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Getting home from Jude’s shop, i noticed the house was relatively quiet an indication of the fact that Frank and his parents were still sleeping while Favour was in the kitchen. Obviously she had just returned from the market, vegetables and other soup condiments were in the table.

“Hi” i said as i walked into the kitchen with my shuttle bag.

“Hey” she replied without turning back to look at me.

“where’s everyone” i said as i walked over to the fridge to get myself water to drink.

“In their rooms” she replied still not paying any attention to me

Still trying to get her to talk to me i asked “so what’s cooking, can i help you with the vegies?” i asked as i walked back towards her to get a glass.

Then dropping the items she was holding angrily, she turned facing me and said, “look Fury, what happened was a mistake, it’s never gonna happen again so cut all these your BS and leave me alone”

Although i wasn’t expecting that from her, i actually felt happy she had decided to make things (avoiding her) easy for me.

“i understand” i said as i poured myself a glass of water, drank and then headed out of the kitchen. On my way to the room, i heard her use the F word as she slammed the knife down on the kitchen table.

“u Neva c anything, go ask Laura ow i dey snub person” i said in my head as i went to the room.

Entering the room, Frank was awake but just lying on the bed. He turned to face me as i walked in

Frank: how far

Me: i dey. U Neva sleep do u?

Frank: guy, i don wake since i just dey feel lazy to open eyes. How Jude dey?

We went on to talk about my day, the trip yesterday, told her i had met Laura and Cindy (He knows them), and that Laura might come to Obudu from Ogoja.

It was around 6: 30 pm i woke up to my phone ringing. Phew, i had slept off talking to Frank. Frank was not in the room. My Dad was on the line.

He once again scolded me for failing to call them to tell them i arrived safely.

I went out to see Frank and His dad in the balcony. I joined them and began debating the forthcoming general elections. Frank on the fence as usual, his dad pro Jonathan and me pro APC.

Mum was in the kitchen with Favour. By 7:30 dinner was set. As we all settled for the meal, i became conscious of the fact i hadn’t seen or asked about Frank’s younger siblings when obviously this was supposed to be the long vacation period.

Dad and Mum at both ends of the table, Frank was seated next to me, towards mum’s end and Favour directly opposite me. It is a six persons’ dinning table.

Mehn, except for Christmas and Easter, I’ve forgotten the last time my family sat like this for an ordinary meal.

Finally asking about the younger ones, i was told they were vacating at their uncle’s in Abuja.

I was drilled about work, future plans, who’s the “lucky girl” (at which point i saw Favour staring at me more then necessary) by Frank’s mum, told her i wasn’t with anyone. Frank laughing as Dad asked her to leave us alone with the wifey talk.

Favour was more of a wall flower than an active participant. I began to wonder if she was in some sort of serious relationship herself haven being asked about future wifey by Mum.

Dinner ended, after which we all settled in front of the tv for some boring program Dad and Mum wanted to watch. Favour was in her room. By 10 pm, the older folks called it a night with the excuse of 6am mass the next day.

Minutes later Favour came out to join i and frank. She began to engage me in some light discussion, to which most of my responses were monosyllabic as i dug away in my phone. Frank was also engrossed in his phone.

20 minutes later, i decided to make her pissed by walking out on her on,the pretext of going to bed. Leaving she and Frank who was oblivious to my reaction (or so i felt), i went into the room.


By 5:30, i heard Frank’s mum call out his name that they were ready and he should come go drop them in church and bring back the car for our use. That a family friend had a thanksgiving mass and they would go to their residence from church for the reception.

By 5:45am, they had left. Favour went to open and close gate for them.

I had my headphones on listening to some tracks i downloaded the previous night when i felt movements on the bed, turning i saw Favour with her Nightie open revealing her booobs and no panties get into bed with me……..

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