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I wasn’t happy ending this great (first time car sex) experience by cümming too soon. Now the fact that her head was leaning on the horn made me try to hold back my release in shock, as I reached for her head quickly lifting it off the steering wheel because I was scared she would wake the parents. It was too late as I had exploded deep and far into her.

Holding her upright, despite the heavy rain, i listened carefully if I could hear the sound of movements inside the compound due to the sound of the horn she just honked with her head. All of this time, she just laid heavily on me moving her head from side to side as she recovered from her heavenly high while I breathed hot air unto her neck.

Despite the rain, my ears were as alert as those of rabbits, to see if I could pick up the sounds of footsteps. Same way my eyes were as sensitive as termites, as I watched out for torch light reflections coming towards the gate. After about 5 minutes, I was satisfied no one was coming because there was no noise on the gate or reflection from a torch light as power supply had been cut.

Then i realized my d--k was still partially hard inside he. Since I had involuntarily tried to cut short my own orgäsm when she honked with her head (thereby denying myself the full pleasure that comes with releasing into a raw p---y) I was willing to go again was really getting to enjoy the whole car fvcking thing

We stayed there for another minute until she began to consciously grind slowly against my d--k as we both kept breathing hard, while still joined at our sex organs.

“Fury, you are still hard” she said slowly like someone feeling light headed in a manner that suggested she was stating a fact rather than questioning me.

“Fay, I wanna make love to you now” I whispered into her ears as I moved my hips in a way that suggested I wanted her to get off fury. But she tried to resist my actions before I told her “not here, the back seat”

“ok” she said, untangling her p---y from my d--k as she got up from my thighs. I felt a warm both thick mixture of both our juices (a little of mine) running out of her down my thighs.

Crawling over me, she made to get in back seat of the car. By the time her right leg was at the same level with my chest, i grabbed her by the waist and pulled her skirt off of her hips. The next thing I need which surprised her all the more was that, still holding her by the waist with both hand (with the other part of her body in the back section already), I grabbed her panties with my teeth and began to pull it off her as I pushed her body into the backseat completely. Boy, I was impressed with myself

Quickly adjusting my shorts back up, I crawled through the same space between the driver and passenger seat and joined her behind as she had already laid down on the seat awaiting my arrival.

Obviously she had managed the strength she used in moving into the backseat because she wasn’t moving when I joined her there. The first thing I did was to hold her legs apart and bury my face in her p---y, lapping hungrily from the left over of our mixed juices. As I did this, she began began to move her hips in sync with my tongue.

As I cleaned her p---y up, my hands made their way to her tummy as I began caressiñg it over. When I felt I had enough of her p---y, I rose up and gave her a deep kiss, making sure she tasted her p---y on my lips. Her tongue battled mine gently and firmly as I tried to s--k it out of her. What a sensual and intense kiss that was.

Passing my hands under the shirt, I cupped her boöbs and began to föndle them gently interchangeably as we kept kissing. I rolled her nips between my thumb and index finger, making her gasped and breath harder into my mouth as she moaned “Mmm Mmm Mmm” kissing me with increased force.

Perhaps in not wanting to let me do all the work, her hands went down and began searching until shr found my d--k and began to massage it through my shorts. Perhaps not feeling me enough, her hands went through the waistline of the shorts into my boxers as she pulled out fury and began to stroke it.

Then letting go of her boöbs temporarily and breaking the kiss, I asked her to sit up. Grabbing it by the waist, I removed her shirt over her head. After which she grabbed mine also and yanked it off my head, before descending back into the seat. I then descended back on her, only this time I took her nipplë in my mouth as my hand made its way down her crotch to her p---y only to discover that the same p---y I had licked dry a few minutes ago was now drenched and dripping juice on her thighs.

Rubbing through her slit, I gently pushed through her p---y lips and began to finger fvck her slowly with two fingers, while I s----d on her nips interchangeably. She pushed back against my prodding fingers like she was urging me to increase the pace, but since I wasn’t fvcking her but making love to her, i took my time.

While the rain wouldn’t stop (to our advantage), the interior of the car was filled with our moaning and the smell of our sex. Then a bright light shun inside the car…..

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