking “so where were you?”

“I was at the gossip center when I met a friend. We got talking and I followed her to her place” I answered her looking into my phone screen

“A friend? Like you know her or you just met her and followed her home?” she stood looking at me

“na so dem dey follow person go house?” I asked her back before saying “We’ve met before now.”

Returning to what she was doing she asked “so what did you go there to do?”

“just strolling to kill time since she was already on her way home. Didn’t wanna come here and be a distraction early in the day”

“as in eh, my boss who no one expected to show up today, suddenly came and was breathing down everybody’s neck. Then she left, not after making me walk down that café to deliver a msg she could have just driven over herself” she said indicating to me that her major reason of wanting me to come over to her office was defeated”

not wanting her to continue questioning me, I asked her about the car. “So when is our car arriving?”

“He called me that’s he’s on his way. Just left Gboko not too long” before adding, “so in about 1hr 30mins, he should be at the house.

Closing and locking up the office door, we left the college for home.

We got home around some minutes to 12pm and I went straight to the room. The Tv was on but no one was watching, so dropping my shuttle bag in the room, I made my way back to the living room.

About 10 minutes later, mom and Fay came out to the living room with mom saying she was going to the market to get some items for the weekend as the market would be closed tomorrow. I noticed Favour had changed from the outfit she wore to the office into a black skirt and a white t-shirt.

I greeted mum and asked her if I could tag along to which she laughed out loudly saying she’s gonna spend some time there as she would be be going over to the hair saloon to fix her hair.

“what about dad” I asked to which she replied he wouldn’t be back until later in the evening as they were still with their guests from the ministry in Abuja.

Before she finally left the living room, she asked Favour to dish out food for both of us that she prepared rice and that Frank called some minutes before we came in that they had just arrived Okigwe (Imo state). Favour followed her out to open and lock the gate for her as she drove out.

Coming back in, she walked behind the couch I sat on and passing her hands around, she placed them on my chest before just about the same time she gave me a peck saying “alone finally”.

In not wanting to act like i wasn’t a bit happy or interested about what she just said, I held hands where they met on my chest and have them a light massage. Then breaking free she continued walking, heading into the kitchen saying “but right now we need to eat. I’m so famished”

Not waiting for any response from me she called out to me asking “so what did your friend offer you? You don’t look hungry!”

“What else other than noddles? Just had to eat so I don’t look rude. Still hungry though” I said as I stood up and made my way to the dinning section.

Minutes later she came out with a single plate of rice and two spoons. Placing it before me, she went back to the fridge and brought out two bottled water. Taking a spoon without saying anything else, I began to eat when she sat next to me.

As we ate, we talked about nothing in particular. Then I asked “where were you gonna take me to?”

“Did I say I was gonna take you somewhere?” she asked me feigning ignorance.

Looking at her in a “stop messing with me” way, she then replied “not until the car arrives, you just relax”

We left the dinning section,back to the living room, during which time I called Frank who had gotten to Umuahia, Dolly, who asked if I couldn’t cut my trip short as she was seriously missing me and needed my presence for some stuffs, and Laura who said she was coming to Obudu the following week.

Not until 1:30pm did we hear the sound of a car honking by the gate, to which Favour ran out shouting my car is here. Following behind her, I got outside to see her opening the gate and a black colored car I’d known to be silver colored drove in. A nice paint job I must say.

The driver exited the car as we both watched Favour running round and admiring the car. The man asked for a glass of water and I went inside to get him one. Favour was asking if her fixed all the problems that were listed for him and to which he responded in the positive, saying the mechanic had to finish with the engine before they started the body works. Seats were now in leather casing.

After about 15 minutes, the man said he’ll be on his way and left the compound. Favour ran up to me and gave me a kiss. I managed to break free telling her to let me go in and put the glass and bottle down.

Holding on to my back, she followed me into the house jumping like a 7 years old girl with a Barbie doll gift. As soon as I put the glass and bottle down on the dinning table, she turned me around and resumed the kissing. Though I kissed her back, but I wasn’t sure what turned her on, was it the arrival of her car or the fact that we’re home alone? The later made more sense.

Soon our kissing became more ardent, as our breathing became ragged. I felt fury begin to tent in my jean just as my arousal started to build.

“uhmmm uhmmm uhmmm” we kissed as she began to push me into the passageway leading to the rooms. Her room being the first on the way was her destination as she pushed me inside and finally unto her bed.

As I landed on the bed with my back, she quickly climbed the bed and knelt next to me as I adjusted myself to be more comfortable on the bed. Reaching for belt she hurriedly undid it and then grabbing my jean, she began to tug down with me lifting up my as§ to make the task easier.

Pulling the jean off my legs completely, she reached back up to my face and resumed the kissing session. As we kissed, she then slipped her right hand into my boxers and grabbed throbbing fury. Pulling it out, she used her left hand to pull my boxers slightly down without breaking the kiss.

I closed my eyes as we kissed, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth as she kept on moaning into my mouth. She all of a sudden held my d--k in such a way that all her fingernails surrounded it and then clawed upward from the base. Doing this, she scratched the underside of fury up to the head and then quickly back down, scratching my firm ball sacs before holding my d--k back firmly. This action of hers made me open my eyes wide, moaning back into her mouth as I felt pain dished with pleasure.

The grip she had my d--k was so rough, like she was trying to prevent me from releasing too soon. Then she broke free from the kiss almost immediately I moaned into her mouth (it was obvious I felt that scratching move), and with a string of saliva still linking our lips together she said “I want to fvck you now”

As she said this, her eyes shun in a way that reflected her excitement. Then almost immediately, she went way down taking fury into her hot mouth. The room was immediately filled with slurping sounds as she worked her mouth on my d--k. As she did this, she pulled my boxers all the way down off my legs with me spreading my legs a little wider to get comfortable.

Then stroking my d--k up and down with her right hand, she looked up at me and smiled just as the drool from her mouth soaked my d--k and balls. S-----g up the drool back into her mouth, her next move was to s----d my sac into her mouth rubbing my balls against one another. To say the least, I was in pains but I endured because everything she did was so erotïc and she looked amazing.

When she wouldn’t stop rubbing my balls against each other in her mouth, I tried to call out to her “Fay…”. But pulling her mouth off my balls she quietly said “shhhh, no talking, just enjoy”. At that point, I decided I would tolerate whatever she did, even if she asked me to lay on a bed of thorns.

Then she took fury back into her mouth for another minute before she stood up on the bed and pulled a lemon green lacy panties from under her skirt. Tossing it on my face, I held it an inhaled deeply getting intoxicated by her hot afternoon scent before bring out my tongue and tasting her wetness from the crotch region. Then pulling her skirt up her tummy, she s-------d me.

She then began to grind her p---y against the length of my s---t on my tummy, making sure to coat my d--k with her juices. I sat up and grabbing her shirt, i pulled it off her head, after which she held mine and lifted it off my head. She had a pink bra on which I cupped, pulling them together as I sank my face between them before reaching behind her and unclasping it, freeing her boöbs in the process.

Holding her behind the waist, I took her rock hard nipplës in my mouth one after the other, and s----d interchangeably. When one nip was in my mouth, I rubbed the other in between the fingers of my free hand, just as she tilted her head backward and continued grinding her p---y and clitor!s against my d--k.

After about a minute, she pushed me back on the bed. While i was completely dressed in my bday suit, she had her skirt up around her tummy. Then Lifting off me slightly, she grabbed fury with the tips of her cold fingers, and positioned my d--k at her opening. Rubbing the head of my d--k around her wet opening and up to her clitor!s, she slowly began to lower herself down my d--k, just as her ever wet, willing and equally hörny tight p---y lips separated to welcome me home. Grabbing her on the hips, I guided her down on my d--k.

When she had her p---y impale the whole length of my d--k, she began rocking her hips on my crotch, grinding her wet p---y against fury slowly. Coming down towards my face, we began another round of passionate kissing with her moaning into my mouth as she ground her p---y on my stiff meat.

As we kissed, my hands roamed all over her back, from the her neck, down to her waist and finally grabbing her curvy as§ cheeks, I guided the movements of her hips up and down my d--k. After about 3minutes of slowly grinding her p---y around my d--k, she sat back up breaking the kiss and began to bounce up and down.

As she did this, she held her boöbs in her hands, before moving one hand and running it through her her. On my own part, I ran my hand on her tummy, like I was trying to feel the movements of my long d--k inside her while holding her with the free hand on her waist as I left her take charge.

As she began to get into the act of humping me (cowgirl style), she leaned backwards holding my laps with both hands for support. I then used that opportunity and cupped her boöbs in my palms, feeling their softness and tenderness. With my fingertips, I tweaked her erect nips, before pulling them in a way that made Fay squeal like an old woman. Releasing the nips, I cupped her boöbs once again, before making my way down the slim frame of her body and finally unto her back again to squeeze her as§ cheeks again.

When ever she lifted up, I could,see my d--k glittering from a mixture my pre-c-m and her womanly juices which made the motions of her p---y against my d--k slick and delicious.

As I enjoyed the feel of her body, I moved my hand down to where our bodies where joined and began to rub her clitor!s in a teasing pattern. This made her increase the pace of her grinding just as she began to moan out loudly “ahhh ahhh Mmmm Mmm yes yess, yes”

“S--k my boöbs, Fury” she said amidst panting, reaching out to hold my head up. I knew for sure she was approaching climäx as her vagee walls increased the way they contracted against my d--k just as i began to feel mine build also.

Then we heard a voice call out her name, Favour…..

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