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*** we entered the room our son was sleeping,
i moved closer to him and planted a kiss
on his forehead. ***

ME: wow! He has grown. What are you giving him that made him to grow like this?

MRS SHARP: smiled is food naw.

ME: within some months, he has grown to this,
by the time he will be like 2yrs, anybody that sees both of you will think he his your junior brother.

MRS SHARP: * she laughed you are always funny both in the dream when i saw you. i giggled * igwe,i heard that Your boss doesn’t base in Nigeria.

ME: yes,he only comes back when our goods were ready to push to Nigeria.

MRS SHARP: what about his wife and children?

ME: i live in Asaba with his wife. His wife gave birth some months ago.

MRS SHARP: hmmm…. I hope am not sharing you with her oo?

ME: how can you say such. You know i can never do that.

MRS SHARP: how sure are you? I don’t really trust boys of nowadays because they can do undo atimes.

ME: then you have to trust me.

MRS SHARP: trust you? Ok, are you telling me that you haven’t had s-x all this while?

ME: yes,, i can Boost of that.

MRS SHARP: are you sure igwe?

ME: am sure my dear.

MRS SHARP: i really missed you.

ME: i missed you too.

*** she drew me closer to her and gave me a sentional kiss.
She said that we should move to the sitting room so that we shouldnt wake the baby.
We moved to the parlour, we gisted for so long before i told her that i want to go that i will come back some other day.
She told me to wait, she entered inside the room and broughtout a nylon bag and handed it to me.
”’You deserve more then this”’ she said.

I thanked her so much for the gift.

”’I want to see my son again before i go, by the way,
what name did you call him?”’ i asked.

”’I called him junior but you can choose a name you will be calling him”’ she replied.

”Lets go inside first” i said. We entered the room the baby were still sleeping,i pecked him.


ME: please take a good care of him. I have to go now.

MRS SHARP:there is not problem
*** i kissed her and went away. I got to the shop so late so i went home straight.

When i got home, my madam asked me,why did i came back late,

i told her that i went to do waybill and they delayed me in the park. She asked me, what was inside the nylon bag i was carrying.

Omo dis lady witch strong oooo…. Wetin i go tellam say im dey inside the nylon?
She was looking at me as she asked me that question.

Inorder not to fall my hands, i fabricate a lie and told her,
that it was a cloth, one of my friends bought for me as my birthday gift, today was my birthday. I said ***

MADAM: na waoh! So why didn’t you inform me?

ME: nothing, is just that i don’t want to bother you. *** her sister came out from the room and sang a happy birthday song for me.

Omo na so i com adopt day wey no be my birthday but it was still the same month shaa.
I entered my room. The next day been Sunday,
i prepared for 7:00am mass, as i drove out from our street,
i saw that same girl that i was avoiding as she was going to church.

I stopped and told her to come in and she entered the front sit. We couldn’t talk to each other till we got to the church.
We entered inside the church together,
we sat together, we still couldn’t talk to each other. After the mass, i went to the chapel to pray for the week and she followed me. I didn’t know if she prayed also because after i have finished praying and opened my eyes,
she was on her knees but her eyes were widely opened. I left the chapel to where i parked my motor and she followed me.
I opened the door and she opened the other door and entered. I drove off. As i was driving home, i decided to break the silent, so i parked at the road side ***

ME: why this silent all this while?

GIRL: i should be the one to ask you.

*** as she gave me that response, i knew that she doesn’t have any motive for keeping silent so started the motor without any more word to her
and drove off. When i got to our gate, she came down and waved at me and left.

When i got home, i entered our living room,
my madam’s sister was there, i greeted her and i also greeted my madam in the kitchen. I removed my cloth and entered the kitchen to help her.

She said that i came back late so i told her
that i went to the chapel.
After cooking,my madam called me to the parlour to come and eat with them.
I joined them with a guilty face, i concentrated fully on my food inorder to avoid eye contact with either of them.

After eating,my madam broughtout St Remy wine, she said that we will use it to celebrate my birthday.

When celebration were over that afternoon, i went out, i went to the same bar, i caught Jenny and one guy.

As i was there, that same girl i drove to church entered and sat not too far from where i was seated. I ignored her and concentrate on my drink. Some minute later she saw me and came closer to me,soon my madam’s sister entered there and saw us.

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