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I woke up somewhat around 5:40pm to the sound of Frank rummaging through his box and files in the room.

“Guy ow far, wetin you dey fine wey you scatter place?” I asked

“Guy I just got an invite for XYZ recruitment test scheduled for Saturday in their Ph test center” he said as he flipped through some documents in the file he was holding.

“Na wa o, why you just get you own invite 1 day to the test? Some guys I knew got theirs last week and even up to Monday. I didn’t even know you applied?” I asked him surprised

“As a matter of fact, I was sent the invite since Monday in a mail. Don’t know why I didn’t get mine as text message but when I was discussing with Jude, he asked me to check my email which I did and saw the invite the spam folder” he said moving around the room.

“so what’s the plan now?” I asked

“Leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Mumsy the ask of you sef” he said closing the box, perhaps haven found what he was looking for.

“Dem don return” I asked as I sat up picking up my phone.

“Just she and Favour, popsy dem get governing council meeting with some visitors from Abuja” he said as he began arranging some clothes in his shuttle bag

On my phone screen, I saw a message from Ella

hey, sori 4 makin u tk d test wit me. Just wanted 2 put u @ ease. Bt I guess I went abt it d wrong way n only succeeded in gettin u pissed.. Couldn’t face u aft dat, but had wanted to say tnks 4 givin life 2 my fantasy

Shaking my head I hissed “this girl is sure possessed” I said under my breath

“Who be that?” Frank asked

“Na Ella o.. How far you and Juliet sef?” I replied and asked him at the same time.

“Omo that girl get winch, I swear. But na later gist” he said.

**Dad was not home for dinner, mum asked us to eat because she would wait for him

Fay: how are you going? (directing the question to Frank)

Frank: through abakaliki to return Monday through calabar. I’ll leave Ph on Sunday

“Make sure you carry some yam tubers and that plantain bunch I brought from work today for my sister (his aunt he was going to stay with), don’t go there empty handed” Frank’s mum called out from the living room.

Frank murmured “mumsy I been no plan carry load travel o”

“To carry food for your aunty is now punishment abi? Who’s paying for the load?” mum shot back from the living room

Favour: se na inside booth the motor go carry am and not your leg?

Frank: na women dey carry foodstuffs dey waka

Favour: I no blame you, na because I carry your foodstuffs for you when you dey school na why you get mouth.

Frank: Obudu-Calabar na straight journey and na one Motor till you reach Etagbor (the street where they live(d) back in Calabar)

Me: Fay how was work today (I asked when I got tired of their arguments)

Fay: fine o. Tomorrow is half day, lemme come back and rest def

Me: half day because of?

Frank: the New yam celebration on Saturday.

Me: would the café be open? I need to do some work.

Frank: yes. But you have data on your phone abi?

Me: yea, but I need to update my system and check all those clients site I run to update their themes and plugins (I design WordPress sites also). Na plenty data be that.

***After Dinner, we’re all in the living room

Mum: Fury how’s the holiday going?

Me: fine. Making good use of your WiFi in the school since Monday

Mum: is that thing free? Thought It was secured?

Frank: I paid for a password.

Fay: how many people can use the same password at once? ( she asked in a bid to say she knew Frank had so many free passwords)

Frank: that I’m in the café doesn’t mean I’m online.

**We heard Dad honk outside

**Dad and Mum having dinner

I chatted with Dolly, Laura, and a few other contacts during which Favour sent me a message

Fay: missed you

Me: same here

Fay: you don’t act it

Me: how else do you want me to? You’ve been busy all week.

Fay: not even a kiss. Thought you would have checked me in my office when you came around. Perhaps I’m not that important

Me: it’s not like that. Just that it never occurred to me that I could come over

Fay: we’re saying the same thing. If I were important you would have at least asked if you could stop by.

Me: I’m sorry. Guess I’ll come over next week

Fay: still guessing

Me: ok. I’ll come over

Fay: you’ll drop Frank tomorrow morning at the park

Me: not a problem.

**** The next morning

It was around 4:30 am Frank woke up and began to prepare for his trip. By 5:15 I was driving him out of the compound with Favour closing the gate.

Just when I was about to zoom off, she came out through the smaller gate and entered behind.

Frank: where you dey go?

Fay: anything wrong in following my younger brother to the park? Besides if Fury didn’t come around, who would have gone to drop you?

Frank: hahaha.. Thanks big sis

Five minutes later we were at Ogoja road, where he was to board a car to Abakaliki. Getting there, we saw a car that was left with just one passenger and ten minutes later we they had left the park and I and Favour were on our way back home.

Getting to the gate, I stopped for her to alight and open the gate, but unknown to me, she had her own plans..

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