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When we finally got home, around 7:30 pm. Frank’s parents were in the living room watching one of those boring Nigerian TV’s Sunday programs. Fay was no where in sight.

Greeting them, I headed straight for the room to change and hit the shower. D--n, i needed a warm shower because i felt cold and dirty. Frank on the other hand turned on his Pc and began transferring the pictures from his phone.

My towel around my waist, i stepped out on the passageway heading to the bathroom just to see favour walked in from the living room with headphones on.

Obviously she was sitting at the balcony listening to music in her phone.

“Hi” she said rather loudly and surprised while removing the headphone

“you are shouting” i told her.

“You guys just got back?” she asked after removing the headphone

“yea” i made to move away from her because i wasn’t sure what her next move might be. Perhaps she might grab my d--k i thought.

“I wont bite, you know!” she said smiling realizing i was trying to get away from her.

“Haha, i just feel dirty, wanna hit the shower” i replied her staying put. A mistake that statement was because she moved closer and sniffed my body.

“Hmmm, you smell funny. What did you do? Who went to the ranch with you guys?” she eyed me suspiciously.

I wasn’t sure what she smelt from my body, so in order not to stand there trying to convince her or shoot my foot I just laughed and entered the bathroom.

When i came out, she was in the room with Frank, lying on the bed going through the pictures on his system. Frank now left for the bathroom.

“So which of them did you fvck”? She asked turning the laptop screen to face me. In it was a picture of Juliet and Ella standing together in their swimming gears.

Though startled by the question and the way she asked like she already knew I fvcked Ella, I was 110% sure Frank told her nothing, but she was just trying to force words outta my mouth.

“The one lying on the bed” i replied wiping her my towel. She looked at me searching to see if my eyes would betray me.

Then turning to get dressed, i asked “so what makes you feel i slept with any of them?, its a public place hope you remember that?”

“Meaning if it wasn’t a public place, you would have possibly slept with one?” she asked sounding not convinced.

Jumping into bed next to her and pulling her close to me so her as$ was rubbing my d--k i replied “I thought about you all day, wished you had tagged along”

“We couldn’t all leave the house, Dad and Mum still went out again sef” she replied as i kissed her neck from behind

Then we heard Frank exit the bathroom and quickly adjusted ourselves.


I and Frank had dinner together by 8:30 and by 9, his Mum called for night prayers.

By 9:30 I, Frank and Fay were settled into different couches pressing our phones. I dialled Laura. And in being Laura, she questioned why i hadn’t call the previous day, why did i wait till this late, i don’t care about her bla bla bla.. Cindy was laughing in the background, she then asked about Frank.

“Its not like that… Sorry… You won’t understand…” were the words i kept saying. I notice how Fay was staring at me through her phone from the opposite end..

“Laura say make i greet you” i said to Frank.

“She remember me now abi” he replied

“Who’s Laura” Favour asked?

“Frank’s crush in my school” i replied

“you no well” Frank replied.

Then i called Dolly, who was probably sleeping from the way she sounded when she picked the call.

Dolly: Hello.

Me: hey babe.. Seems i woke you up?

Dolly: Honey… Yea… Got back to Lagos around 7. So tired.

Me: how was your trip?

Dolly: the usual stress. Tried calling you earlier in the afternoon and evening, your numbers weren’t going through

Me: sorry bout that, went to the ranch this afternoon

Dolly: is there no network there?

Me: there is, but we didn’t go up. Just went swimming at the base. No network there….

We went on to talk for the next ten minutes before she hung up. In all i notice the way Favour kept staring at me.

Putting down my phone, i continued watching the screen. About 3 minutes later, i heard a Whatsapp message notification sound in my phone.

Picking it up, i realized it was from a number that wasn’t on my contact list.

Num: your girlfriend?

Me: ????? Who’s this?

Num: sorry, wrong number!! Lol..

Immediately i knew it was Fay

Me: lol. No o.. Its my boss..

Num: hmmmm.. Boss ke? you call ur boss Babe and you were being lovey lovey.. U fvcking her right?

Me: who wants to know? A jealous girlfriend? (tongue out smileys)

Num: (angry smileys) you wish..

Me: wish what? That you are jealous or you were my girlfriend?

Num: both (tongue out)

Just then i got another picture message from an unknown number.. Opening it i saw two pictures. One was two booobs and the other was a vagee.. Immediately i recognized the vagee from the pubic hairs on it.. It was Ella’s.

Then a message came in: hello power horse.. Like what you see?

Me: hi sunshine.. Lovely..

Ella: wet down there… Care to help?

Me: would love that… But right now babe, I’m chatting with a client please… And he needs my attention.. Would see you moro..

Ella: ok boo.. I’ll see you moro

Returning to my chat with Fay, she was asking why I’m not replying.. Who am i chatting with?

Me: a client just told me he needs my services… Sent me a mail.. Was going through it.. So, where’s the BF?

Her: Cali… Working there..

I was glad at least she had a bf and she wouldn’t be expecting some kinda commitment from me..

Me: (pretending to be surprised and disappointed) Really? Sad.. (crying smileys)

Fay: lol.. Don’t be na… He’s not here and we can fvck all you want till you leave. Can’t get enough of fury ya know (tongue out, happy smileys).. Getting wet already..

Me: (very happy).. Goes beyond that, kinda felt something for you, ya know
…. Anyways I’ll always be there for you.. (in love smileys)

Fay: thanks… We met while in school.. (she attended unical also) Been together since then.. (love smileys)

In my mind i was like you are in love with him and yet you cant get enough of fury..

Me: I wanna crash… Would be very busy moro…

Fay: (perhaps she felt i was hurt). Hey, its not like i don’t feel for you, its just that…. Never mind

Me: I understand.. See you moro

“Guys, na sleep get me so” i said as i stood up and wet to the room. On my way i got a message from Favour

Fay: Don’t be sad…

Me: babe I’m not…

Lying on the bed, i thought about my life.. Neva have i been involved with sex this much within a few days before.

Had sex with Dolly on Thursday night, watched the best self service action in my life by Funmi Friday morning, Finger fvcked Laura with her giving me head on my flight later in the evening, saw Fay self serving later in the night.

Got a hand job from Fay in the bathroom Saturday morning with me finger fvcking her there, and later ended up fvcking her silly in her room..

Fay woke me up with an incredible Sunday morning sex and in the evening at the ranch, I had my first foot job and outdoor (explosive) sex from a girl i barely knew and had just met.

What a way to begin my holiday…


8 am Monday morning, Dad, mum and Favour had left for work. They all work at the college. Dad and Mum are both lecturers, while Favour is a non Academic staff.

Frank was running a PGDE program and had his classes only on Fridays and Saturdays. The College in affiliation with Unical offered some degree courses and the PGDE program he was running. He usually kills time at Jude’s shop or the College café during his free days..

Since Jude had travelled that morning, and my having some work to do online, i and frank decided to go to Colleges’ café and also to use the opportunity to see Ella and Juliet…

I hurriedly did a little laundry, using the opportunity to wash Dolapo’s thong panties which l had kept inside me bag and then spread it inside Frank’s closet. He just laughed when he saw it. Breakfast was just toast bread and tea.

Although there was WiFi network around the College (Frank had several passwords), he suggested we go to the café itself for better network strength. We got there by 10am.

Got a call from Ella by 12 asking when I’ll be coming to the school. Told her i had been there since 10, with her asking why i didn’t notify her. Said she was going in for a lecture and would be out by 2, she’ll like to buy me lunch then.

Juliet had already called Frank and they both agreed to meet somewhere for lunch around 2 also.

By 1:40pm Juliet was already at the café and was all over him. By 2:10. Ella arrived with a girl she introduced as Rose… The difference between them was the fact that Rose kinda had a cinnamon skin colour.. More like she escaped albinism by the whiskers, and so were the colour of her eyes that seemed to have fire behind them adding to the fact that she was also bustier and chubbier than Ella….

Those eyes…. I’m in love…….

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