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Entering the house, we discovered mum and dad were still in their room. Time was around 6:20am. Favour and I went to our separate rooms.

Knowing that I had just c----xëd some minutes ago, I was careful not to just lie on the bed for fear of sleeping off because my plan was to clean up the car as soon as the rain stopped. Picking up my phone, I decides to surf the net, but due to the rain, my network provider internet access wasn’t connecting. Turning on my laptop, i decided to go through some of my client’s project while putting on my headphone as I also listen to so music.

Not until about 7:10 did I realize the rain had finally stopped falling. On my way out of the room, I discovered mum and Favour were chatting on the kitchen. Greeting mum for the second time, I was about to go outside when Favour said Frank called her some minutes back that they just got to “Yahe” (in Yala LGA, C.river), that the rain made them stop just before Ogoja for about 30 minutes.

She said he also tried calling me but my number wasn’t going through. Told her I had network issues because I could not access the internet myself.

Heading out to the front of the house, I went straight for the car to begin cleaning it.

Opening the door, I discovered our sex smell had mixed with the air freshener and the car had a funny smell. Quickly I opened all the doors, and took out the foot mats, so it doesn’t look strange why all the door were left opened.

Getting the car wash cloth, detergent and water from the tank, I began to clean the seats. It was then I discovered two wet spots, one on the back seat and the other on the front passenger seat. Paying special attention to those areas, I scrubbed thoroughly careful not to wet the seats that much.

After which I cleaned the dashboard and the other parts of the car. When I was done with the interior, I had to actually pour out a little content from the air freshener on the seats to diffuse what might be left of any weird smell. Closing the doors, I quickly began washing exterior of the car, during which Dad came out of the house and saw me. We chatted briefly before he went back inside. When done, I opened all the doors again and then washed the foot mats.

Took me about 25 minutes to round up with the car and by 8:10am I was already dressed and ready to go to the college. Dad said we should go ahead, one of the college drivers was coming to pick him. Mum said she was just going to pick some stuffs from her office and would come back home. Mum drove, while Favour sat in front and I behind. I and Favour alighted at the same place, while mum proceeded to her office.

We chatted as we walked towards her (Fay’s) office and it was becoming cloudy again.

“seems the rain means business” I said after a little grumbling in the cloud.

“Tomorrow is New Yam celebration” she said

“So? What has that got to do with the rai?” I asked

“It must rain on the New yam day, else it would be a bad celebration for the land” she said as a matter of fact, before adding “even if it doesn’t fall now, by evening and tomorrow, we’ll see the rain”

“That’s one B.S I’ve just heard from you. Seriously tell me you made that up?” I asked doubting her

“It’s not for you to believe, just wait or ask dad when you get back home” she ended

*N:B Dad confirmed it saying “even if it doesn’t rain heavily or here in town, it would rain in one of the villages” True to their words, it rained like hell in the evening and the next morning. Though I felt it was just a coincidence*

After showing me her office, I proceeded to the café. It was open but they were running the place on their batteries as the college generating set hadn’t come on. Hence, i had no place to plug my laptop’s power pack and after just 40 minutes my laptop went off because my battery had been low.

Sat there for another 20 minutes hoping the college power generating set might come on but nothing happened. Stepping out with my ear buds, i had no place to go to. Fay’s office wasn’t on my list because I felt it was too early. I decided to sit at their “gossip center” while i surfed the internet and check out girls passing.

Surprisingly I didn’t mind the fact I was the only one sitting there. 5 minutes later, engrossed looking into my phone screen and with my ear plugs playing, I didn’t notice when someone walked up to me until it was obvious by the shadow that someone was standing in front of me. Looking up, I saw Rose looking sweet like a morning rose smiling at me with her hot fire colored eyes.

Her cinnamon skin smooth as ever as she stood wearing a black high waist legging, slippers (female easy wear), white shirt with inscription “daddy’s girl” that revealed a black colored polka dotted bra.
Momentarily I was caught staring at her boöbs before she brought me out of my reverie asking “Fury what are you doing in my school this early?”

“I was looking for you” I said smiling back at her as she made to sit next to me.

“you’re not serious” she said before adding “you didn’t come back with Ella yesterday?”

“Nah.. She left me” before quickly I added “I was already on my way home when she asked me accompany her to the hospital”

We went on to talk about the café and why i left the place and she saying she had come to see someone in school and was on her way back home.

“so where do you stay? Calabar lane?” i asked

“Nah, around Eko hostel” she replied like Calabar lane had some kinda plague

“I’m i supposed to know where Eko hostel is?” i asked her

“Around Abuja hostel” she said pointing towards the Schools’ back gate.

“No wonder” i said

“No wonder what?” she asked wide eyed.

“you look refined” I said looking into her eyes smiling

“go jor” she said hitting my shoulder

“So what did you cook? I’m hungry” i said to her in a way suggesting i meant lets go over to her place

“I don’t cook, but come, I’ll make you tea” she said as she stood up.

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