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** when she entered, i didn’t know where the courage that entered me that day came from.

I greeted her with boldness and her response wasn’t encouraging, she moved to a vacant table.

She was backing us.
”’What kind of human being is she? How can she be coming to a place like this?

I thought she came for omugwo, how can she abandon my madam and her daughter to come down here?? Am very sure, my madam wasn’t aware of this place she came.”’ ***

GIRL: who is she and why did she starred at you like that?

ME: my senior sister.

GIRL: are you not matured to have girl friend or what, will you marry her? So how are you?

ME: am ok….. By the way, what’s your name?

GIRL: debby

ME: wow! What a beautiful name. So what did you came here to do all alone?

DEBBY: nothing much,i just came to have fun…

ME: all alone.

DEBBY: yes now,who did you expect me to come with?

ME: you suppose to come with your boy friend naw.

DEBBY: smiled boy friend ke?

ME: yes naw, or did you want to me tell that you don’t have any?

DEBBY: i have but he is living in another state.

ME: that’s nice, atleast you guys will respect each other.

DEBBY: respect each other how?

ME: if you guys are living close and know each other well,
though there may be respect but it will be little.

DEBBY: hmmm…. You nko?

ME: me! I don’t have any oooo.

DEBBY: are you kidding me? How can that be possible.
Tell me you are joking.

ME: i know that you wouldn’t believe that.

DEBBY: does it mean you haven’t fall inlove before?

ME: i have tried but it failed me so i decided to be alone till the time i will marry.

DEBBY: hmmm…

ME: that’s by the way. What did you care for?

DEBBY: don’t bother yourself, am ok.

*** thank God say she no take anything bcos i no even carry big money for pocket come out.

We continued with our discussion till when she told me that she want to go.

She left the bar and i paid for my consumption and moved to the table where my madam’s sister was.

She was looking at me and i was equally looking at her eyes,
eye ball to eye ball.

She asked me what did i came there to do.

”I just came to catch some fun” i said. That girl, you are with, who is she? She asked.

”I didn’t know her, it was when i came here and she came to my table, so from there we started discussing before you came in” i answered. I continued to brain-wash her till she then succumb. I picked up courage and jokingly asked her what she came there to do. She told me that she normally came to catch some fun. She was drinking snirnoff,

she asked me what did i care for, i told her that am ok.
She stood up and paid for her drink and we left the bar.
We entered taxi to one nearby Mr biggs,

she bought ice cream only.

I carried it and we went home. When we got home, my madam wasn’t happy when we entered the house.

She gave me one ice cream, and i entered my room.
Every morning, Debby will call me to know how am doing.
When i came back in the evening, she will equally call to ask me,
how was my day.

Some Sundays, she will call to ask me,if i have eaten.

We continued to be friends, sometimes on Sunday,
i due call her and we will go and have some fun.
Upon all this care she was showing me,
i still don’t feel anything for her,i just took her as my sister. One day she invited me to their house. I told her that am not coming because of her parent or whoever she was living with.
She told me that her mum is late and she only live with her father. She told me that her father travelled to the village. I told her that am not coming that Sunday, that it will be next Sunday.

She said all she has to say inorder to convince me but i refused.

After the call, i decided not to go out that Sunday so that she wouldn’t see me.

The next day, she still called me in the morning. One evening,i was inside my room meditating,
text message came to my phone. I opened it and it was from Debby and the message says:
”’wat wil u do when someone u love doesn’t love u?
Pls am waitin 4 ur answer.


How come she asked me such a question,
am i a love doctor?

I called her that evening but she didn’t pick. I didn’t reply her message.

After that day,i started developing some feeling for her,i see it as a way God decided to use her to replace princess.I started comparing her with princess. She has all the qualities that princess possess.

I tried princess number and it was still off. That day,i called her and asked her about the text message she sent to me. She said that i should forget about it. We discussed for a long time before i hanged but i didn’t tell her my feelings. After that day,she stopped calling me as she use to. Sometimes if i call her, she wouldn’t pick.
One Sunday, i called her to come to that bar we met the other day but she refused and told me,

if i want to see her that i should come to their house.

I got prepared and dashed out to their house. I called her and she came out and ushered me in.

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