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We headed to an eatery by the college sports villa which wasn’t too far from the café.

Ella sat next to me, Rose opposite me, while Juliet and Frank sat on the table next to us. As we ate, we discussed about topics ranging from her lectures, plans for the rest of the week and the weekend ( the coming Saturday was Obudu new yam festival).

Rose wasn’t that into the discussion, and severally i caught her staring at me rather than necessary, meanwhile i also couldn’t help stare at her booobs and eyes.

We left the eatery agreeing to meet the next day. I and Frank went home from there.

Mum was the first to get back home while Dad and Fay came back together. The day went on uneventful. It rained throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, hence i and Frank stayed indoors and couldn’t meet Ella.

Thursday morning Ella called me around 10 to come over that she was just back from her morning lectures. I took a bike to Calabar lane, stoping where we had parked the other day. She came out to meet me.

Putting on a black bum short and a loose sleeveless shirt that revealed her purple bra she came a gave me a hug, giving me a peck. We then walked to her residential building and then into her apartment.

As i sat on they bed, i began to take mental note of the contents of her room. 32 inches LG flat screen tv, LG mini home theatre system, LG fridge, LG Split air conditioning system… WTF? And a pink Accer laptop

“What’s with the LG product’s? Your dad is a major dealer?” i asked her, surprised but impressed at her taste and combination.

“what will you drink?” she asked wearing a smile as she open the fridge ignoring my question

I continued my inspection. Many hand bags (not familiar with their brands), but they all looked classy.. Wedges, Pointy heels, Nike Air max, flat sandals e.t.c.

Framed art works and glass portraits, obviously from Jude’s shop.

She brought out a can of Malta Guinness and placed it in front of me.

“My laptop is not LG” she said heading into the kitchen. Minutes later, she came out with a bowl of water and two glass cups. Opening the fridge again, she brought out two bottles of water and placed them next to the glass cups.

Returning into the kitchen, she came out with a plate of Afang soup and Eba.

“Breakfast is served” she said sitting opposite me folding her legs like a northerner would.

Although, Guy 1 had made a comment that Ella and Juliet were/are runz girls. I was beginning to wonder what a mysterious girl she was..

We ate while she asked me about my family, school, relationship and just about everything that came to her head.. With the way i was sincere with her, i began to wonder if she put a truth drug or some other substance that makes one speak the truth when questioned.

Then she started opening up to me.

“you know, i believe you already have an impression about me.. Truth is, i really don’t care. I just like you” she paused staring at me.

She went on to tell me where she’s from, had attended FGGC Calabar, saying she stays in Calabar but because of her uncle who was a lecturer at the college and after 3 years at home, her mum suggested she picks up a degree form at the college. After all it was Unical’s degree.

Don’t exactly know when or how she started smoking or drinking, but her partying days goes back to her days in FGGC.

A past relationship messed her up and since then, she’s got trust issues. That she just found me crazy and despite how nervous i looked when i tried to chat her up, she enjoined my company.

Besides, the sex was really awesome…. By now we were on the bed, and she was already massaging fury through my jean….

Then after making sure i was comfortable on the bed, she stood up and went to the door and locked it…

She came back to join me on the bed just as i was about to sit up and pushed me back against the bed, kissing me hard while grabbing fury through me jeans in the process again. Then she crossed her legs over me, straddling me and then resumed the hard kiss while pinning my hands beside my head.

Then kissing her way towards my left ear, she whispered “have you ever been fvcked?” she paused, licking and nibbling my earlobe in the process before continuing “cos that’s what i wanna do now”. Then she rose up to a sitting position to see my facial expression.

In my mind i was like “na today i don dey hear that one? Chicks be forming they are gonna fvck life outta me, yet they can hardly maintain the (reverse) cowgirl position for more than 5 minutes without gasping for air and asking me to come over”

“Really?” i asked smiling back at her as she looked into my eyes.

I made to grab her as$ and to my greatest surprise, she yanked my hands away with such force (my right hand hurting as it hits the wall) before adding “you get to touch me only when and where i want, kapish?”

Looking at her face, i could see a devilish smile masked in seriousness, which made me nod my head like a lizard indicating i understood her perfectly while clenching my right hand.

“If you touch me, I’ll stop!!” she added.

“This might be fun after all.. Lemme relax and see what she can do” I thought to myself. Then remembering her composure when we first spoke at the pool and the way she talked back at me, it began to make seem to me that she is actually one who loves to be in control of proceedings..

“Sit up” she instructed, to which i sat up.

Still sitting on my thighs, she began to unbutton my shirt, after which she pulled it behind me before lifting my inner shirt over my head.

“take off my shirt” she commanded, to which i hurriedly grabbed and was about to pull it up, off her head when she grabbed be hand saying “easy boy”. I then gently lifted the shirt off her revealing in all its glory, the very sexy lacy purple bra whose side view i had seen earlier with floral patterns all over it.

As i awaited her next instruction, i couldn’t help but wish i would be asked to take off the bra, so i can be blessed by the sight of those beautiful twin girls on her chest.

But instead, she pulled her bra cups underneath those luscious booobs, making the sight all the more eroticc and slutyy. Then slowly, she began rubbing her heaving booobs against my now exposed chest, kissing up my body, with special dedication to my nips and my neck.

Then she pushed me backward again till i had my back on the bed. Then she start to loosen my belt and unbutton my jean, never losing eye contact. Grabbing the waist of my jean, she now slid it down with me raising up my as$ to make it easier. After which i expected my boxers to go off, but for reasons best known to her, she decided to leave the boxers on.

Removing the jean completely and dropping it on the floor, she ran her left hand up my stomach and over my chest feeling up my body, before grabbing my neck like she was gonna strangle me. A little fear ran through my body, just as her hand began to go back down my body, only this time, she left a trail of five lines on my skin.

To say i felt pain is an understatement, because her nails were surprisingly natural and not fixed hence sharp. After doing this, she began to kiss the lines left by her nails, just as her hand reaches inside my boxers grabbing fury. Though my d--k was hard, but as soon as her soft hands touched it, it became rock hard.

She then pulled it out through the fly in the boxers and start to inspect it up close for about 10 seconds before asking “what do I with this meat now?”

I was just about to say “s--k on it” when she began to lick the entire length with her tongue. Immediately i swallowed back the words as she licked up the length of fury, starting down at my balls before heading for the head. When her tongue reached the head of fury, she pulled the head aside in a bid to open up my pee hole. Then using the tip of her tongue, she licked my pee hole just as she ran her sharp nails up my stomach and chest again before finally wrapping fury fully in her moist mouth.

To say the least, she was torturing me with pains and pleasures mixed and served together. Because as soon as i felt her mouth over fury, the tenseness in my body muscles dissolved instantly. She began licking up and down my length, swirling her tongue around my swollen d--k head filled with blood and then s-----g it like a lollipop.

By the time she took as much as one third of fury in her mouth, she began to slowly but sensuously move her head up and down on fury. Each time she was on her way up, she would apply a little more pressure with her lips while running her tongue around my sensitive glans peniss (head) when she got back to the top.

(My Hausa platoon commander once told a parable in Hausa that never you tell something important to someone currently eating/chewing sugar cane, because his attention would only be in the sugar cane)

That was the state i was when i began to run my fingers through her hair, completely forgetting the “don’t touch me” rule. Instinctively but slowly, i began to push her head down, so she could take more of fury in her mouth and deeper too. For whatever reason she allowed me, obviously because she knew that later i wouldn’t have such opportunity.

Then like a little girl possessed all of a sudden, she began to move her mouth more quickly up and down my d--k, squeezing and massaging balls against each other. The mixture of pains and pleasure was just too much such that i began to moan loudly and thrusts my hips up toward her, forcing her to take me even deeper.

Her mouth action was enough to make me shoot in her mouth, but the pain she caused me at the same time kept me from releasing my load.

“Eh…. Eh.. Ehhhh…. Ellllaaa…. plee…, pleeee, pleeasee take it easy, i don’t wanna go mad” i managed to say when the pains/pleasure became too much.

Perhaps the demon temporarily left her after i made that statement or she just decided to give me some respite because she then wrapped fury with her hand and began to stroke him gently while focusing on licking only the tip.

Then removing her mouth, she sat up still holding and stroking fury and asked me sarcastically “You don’t wanna go mad?”

“You have no idea on what you’re doing to me” i said pleadingly

“I know exactly what I’m doing, I want to drive you crazy, and I’ll s--k you until you come in my mouth. Only then would i be able to fvck life outta you because you would last longer.”

“fvck” i exclaimed in defeat

“yea baby, I’ll s--k your d--k, fvck your face with my p---y, then ride you until you explode”.

After saying this, she licked my face starting from my chin, through my lips, nose tip and finally to my forehead, leaving behind a long trail of saliva.

Then she pulled my boxers down, with fury happy it was free completely as could be seen in the way it was throbbing. Then kissing from my nips, she made her way down kissing through my stomach, my belle button and finally to my crotch.

As though the demon in her was gradually taking control of her again, she scratched my thighs with those claws (fingers) and breathed hot breath on my d--k and balls, which made fury throb in anticipation of her taking him in her mouth again.

She then licked the head of my tortured d--k while looking up to me with her saliva smearing the head. After she was done teasing my d--k, she finally s----d me in deeply and completely, into her mouth running her hands up and down my chest, stopping occasionally to squeeze and pinch my nips.

As i looked down to see my d--k go in and out of her mouth, i could see how hard fury was because every blood vessel lining the length of my s---t were very much visible. Then she pulled away saying ” hold my head with your hands and fvck my mouth like it’s a p---y”

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