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We both froze momentarily (with my mouth on one of her nips and my fingers in her p---y) only to discover a car had just negotiated our bend and sped past. Its headlights was what had illuminated the inside of the car. The light had made it possible for us to look at each others face with shock after which we bust out laughing.

“That’s to tell you you have to hurry because we don’t have much time again, people are already up” she said reminding me that if not for the rain, people ought to be walking about now

Leaning on her body, I hurriedly began to pull down my shorts and boxers together with her assisting me get dressed for the occasion. As we both pulled down my shorts and boxers, fury who by now was as hard and erect sprung out free as she reached for it eagerly with both hands and began to rub it all over her slit up to her clïtoris.

When I was finally dressed in my birthday suit like her, I quickly collected my throbbing d--k from her hand, repeated a little of what she was doing with it (rubbing it against her slit and clït) only this time harder

I watched her arch her hips up, wanting more than that as she confirmed when she said ” Fury, please just stick it inside and stop making me wait any longer”

Positioning at her opening, I eased my d--k into her p---y watching her face in the dark as she moaned “Mmmmm” when her tight vagee walls began to s--k fury into their warmth. She arched her back in a bid to be comfortable as fury began to touch certain places.

Spreading her legs in a way that one was on the front passenger seat and the other on one of the back seat’s headrest, I pulled out after touching button and slow drove my length into her again as I thrilled in the feeling of her wet vagee walls on fury. Slowly we built a rhythm, breathing into each other faces as my thrusting began to increased. We were one body, joined at our sex organs, fvcking like lovers as our skin rubbed together. Despite the AC, I only noticed I was sweating when she wiped sweats off my fore head whispering “I love you Fury” before pulling my head down for a passionate kiss.

Taking her legs off both headrests and leaving them hanging by my sides as we kissed, she started to moan into my mouth “Uhh uhh Mmm Mmm” because the pace of my thrusting had become more frenzied, with my d--k digging and reaching far places.

Breaking the kiss, I supported my weight by her sides and kept thrusting into her p---y as hard as I could in that cramped confines of the back seat of the car. I felt her legs wrapped around my back she as her breathing had now turned into punctuated gasps of “ugh ugh ugh ugh” each time my d--k slammed into her p---y.

I kept pounding with all my worth as I was now sweating profusely all over her chest just as she passed her hands to my back and began to rub all over. As a result of our breathing, her moaning and the slurping sounds from her wet but warm, soft but tight p---y receiving my hard d--k, I began to feel my orgäsm build.

Then I felt my sperm begin to travel from deep within my balls, rising through the length of my s---t making me t----t into her with reckless abandon. Falling back on her body, I cupped her boöbs and began to föndle them at the same time kissing her hungrily.

Her hands roamed around my back and finally down to my as§ which she held with both hands and began pulling me into her p---y deeper.

Finally unable to restrain my orgäsm anymore, i let out a cry of “oh Fayyyyy” as waves of pleasure took over my body as I began to erupt inside her p---y. As soon as she felt the first shot of my hot c-m in her, her p---y walls began to milk fury by contracting around my d--k as she experienced her own climäx, just as I kept trying to make some final thrusts.

I guess since i was well off enjoying the thrill of my own orgäsm, I didn’t bother about taking note of what she did as she experienced hers, other than the fact that her eyes must have been shut tight because I noticed she bent her head backward and pulled my as§ cheeks further more against her p---y.

About 30 seconds later, i lay still on her buried in her p---y (although shrinking), panting and gasping for air to which she cuddled me on her chest, rubbing my back with one hand and running through my hair with the other and telling me how much she loved me and all the nice things she could think of.

Five minutes later, fury was out of her p---y, like wise her legs off my back, but I still laid on her as both our breathing returned to a normal pace. The only thing that didn’t change was the smell of sex, a mixture of p---y juice and sperm that remained in the air of the car. Though I knew it must have been some minutes past 6am, the sky was still very much dark outside, hence we both held each other and listened to the rain.

Finally regaining some energy after being spent, I got up from her and sat next to her. Lifting her legs off the seat, I placed them over my laps and began to rub my hands all over her body (admiring her flat tummy) and down to her p---y. She spread her legs a little wider for my searching fingers.

“This is the most perfect p---y I’ve seen Fay” I said to her calmly meaning every word of it.

To which she sat up, grabbed fury and kissed me deeply before saying “and you have the best d--k Fury”

We sat there massaging/playing with each others fvck tool for another five minutes before she said “Its time to go inside”

“I guess you’re right” I said picking up my boxers and shorts and began putting them on while she wore her shirt.

Reaching into the front seat of the car, she picked up her panties and skirt and wore just the skirt, holding the panties in her hand.

“Do you think they (dad and mum) were able to hear that horning?” I asked her showing worry on my face.

Reaching for my right hand and placing it on her bare p---y again, she said “No, their room is at the other corner of the house, and it was raining heavily”

“Remember mum came out when we were about leaving earlier?” I said still not convinced though my hand was already rubbing,her p---y

“Fury relax, I told you I locked the gate from outside and keys are with us in the car” she said leaning into me before adding, “besides we were waiting for them (Frank) to leave the park because the rain was too heavy and driving visibility was low, we just got back, remember I turned off the headlights, and you did turn off the parking lights”

“Phew, the car smells of serious fvcking, I’ll have to wash and clean everywhere before ya’ll leave for work” I said to her

“I’ll help you out” she replied

“washing a car interior won’t kill me, besides you ought to be preparing for work yourself” I said to her as I cupped her boöbs with my left hand (right was still playing with her p---y)

“yea, you’re right, good a thing the air freshener works well” she replied speeding her legs wider and moaning a little”Mmm”

“You know, this is my first car experience, and I love it”

“Me too” she said before asking “So you wanna do this again?” as her hand reached for limp fury through my shorts cupping and giving it a light massage.

“Haa, would love to, but I thought we are yet to even clean the car?” I asked her not taking her statement serious

“Not in this car, in mine” she said

“yours?” I asked surprised

“yup, mum gave me that her old small car. Saved up some money and took it to Gboko (Benue state) for some serious bodyworks, would be getting it today” she said joyfully

“you’re going to Gboko or” I asked not sure about the “getting it today” remark she made

“I’m not, the panel beater guy would bring it. He’s been working on all the cars in this house. Dad just called him to cove over and carry the car when I had the money ready” she said

“Ok, so what’s the plan?” I asked shoeing genuine interest

“Not to worry, leave that to me.. Got a place to show you” she said before handing me her wet panties saying “here, keep it in mind as you anticipate” after which she pulled my head for a kiss. Picking up the gate keys from the floor of the car on the foot mat, she heading out into the rain (which had subsided), open the small gate, ran in and open the bigger gates.

I quickly entered the driver seat, kicked the car on and drove into the compound with her locking the gates behind me.

Pocketing her panties I exited the car and ran to the passage only to see her waiting for me. Pressing her wet body against mine, she kissed me saying “Remember, you’re coming to my office today” after which she entered the house

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